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December 1997
28In Pursuit of Ursa Major Jay Reynolds Freeman
27 Wow! Star Hopping is Fun! Sandra Macika
Planets in DaylightDave Atherton
26Observing at Fremont Peak John Gleason
22Observation of NGC 2195 Steve Gottlieb
21Season of Cold Skies Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak, 21 December, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
19Into Monoceros Matthew Buynoski
Fremont Peak, December 19, 1997 Mark Taylor
18Winter Backyard Observations Randy Muller
13Lost in a northern libration Akkana Peck
12Small Refractors, Beginners, and...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Aldebaran Occultation Seen Bill Arnett
08Totally Amazing... Jeff Crilly
Saturn Occultation David North
Bill Arnett
Robin Casady
06Obs. of galaxy cluster Abell 4038 Steve Gottlieb
01Boulder Creek Observing Report Mike Shade
November 1997
29Clear night last night after 7 Matthew Buynoski
28San Antonio Valley Bruce Jensen
2380 mm Messier hunting . . . Jay Reynolds Freeman
10Damn Clouds! Rhamin Ghafouri
Jupiter With 3 Spots Akkana Peck
Jupiter and Weather Peter Rathmann
07Monterey Sidewalk Astronomy Robin Casady
Spectacular Sight at Houge!!!! Sandra Macika
06Moon Report 11/6/97 David North
04Over The Falls Jeff Blanchard
01IC 4677 (part of NGC 6543) obs. Steve Gottlieb
Observation of Hickson groups Steve Gottlieb
103P / Hartley 2 Meteor Observing Sandra Macika
Pacheco SP 11/1 Adam Shiffman
A Well Rounded Night Mark Taylor
A Good Night, On Paper... Mark Wagner
Up and Down the Milky Way Matthew Buynoski
October 1997
31Hallowe'en at the Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
Halloween Observing Matthew Buynoski
John Pierce
29PSWLAP Observing report Michelle Stone
27Shadow in the Daytime Bill Arnett
25Celestial Deep Sea Diving Mark Wagner
Observing Rpt Fremont Peak 25 Oct Paul Sterngold
Poking Around in Perseus Matthew Buynoski
22Aperture? Who needs it? Akkana Peck
18Binoviewer! Bill Arnett
Fremont Peak, 18 October 1997 Michelle Stone
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Io Transit Robin Casady
Richard Navarrete
13A Short Night Observing Mark Wagner
05Observing from Gold Country - 10/5 Matt Tarlach
04Pacheco SP Jim Bartolini
The Little Vixen and the Big Sky Mike Shade
Cold (Brrr!) Nights at PSWLAP Sandra Macika
Sky Fishin at Pacheco Mark Wagner
Jupiter - Oct. 4 Rich Neuschaefer
Observing at FP Mark Taylor
Beginner Goes to Intermediate Matthew Buynoski
My Backyard Satrday Night Richard Navarrete
Pacheco SP Observing Report Russell Chmela
Witchcraft and the Rise of AtlantisJay Reynolds Freeman
Chews Ridge Saturday Night John Pierce
02Hilal Bill Arnett
September 1997
27Thanks!! Marsha Robinson
Great Fun at the Peak! Sandra Macika
MIRA Star Party report Robin Casady
25Saturn... Mark Wagner
24Observing Report from Montebello Michelle Stone
18The Best Three Hours... Bill Arnett
13ASCC/MIRA Starparty Robin Casady
09Jupiter's Moonshadows Akkana Peck
06Del Valle Observing Report Adam Shiffman
2 factoids from Lick Bill Arnett
05City Lights Defied and Defeated Bruce Jensen
Four Wheelin' at Fremont Peak Mark Wagner
Icy Moons on a Warm Night Bill Arnett
Observing at Fremont PeakRich Neuschaefer
04Jupiter Thursday Evening Sandra Macika
03Another Warm Night at Montebello Sandra Macika
Venus in the Sun Jay Reynolds Freeman
02Io Shows Off! Mark Wagner
August 1997
31Report on Sunday at the Peak Jeff Crilly
Del Valle Sunday August 31 Bruce Jensen
30Chew's Ridge Report Mike Shade
29Observing Report 8/29 Paul Sterngold
27Observing Report John Gleason
More River Camp Observing Matthew Buynoski
26Boulder Creek Observing Report Mike Shade
25Fremont Peak on August 25 Jay Reynolds Freeman
North America from Ocotillo Bill Arnett
An Audience with Royalty Paul Sterngold
An Audience with Royalty Mark Wagner
24Fremont Peak Observing Report Jay Reynolds Freeman
23Jupiter Saturday Night Sandra Macika
22Jupiter Sat. Night Michelle Stone
20Last night's seeing in Belmont Peter Natscher
18Backyard Observing Report Adam Shiffman
Jupiter Observation Bruce Jensen
12Perseid Observing Campaign Sandra Macika
11Perseids 97 in Los Altos Hills Mark Taylor
Palo Alto Baylands, Aug. 11, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Perseids from Del Valle Paul Sterngold
Perseids from Del Valle Greg Zamira
09Chillin at the Peak Mark Wagner
Second Night as Docent at Lick Jay Reynolds Freeman
Chew's Ridge Observing Report Mike Shade
The Peak - Aug. 9th Rich Neuschaefer
08Another Howling Success John R. Pierce
Observing at Saddlebag Lake... Jeff Crilly
Star Party a Howling Success Matthew Buynoski
06Observing report for 06-AUG-1997 C. Marcotte
02First and last at Fremont Peak Bill Arnett
Warm Nights at Fremont Peak Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak, August 1-3, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
01Out Observing at Castle Rock Bruce Jensen
Out Observing at Castle Rock Matthew Buynoski
Castle Rock vs Fremont Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
July 1997
30Montebello Observing Report Michelle Stone
10x50's Excel at Montebello Bruce Jensen
Montebello Observing Report Mike Shade
26The 4.5 Project David North
Last Night at Fremont Peak Mike Shade
Last Night at Fremont Peak Peter Natscher
Fremont Peak, 25/26 July, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
25Summer Camp Robin Casady
Great TAC night at Van Meter Mark Taylor
17The moon's up Akkana Peck
04Great Time at Lassen! Mark Taylor
Please Feed the Jays Jay Reynolds Freeman
Observing Hawaiian Stars Jeff Crilly
The Eagle and the Little Dipper Akkana Peck
Lassen Weekend Jim Bartolini
034th Annual Mt. Lassen Star party Bill Arnett
4th Annual Mt. Lassen Star Party Richard Navarrete
Montebello Observing Report Matt Tarlach
02Mendecino Report Mike Shade
June 1997
28Yosemite Meets Barnard David Mark North
Anyone Not Going to Mt. Lassen? John R. Pierce
Fremont Peak (newbies rule! ;-) Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak, June 28, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
27Del Valle observing report 06/27 Adam Shiffman
More Poking Around the Milky Way Matthew Buynoski
Docent Experiences at Lick Obs. Jay Reynolds Freeman
How was the viewing? (Del Valle) Paul Sterngold
24Motebello Observering Report, 6/24 Mike Shade
19The Far Side of the Moon Akkana Peck
16Epsilon Lyrae and more Akkana Peck
15Observing Report - Fremont Peak Rod Norden
Sunday at the Peak Rich Neuschaefer
13Poking around in Sco, Ophi and Sag Matthew Buynoski
Fisher Star Party, 13 June 1997 Bill Arnett
Fisher Star Party, 13 June 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
12Backyard Observing Adam Shiffman
07Fremont Peak microclimates Duane Sand
Fremont Peak, and equipment tests Jay Reynolds Freeman
06A Viewing Experience June 6-8 Doug McGrath
TAC observing report: Livermore CA Bruce Jensen
May 1997
31Newbie observing report Adam Shiffman
Fremont Peak May 31, 1997 Michelle Stone
Observing at Fremont Peak, 5/31 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont Peak 5/31/97 Mike Shade
30Castle Rock Star Party 5/30/97 Jay Reynolds Freeman
29Last NIght Robin Casady
Deep Targets in Lightville Mark Wagner
23Spoiled for Life! Adam Shiffman
17A lonely night at the Peak Mike Hursh
16Public Star Party in Los Gatos Jay Reynolds Freeman
Moon 5/16 David North
Lunatic toc Robin Casady
13Coyote Karaoke: lunar observing Akkana Peck
Galaxies by Moonlight Jay Reynolds Freeman
Burnham Sunrise Ray Seen Jay Reynolds Freeman
Moon, 5/13/97 David North
Mars, 5/13/97 David North
10Saturday Night, 5/10, Fremont Peak Rod Norden
Fremont Peak 5/10 Archer Sully
09Fremont Peak, May 9-11, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Galaxies, dark skies, warm nights! Mark Wagner
A Night of Magic and Wonder Mike Shade
The Return of the King Bill Arnett
07Big Glass at Skyline Ridge Mike Shade
04Oh Say Did You See - Saturn/Moon Jim Harford
033 May observing from Oakridge Road Matthew Buynoski
Getting to know the universe on Akkana Peck
New scope report Jim Bartolini
Fremont Peak Observations 5/3/97 Mike Shade
Fremont Peak, 3 May 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
02Fremont Peak May 3-5, 1997 Michelle Stone
April 1997
30Boulder Creek Observing Report Mike Shade
26Fremont Peak Sat Night Robert Duvall
15Quick Observing form Los Gatos Mark Wagner
SF Observing, Tuesday 4/15 Matt Tarlach
13Sunday at the Peak Rich Neuschaefer
12Astronomy Day at the PAS Rich Neuschaefer
11Observing - Los Gatos, California Jay Reynolds Freeman
10Observing Near Palo Alto Jay Reynolds Freeman
09Obsreving Rerport - Fremont Peak Doug Ferrell
Montebello Report - April 9 Jay Reynolds Freeman
05Recent Hickson group observations Steve Gottlieb
SFAA Star Party Saturday Matt Tarlach
04Public Comet Viewing in S.F. 04/04 Matt Tarlach
Public Comet Viewing report Akkana Peck
Freezing in Coma Mark Wagner
03Montbello Observing Report Mike Shade
01Tales from the (Windy) City Matt Tarlach
March 1997
29Observing at Fremont Peak Rich Neuschaefer
Fremont Peak, March 29, 1997 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Comet and Mars from SF Matt Tarlach
Starparty Report: Grant Park Paul Brickmont
Mars from driveway Archer Sulley
28Comet Crazies and two nights Mark Wagner
The Comet Mob Scene Matthew Buynoski
23Yet Another Observation Report... Matthew Buynoski
Fremont Peak Sunday Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont Peak Sunday Bill Arnett
Traffic Report Duane Sand
22A Night of Great Seeing Jay Reynolds Freeman
21More Suburban Observing Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Mars over San Jose Ramin Ghafouri
Some Suburban Observing Jay Reynolds Freeman
17First Great Viewing with my 14.5" Peter Natscher
The Hesidious Ray Akkana Peck
08Hickson 59 (IC 736 and IC 737) Steve Gottlieb
More Hickson Group observations Steve Gottlieb
Fremont Peak Observations 3/8/97 Mike J. Shade
In Honor of The Hearty David North
Chariots of Photons - Marathoning Akkana Peck
Messier Marathon Rich Neuschaefer
Messier Marathon Mark Taylor
07Obsession 18" First Light Michelle Stone
Messier Objects and Beyond Jay Reynolds Freeman
Comet / Summer's Approach Mark Wagner
05Santa Cruz Mountains Deep Sky Obs. Mike J. Shade
03Hale Bopp in Evening, from SF! Matt Tarlach
01Fremont 3/1 David North
February 1997
28Limiting Mag at Skyline Bill Arnett
HB - Fremont Peak 02/28 John Gleason
20Moon Observation Matthew Buynoski
14The Moon From Houge Park Jay Reynolds Freeman
08Fremont Peak Mike J. Shade
Photon Feast with Dessert! Mark Wagner
Another report for Fremont Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hale-Bopp's Pseudo Nucleus James Harford
02Skyline Ridge Matt Tarlach
Backyard Observing with a C90 Richard Navarette
January 1997
31The Orion Nebula was AWESOME Rod Norden
29Observing with... No Clouds! Matthew Buynoski
10Fremont Peak - Good Night! Mark Wagner
Far Centaurus Jay Reynolds Freeman
Brain Fade Bill Arnett
03Optimist's Reward Jay Reynolds Freeman
05Observing Report w/ Ranger Matt Tarlach