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December 2004
31 Sun (H-alpha)Marek Cichanski
Observing on New Year's Eve in MendocinoMark Wagner
28 Portaball in Puerto VallartaAndrew Pierce
25 Christmas Bino-Observing near Donner PassSteve Sergeant
21 Solar observing sessionsJoe Huber
20 Solar lunch by BordersMichael Swartz
19 Solar Observing w/ John Dobson at Scope CityKenneth Frank
Solar observing sessionsMichael Swartz
18 Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Peter Natscher
SFAA City Star PartyChris
Comet Machholz, Moon and Saturn from San FranciscoMichael Portuesi
SF SunsetMichael Linnolt
17 Castro Valley BackyardRichard Crisp
16 Big prominence todayMichael Swartz
SF SunsetMichael Linnolt
Comet MachholtzStacy Jo McDermott
Comet Machholz fuJamie Dillon
15 SF Sunset DistrictMichael Linnolt
14 Fremont PeakJeff Crilly
Sunset district SFMichael Linnolt
13 Sunset district SFMichael Linnolt
12 Sunset district SFMichael Linnolt
11 Fremont Peak Satuday NightRichard Crisp
Witch at Fremont PeakPhilip Terzian
Peter Natscher
CoeMatthew Marcus
Mark Bracewell
Denis Lefebvre
Stacy Jo McDermott
June Moore
Rob Hawley
Coe - We carped the noctemJamie Dillon
FiddletownShneor Sherman
Winter observing at its best: PlettstoneAlbert Highe
Sunset district SFMichael Linnolt
10 Henry CoeSean McCauliff
Coe!Richard Navarrete
Treasue Hunts and TGOsMark Wagner
Rich Neuschaefer
Fremont Peak: What's a little cirrus on such a nice night?Marek Cichanski
Sunset SFMichael Linnolt
09 Backyard Downtown S.J. - fooled the cloudsMark Bracewell
Castro Valley backyardRichard Crisp
Sunset district SFMichael Linnolt
03 Coe Fun!Bob Jardine
Coe reportDavid Kingsley
Montebello: An Obsession FulfilledMarek Cichanski
Wussy report from SalinasJamie Dillon
02 Montebello: Staying Warm with Aperture FeverGeorge Feliz
01 Backyard SalinasJamie Dillon
November 2004
23 Week's nekked eye observingJamie Dillon
18 MontebelloMarek Cichanski
17 Pleasant Night at MontebelloPeter McKone
13 Saturday Night at FiddletownShneor Sherman
Fremont PeakJeff Crilly
Fremont PeakBob Jardine
06 Coyote (Sunday Morning Quarterbacking the Weather)Rob Hawley
Sean McCauliff
Splish slash I was takin a bathJames Ster
Shneor Sherman
Conditions from FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
Lake SonomaMichael Portuesi
Matthew Marcus
MontebelloKevin Schuerman
Anza (Southern CA)Jeff Gortatowsky
05 Venus, Jupiter, and PorrimaJeff Gortatowsky
Solar viewing at Houge ParkMichael Swartz
02 Solar observing at Togo's, Castro ValleyMichael Swartz
October 2004
31 HalloweenJim Van Nuland
28 Full Moon, +1Matt Tarlach
Curiosities near the Eastern LimbMatt Tarlach
27 Lunar EclipseMichael Swartz
Kameshwar Eranki
Lunar Eclipse from Jackson ElementaryDan Wright
Lunar Eclipse MontebelloStacy Jo McDermott
22 Solar observing at ChabotMichael Swartz
21 Solar observing in San JoseMichael Swartz
14 CalStar 2004 - Fun and FriendsMark Wagner
Calstar 2004Jake Burkart
Mark Bracewell
Bob Jardine
Brian Zehring
CalStar 2004 - Thanks to the PEOPLE!Jeff Gortatowsky
CalStar 2004 -- Joyous Sink Dogs (with Pictures)Dan Wright
09 Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Coyote LakeBob Jardine
FiddletownDennis Beckley
Observing Comets (and a few other things) from Joshua Tree, CAJane Houston Jones
03 Solar viewing at Central Park, FremontMichael Swartz
02 Supernova 2004 in NGC 6946 seen at MontebelloAndrew Pierce
September 2004
27 Solar viewing - Dancing FlamesMichael Swartz
24 Solar Lunch at BordersMichael Swartz
20 Asteroid 4179 Toutatis from CupertinoBob Jardine
18 Foothills Park: A pleasant surpriseMarek Cichanski
Coyote LakeCraig Colvin
Coyote LakeDavid Yu
Peak for 5-day MoonJamie Dillon
MontebelloStacy Jo McDermott
TAC-SAC Girls Score!Jane Smith
Hey Diddle Diddle, A Short Night at Fiddle(town...)Mark Wagner
17 Lick ObservatoryJeff Crilly
15 Minuteman testAlexander Avtanski
MB Star PartyJames Turley
13 MontebelloMark Bracewell
12 Ice HouseBill Porte
11 What a night!Richard Navarrete
Fremont PeakMark Wagner
Peak PerksJane Smith
Effective wishing for Peak conditionsJamie Dillon
Fremont PeakJeff Crilly
IHOPDennis Beckley
First Light, TV-101Jim Ster
10 Friday (such that it is)Stacy Jo McDermott
Sea RanchAlbert Highe
08 MontebelloJeff Crilly
07 A Tale of Two ClustersTom Campbell
05 Solar Viewing at Crystal Springs rest stopMichael Swartz
Montebello SundayMark Bracewell
MontebelloStacy Jo McDermott
Fremont solar BBQMichael Swartz
FiddletownDennis Beckley
Ice HouseJane Smith
Mark Wagner
04 Coyote Lake ahead of the MoonJamie Dillon
Sketching at Coyote LakeAlexander Avtanski
August 2004
28 IC1396 high resolution mosaic in HalphaRichard Crisp
27 Fri & Sat from LickRich Neuschaefer
25 MontebelloJeff Crilly
21 Fremont PeakMatthew Marcus
Jamie Dillon
Foothills ParkJeff Crilly
Coyote LakeLance Boehm
Mt. TamalpaisRobert English
20 A Night at Bob'sMark Wagner
18 Montebello last nightAndrew Pierce
17 MontebelloJeff Crilly
Montebello, Lucky SevenGeorge Feliz
Christopher Kelly
Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Upside-down binocular observing reportPaul LeFevre
15 Solar observing in Santa CruzMichael Swartz
14 Cold Night in AugustMark Wagner
Lots to learn at CoeMark Bracewell
Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Leonard Tramiel
Rashad Al-Mansour
Fremont Peak: The end of a long questMarek Cichanski
August New Moon, Southwest (Fremont Peak) lotJamie Dillon
Lake Sonoma 081404 -081504Stacy Jo McDermott
Lake San AntonioJeff Crilly
Ice HouseJake Burkart
13 Fremont PeakRob Hawley
12 Coyote, 3:30 AMStephen Migol
11 Perseids from Skyline and Hwy 92Stacy Jo McDermott
Brief Montebello ReportPeter McKone
MontebelloRich Neuschaefer
MontebelloKevin Schuerman
Fremont PeakGeorge Feliz
QSO B1422+231 and Einstein's CrossDick Flasck
Perseids from Shasta CoMichael Huster
Perseids from Ice HouseJane Smith
Perseids from Cameron ParkJake Burkart
10 OSPMichelle Stone
07 Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Peter Natscher
Public Star Party ReportMatthew Marcus
LickRich Neuschaefer
Blue RidgeDennis Beckley
Flares, Black Clouds and a Famous BugRandy Muller
3rdQ at Ice HouseJamie Dillon
Steadiness, Smoke, and SaltinesJane Smith
Columbia to Plettstone via Moccasin CreekMark Wagner
06 MontebelloStacy Jo McDermott
04 Blue CanyonJake Burkart
03 Sierra Buttes delightTom McMahon
01 Solar viewing at Fremont A&W fairMichael Swartz
July 2004
27 Solar lunch reportMichael Swartz
26 Doubles from DanvilleMark Wagner
24 CoyoteMatthew Marcus
23 Lick: Black Inversion Laminar LayerJames Turley
Fremont peak as good as it getsRichard Crisp
22 Solar viewing in SunnyvaleMichael Swartz
Best. Montebello. Night. EverMarek Cichanski
MB - Marek and George's Excellent AdventureGeorge Feliz
Moon/shadow transits of Jupiter last ThursdaySteven Gottlieb
21 Solar viewing at BordersMichael Swartz
MB: Hoping for another Black Cloud NightMarek Cichanski
Astrocon '04 at LickRich Neuschaefer
20 Solar viewing at Togo's Castro ValleyMichael Swartz
QSO 1425+606: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the DistantDick Flasck
19 Peddlar Hill ReportMatt Tarlach
17 New Moon at the PeakJamie Dillon
PlettstoneStacy Jo McDermott
Thanks to PlettstoneDavid Windstrom
Shingletown Challenge ListSteven Gottlieb
15 NGC6820 in Halpha from the backyardRichard Crisp
PlettstoneAlbert Highe
14 MontebelloPeter McKone
Coe: The Wind and the WildCraig Colvin
Bastille Day night at the PeakJamie Dillon
Alan Nelms Memorial Star PartyRandy Muller
Jane Smith
12 MB: A break from the fogMarek Cichanski
11 FPJeff Crilly
10 Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
HaleakalaAlbert Highe
09 Lick ObservatoryRich Neuschaefer
A short night at Clear Lake SPAlexander Avtanski
07 MB with the Usual SuspectsGeorge Feliz
05 2-star clusters from my backyardPeter McKone
04 Shaver LakeJamie Dillon
June 2004
27 The elephant trunk in the neck of the pelicanRichard Crisp
25 Clear and windy night at LickRich Neuschaefer
FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
20 PeakJamie Dillon
Some observations at SSP 6/20/04Steve Gottlieb
Monitor PassJoe Huber
19 Jellyfish amid the seaweedRichard Crisp
Geostationary Satellites in the Wild Duck at ShingletownDan Wright
Bob Jardine
Peter Natscher
Lake SonomaRobert Leyland
16 Shingletown SPDennis Steele
Shingletown 2004Albert Highe
SSP2004: FANTASTIC!Bill Chandler
15 SSP 2004Rashad al-Mansour
MB: At last, at lastMarek Cichanski
13 3 Dog NightDennis Beckley
12 Fremont Peak: Stairway to HeavenJames Turley
Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
11 Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Cold with Bad SeeingMark Wagner
08 The Venus Transit by SFAA remote reporter Bob BertaRobert Berta
Venus TransitBob Jardine
Transit of Venus from l'Observatoire de ParisBrad Franzella
05 Venus from MontebelloDavid Kingsley
Montebello, A silly target from +37.4N: Omega CentauriRichard Crisp
Venus from CupertinoBob Czerwinski
04 Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
03 Venus from CupertinoBob Jardine
May 2004
29 MontebelloBob Czerwinski
Michael Portuesi
First deep sky images: Starfire 180EDTRichard Crisp
Driveway & success with gotoWilliam K. Foster
28 Hogue ParkBob Czerwinski
26 Moon: No fog, no worriesMarek Cichanski
First light AP180EDTRichard Crisp
23 MB Winter Conditions New ScopeJames Turley
Bob Czerwinski
Phil Chambers
Backyard action in VirgoMark Wagner
22 FP Sat nightRichard Crisp
We got so hosedJamie Dillon
The Sky-Gods got me good!Matthew Marcus
Haleakala Maui HawaiiCasey Fukuda
21 Yosemite & Crilly's Neapolitan TrioBob Jardine
20 Mauna KeaDennis Steele
19 Texas Star PartyDennis Beckley
Coyote Lake; Wrapping up the H400Bob Jardine
15 Fremont PeakBob Jardine
PeakJamie Dillon
First Light: Takahashi FTC-76 on Comet NEAT/2004Richard Crisp
IHOPShneor Sherman
Brian Zehring
FiddletownRandy Muller
14 The Comet and the ClusterMark Wagner
PlettstoneBob Czerwinski
Bright Light in Sky Blinked Out: ISS?Christopher Kelly
IHOPMarsha Robinson
Q4Jeff Gortatowsky
13 MB: From spring's asceticism to summer's hedonismMarek Cichanski
"First Light" for HB Astro AtlasLance Boehm
12 Montebello OSPPeter McKone
11 Crestview ParkPeter McKone
09 Maui: NGC 5139Casey Fukuda
08 CoyoteRich Neuschaefer
Coyote LakeBob Jardine
Lake SonomaRobert Leyland
Matthew Marcus
Steve Gottlieb
Fremont Peak FPOA AreaRob Hawley
MB: A comet, some widefield views, Omega CentMarek Cichanski
Saturday night helicopterJerry Elmer
Comet NEAT (C/2001 Q4)Bob Czerwinski
Jeff Crilly
07 MB - The marine layer is a tease!Stacy Jo McDermott
Cupertino - Comets and MoonsTony Hurtado
Bob Czerwinski
06 The Fingerprint of GodTom Campbell
05 Non-OR: MB, Cinco de MayoMarek Cichanski
Little Bear TracksTom Campbell
04 Comet 2001 Q4 NEATDennis Beckley
01 PachecoPhil Chambers
Pacheco public star partyMatthew Marcus
April 2004
30 NGC5985Richard Crisp
29 Comet BradfieldMarc Lichtenberg
28 Comet BradfieldDennis Beckley
27 Comet BradfieldRay Fox
26 Clusters by the Light of the MoonTom Campbell
Exploring lunar geology and the "L" listMarek Cichanski
25 MoonMarek Cichanski
PachecoJeff Crilly
Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
In the drivewayDavid Kingsley
24 Coe -- "naked eye" comets in hill and skyDavid Kingsley
Chews RidgeChristopher Kelly
Foothills Park, moon, sketchesMarek Cichanski
Foothills Park star party Rich Neuschaefer
Cupertino -- No cometsBob Jardine
M90 from the backyard and M53 tooRichard Crisp
Eye Candy At PlettstoneRashad Al-Mansour
23 Backyard galaxy actionRichard Crisp
22 MBJeff Crilly
Galaxy sketches from MBMarek Cichanski
MontebelloBob Jardine
CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Bob Czerwinski
Fremont PeakPeter Natscher
21 Bill's New PortaBallBill Chandler
17 CoyoteMatthew Marcus
My backyardAnders Landin
16 LSA -- Imagers' BallBob Jardine
15 LSAPhil Terzian
10 CoyoteRob Hawley
Coyote - Clouds, fog and funCraig Colvin
Anders Landin
CoyoteMatthew Marcus
Fremont PeakSean McCauliff
Fremont Peak--High, Warm and DryPeter Natscher
Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
MontebelloBud Wittlin
IHOP: NGC 3786 and 3788Brian Zehring
IHOPAlvin Huey
Observing at ShingletownMark Wagner
08 MB -- Into the realm of the galaxiesMarek Cichanski
07 Montebello Wednesday NightDennis Steele
First Light for the BeastCraig Colvin
Nekkid eye OR from MauiCasey Fukuda
06 MoonMarek Cichanski
March 2004
27 Triple shadow transit from HougeRich Neuschaefer
Thanks . . Ray Duval
PachecoRob Hawley
NGC4490/NGC4485 Interacting Irregular GalaxiesRichard Crisp
Jupiter's moondance on a Saturday nightJamie Dillon
24 5 planets in SalinasJamie Dillon
21 PlettstoneBob Jardine
20 Coe reportMark Wagner
Messier Marathon 2004 editionMatthew Marcus
Quick and dirty ORAlvin Huey
PlettstoneBob Czerwinski
Plettstone & Messier WeekendStacy Jo McDermott
Plettstone this last weekendMichelle Stone
19 Messier Marathon 2004 editionCraig Colvin
Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Marathon (Friday Edition)Rob Hawley
Traveling a MarathonDavid Kingsley
17 MontebelloGeorge Feliz
MontebelloBob Jardine
Wednesday night, Virgo in backyardJamie Dillon
16 Observing - Latitude 38º SouthAlbert Highe
14 First light for my 8" String ScopeCraig Colvin
Observing noteMark Wagner
Observing Report from OaklandRichard Ozer
13 Saturday night at the PeakJamie Dillon
11 Observing on SaturdayWilliam Blakeslee
09 Visiting Some Old FriendsTom Campbell
08 Shenzhen, ChinaStacy Jo McDermott
07 Good (short) night last nightDavid Staples
Another lunar drawingMark Wagner
M106: Ha+LRGB, 9 hours total exposureRichard Crisp
05 Trapezium and TACMark Wagner
Mark Wagner
04 Jupiter showMark Wagner
Craig Colvin
Mark Wagner
February 2004
28 Sidewalk SaturnJane Houston Jones
27 Last Night's Leo Trio From Castro ValleyRichard Crisp
Asteroid 940 Kordulla and a pair of faint spiral arms in M66Richard Crisp
Moon Observing ReportsMarek Cichanski
26 Moon and planets from homeMarek Cichanski
25 Brief Moon ReportMarek Cichanski
22 Orion telescopesTom McIntyre
19 Costa Rica - The Southern GlobularsSteve Gottlieb
18 Castro ValleyRichard Crisp
17 Costa Rica - The Large Magellanic CloudSteve Gottlieb
Rob Hawley
Costa Rica - The Dorado Cloud of GalaxiesSteve Gottlieb
Costa Rica - The Southern PlanetariesSteve Gottlieb
Costa Rica - OC's in Vela, Carina, Cen and CruxSteve Gottlieb
15 Observing Trip to Costa RicaSteve Gottlieb
12 Fiddletown was damn good!Jim Ster
FiddletownShneor Sherman
Salmon FallsRay Fox
Bill Chandler
11 MontebelloBob Jardine
10 MontebelloPeter McKone
Double star insomniacPhil Terzian
Magnets In My Boots (A short night of observing)Mark Wagner
Phil Terzian
Electric Ice Cream ConeRichard Crisp
Nice night, last night!Julius Szakacs
09 Double star insomniacRichard Crisp
08 MB Sunday NightPhil Chambers
The Backyard with a 4 year old and the Mickey Mouse NebulaDavid Staples
07 Great full moon night at MB, more ED80 ravesMarek Cichanski
Full Moon: Castro ValleyRichard Crisp
06 Saturn FloatsCraig Colvin
05 First Light Report: Orion ED80Marek Cichanski
02 Dodgin' raindrops and doin' domesMarek Cichanski
Part 2: Big fun in ProcellarumMarek Cichanski
January 2004
30 One crummy objectPhil Terzian
28 Moon: Rambling amongst lunar mountains and lakesMarek Cichanski
23 Finishing Up the Binocular MessierTom Campbell
22 First color image of the year: Thor's Helmet Tricolor throughRichard Crisp
MontebelloBob Jardine
21 MBJeff Crilly
MontebelloBob Jardine
Abell 7 from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Wednesday night on my driveway, San JoseJeff Kirk
M48 or "How I finished my first AL observing certificate"Stacy Jo McDermott
20 Tuesday eveningGéza Kurczveil
Castro ValleyRichard Crisp
Callisto shadow transitDavid Kingsley
Backyard observingPeter McKone
18 Fremont PeakBob Jardine
MB: Dewin' DoublesMarek Cichanski
C/2002 T7 LINEARSean McCauliff
CoyoteRob Hawley
Backyard, SouthbayBob Czerwinski
Sunday/Monday nightMark Wagner
FiddletownShneor Sherman
Observing over the weekendJeff Crilly
Observing from FiddletownMike Conley
17 Coyote LakeMatthew Marcus
Peak SW lot successful sucker hole shootingJamie Dillon
15 Montebello Thursday -- FoggyDan Wright
13 MB Tuesdee nightCasey Fukuda
Lance Boehm
MontebelloBob Jardine
12 2004 Pioneer School Star PartyBruce Jensen
10 Coyote LakeBob Jardine
Last Night, TonightBrian Zehring
Donner PassSteve Sergeant
04 Moon RainbowMichelle Stone
03 A Spirited Night to RememberMarek Cichanski
Backyard with binocsJamie Dillon
02 Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!Marek Cichanski