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December 2006
Date Title Author(s)
18 Conditions at the Peak Monday Night Bob Jardine
Peter Natscher
Last night at Lake Sonoma Steve Gottlieb
In the backyard with the 18" on a cold night Bill Cone
03 Four potentially newly discovered dark nebulae in ic1396 found on Sunday Richard Crisp
01 Moon Marek Cichanski
Melotte 15 in Halpha Richard Crisp
November 2006
30 IC410 from Dream Machine and Stinger 450 Richard Crisp
27 Done, Fin, Completed: Ship-it! Richard Crisp
25 82" @ McDonald Observatory, Nov 17/18, 2006 Paul Alsing
Splitting hairs in the backyard on a bonus night of poor seeing Richard Crisp
24 Friday night, mostly skunked at Peak Jamie Dillon
23 Anyone up for observing? Jess Delaney
21 Giving Thanks in Tucson Renato Del Rosario
19 In the observatory in San Diego Paul LeFevre
18 Brief report from Coe Rob Hawley
Sunset Pictures from Coe Sarah E. Jones
Brief Observing Report From Fremont Peak-FPOA Area Peter Natscher
Dinosaur Point and Fremont Peak last night Jamie Dillon
Dino and the Peak - A moveable feast William Cone
Willow Springs - Out In The Wilds Mark Wagner
Willow Springs Steve Gottlieb
First light pictures with MX7C Manoj Koushik
09 Ha image of SH2-171, shot from Livermore Jim Ferreira
08 Transit of Mercury Underway Bill Drelling
Mike Delaney
Darrell Lee
Phil Chambers
Jamie Dillon
Transit at Montebello Lance Boehm
Fun time at Houge with the Mercury Transit Rich Neuschaefer
Mercury Transit in SJ Mark Brada
Mercury transit from the Santa Clara civic center Michael Swartz
Mercury Transit Paul Lefevre
Mercury Transit Bob Jardine
Mercury Transit Joe Huber
05 First light report Teri Smoot
October 2006
29 Backyard 10/29/06 Mnt. View Jay Critchfield
Willow Springs Ayers site 10/21/06 Steve Gottlieb
26 Observing Report 10/21/06 Fremont Peak Jay Critchfield
25 Comet Swan Randy Muller
Alexander Avtanski
comet swan from Moraga Bill Cone
Comet Swan Rich Neuschaefer
24 seeing 9, visibility no show, game set & match to seeing Mark Bracewell
Willow Springs 10/21/06 Bill Cone
23 Saturday night Peak, DDK breaks 1,000 Jamie Dillon
Coe. 21 Oct 2006 Rob Jaworski
Comet SWAN from Menlo Park Pentti Kanerva
22 Ayers Rocks! Observing at Willow Springs Oct 21st Mark Wagner
Coe Sat Night Alan Zaza
Final week at Bryce Canyon Darrell Lee
Coe Sat Oct 21 2006 Lance Boehm
20 Excellent conditions at Lake Sonoma last night! Steve Gottlieb
19 Mini OR: Del Valle 10/18/06 Bill Cone
17 Alexander Avtanski Alexander Avtanski
15 Peak last night Jamie Dillon
Oz report, first night -- partly cloudy Bob Jardine
Coe: Food, fun, and fog Bill Cone
Pinnacles (short & sweet) Jim Bartolini
Coe last night.... Mark Wagner
The Bay Area's Coe Fog Dan Wright
A fun but short night at Coe Pete Santangeli
09 Neptune and Triton Bill Cone
08 Week 3 at Bryce. Darrell Lee
September 2006
30 Bryce after 2 weeks Darrell Lee
CalStar 06 Jay Critchfield
29 Note on marine layer, and S&T atlas Marek Cichanski
Calstar 2006 Experience Report Dan Wright
28 Lake Sonoma - 9/25/06 Steve Gottlieb
Montebello, 27 Sept. 2006 Bob Jardine
27 IHOP Saturday 8/26 Jane Smith
IHOP2 on 8/26-8/27 Matt Tarlach
Calstar Aways Wins... Mark Wagner
  How many Herschels are there?! - Coe 23Sep and 26Aug Tony Hurtado
26 solar viewing 9/26 Michael Swartz
  CalStar - first foray away from the Messiers. Mark Bracewell
25 2006 CalStar Jane Smith
mooching at CalStar Jamie Dillon
24 CalStar Mark Bracewell
Calstar 2006: Seeing stars in M31 Marek Cichanski
Saturday 23 Sep 2006 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
21 Quick MB OR Marek Cichanski
20 TACO in Utah update Darrell Lee
19 Solar Pillar Mark Wagner
17 Sat 16 Sept 2006 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
TACO in Utah Darrell Lee
Coe last night... brief report... Mark Wagner
14 Sub-arc-minute seeing at Montebello Peter Mckone
Just back from Monte Bello 9/9 Michael Swartz
05 AstroCamping Travelogue - Nevada, California, and Oregon Mark Buxbaum
Crater Lake and Oregon Star Party 2006 Bob Jardine
02 Willow Springs 8/25 Paul Molenberg
Houge Park 9/1 Mark Wagner
August 2006
30 Nevada near Crescent Valley Ken Mason
Willow Spings, 25 Aug 06 Bill Parkhurst
Sydney, NSW, 8/16/2006: Down Under all over again Marek Cichanski
29 Guide Dogs Rock! Mark Wagner
Messier Driving Marathon 8/25-8/26 Tony Franco
Back from Australia -- with pictures Dan Wright
28 Willow Springs, 26-27 Aug 2006 Steve Gottlieb
Comet 177P/Bradford Mark Wagner
Willow Springs Peter Natscher
27 Willow Springs, August 26-27, 2006 Peter Natscher
Star-B-Que Richard Ozer
Australia wrapup 2006 Marek Cichanski
Willow Springs. Wow! Darrell Lee
26 Coe 19 August, surprise Hicksons Jamie Dillon
Conditions at OSP last night Bob Jardine
Splitting Sabik Paul Sterngold
Willow Springs Last Night Peter Natscher
24 Australia Thursday 24 August Dan Wright
Coonabarabran, NSW, 8/23-24/2006: New Longest Entry - Eta Carinae Marek Cichanski
Uranus' moons Steve Gottlieb
22 Coonabarabran, NSW, 8/22-23/2006: Longest Log Entry Ever Marek Cichanski
IHOP (8/19) Alvin Huey
Where Stars Go To Die (8/19) Mark Wagner
Palomars, was Where Stars Go ... Jamie Dillon
Henry Coe 19 Aug 2006 Sean McCauliff
21 We're coming!!! The Castro Clan Alvin Huey
IHOP - Sat to Sun Dax Castro
Not quite an OR - more fun Down Under Marek Cichanski
Australia Monday 21 Dan Wright
Rancho Canada del Oro 28Jul06 Bill Parkhurst
Coyote Saturday Rob Hawley
20 Sat Aug 19 IHOP Darrell Lee
Coonabarabran, NSW, 18-21, 2006: Be careful what you wish for! Marek Cichanski
Observing conditions at Presentation Center Jim Van Nuland
14 Naked Eye Sunspot Mark Wagner
Coyote Lake 02Jul06 Bill Parkhurst
13 Sierra Buttes 7/23-7/27 Bill Cone
12 Sierra Buttes and Lassen 7/20 to 7/27 (Globulars) Steve Gottlieb
Sierra Buttes and Lassen 7/20 to 7/27 (Planetaries) Steve Gottlieb
Sierra Buttes and Lassen 7/20 to 7/27 (Part 1) Steve Gottlieb
09 A brief OR Bill Drelling
06 IHOP 29 July Jamie Dillon
05 Licked Mark Wagner
04 Henry Coe 29 July, 2006 - Better late than never Tony Hurtado
July 2006
29 IHOP 29 July Jamie Dillon
Reflections from Coe; Now: Aquarius Galaxy Cluster NGC 6962 et al. Peter Natscher
Reflections from Coe: Looking In The Mirror Again... Mark Wagner
IHOP, 7/29/06 Shneor Sherman
Thanks to Shneor and Jim Paul Haeokman
IHOP 7/29/06 Alvin Huey
Alvin Huey
28 Naked eye fu from Catalina Jamie Dillon
27 Montebello, Thursday 7/27/2006: Blown out Marek Cichanski
26 Peak Wednesday Night Jamie Dillon
Pickering's Triangle and Witch's Broom Richard Crisp
Fr.Peak, 26 July (Weds) -- shorts and t-shirt Bob Jardine
Nelms Star Party 2006 Richard Navarrete
7-26, MBOSP, Cat's Paw and da Dawgs Jeff Crilly
Nelms Star Party 2006 Mark Wagner
7-26, MBOSP, Cat's Paw and da Dawgs Jerry Elmer
Lassen Peak, 7 /22-23/ 2006 Marek Cichanski
Looking for 'faint' fuzzies Peter Natscher
vdB142 / IC1396A in [SII], Halpha and [OIII] Richard Crisp
25 Shingletown Observing Report (6/21/06-6/25/06) David Cooper
21 From Willow Springs into Grus and Norma Jamie Dillon
Belated Willow Springs OR (7-21-06) Sarah Jones
20 Sierra Buttes and Lassen 7/20 to 7/27 (Globulars) Steve Gottlieb
Sierra Buttes and Lassen 7/20 to 7/27 (Planetaries) Steve Gottlieb
Sierra Buttes and Lassen 7/20 to 7/27 (Part I) Steve Gottlieb
15 Davis, 7/15/06 Shneor Sherman
Star Queen conducts court from Castro Valley Richard Crisp
Herbig Haro 555 in Halpha (in the Pelican Nebula) Richard Crisp
14 M57 from Chabot Bill Drelling
8 Backyard classical cassegrain action Richard Crisp
7 ISS transit across the moon tonight in San Jose Mark Wagner
Robert A. Hess
1 Coyote Lake Star Party - 01 July 2006 Rob Jaworski
June 2006
30 First OR 6/30 & 7/2 in the Sierras Jay Critchfield
28 MB Wed 28 June 2006 Pentti Kanerva
25 78 Globs over Shingletown Bob Jardine
24 SSP image: M24 Bill Drelling
Widefield of M101 Bill Drelling
SSP Veil Image Bill Drelling
Fremont Peak 24 June 2006 Sean McCauliff
23 M101 from SSP Darren Hutchinson
21 MB Mark Bracewell
19 Two Iridum flares, Coyote Lake, June 19th. Rich Neuschaefer
17 Coyote Lake 17 June Jamie Dillon
Lake Sonoma Sat 17 June 2006 Matthew Marcus
Satellite Last Night Alexander Avtanski
Coyote Lake, 17 June 2006 Bob Jardine
Monte Bello Sat 17 June 2006 Pentti Kanerva
Lake Sonoma 6/17/06 Steve Gottlieb
Lick Observatory - June 17th SVP night Rich Neuschaefer
16 Four planets at dusk (was Three planets at dusk) Jeff Gortatowsky
The Sun today... Jeff Crilly
15 Three planets at dusk Andrew Pierce
First Light ST80 w/ Homemade Solar Filter Ron Britton
14 Lick Observatory June 14 Mark Wagner
7 Another Willow Springs OR Richard Navarrete
3 Coyote Lake, 6/3/2006 Marek Cichanski
Fremont Peak June 3, 2006 (exploring the Milky Way in Halpha) Richard Crisp
May 2006
31 Nice evening at MB Sander Pool
Pentti Kanerva
30 A Good One At Montebello! Mark Wagner
29 Coyote Monday Matthew Marcus
28 Henry Coe S.P. Sunday Night Peter Natscher
Fremont Peak Sunday Night John Gleason
Brief report, driveway Sander Pool
27 Diablo 5/27, Briones 5/28 Bill Cone
Willow Springs Mark Wagner
Jamie Dillon
Coe Mike Delaney
IHOP Bill Porte
Shneor Sherman
26 IC1318 and Crescent Nebula in Halpha Richard Crisp
25 RTMC 2006 Jeff Gortatowsky
21 Southern skies Darrell Lee
17 MB: Binoviewers and Black Cloud Nights... Marek Cichanski
Michael Swartz
Social Observing at Coyote Lake Mark Wagner
Coyote Lake Bob Jardine
M81 from backyard (May 15) Richard Crisp
12 Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Pentti Kanerva
09 Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Bob Jardine
Comet 73P! Dennis Beckley
A little backyard galaxy action Richard Crisp
07 Comet 73 P Schwassmann Wachmann Dennis Beckley
Pentti Kanerva
06 Disappearing comet fragment Pentti Kanerva
Why Messier made a list Andrew Pierce
01 Brief Report Monday: MB Leonard Tramiel
April 2006
30 Coe: Brief Report Gza Kurczveil
Sunday night lunacy Matt Tarlach
29 Comet fragments C & B Rich Neuschaefer
Coe Richard Navarrete
Observing from Coe: A New Season Mark Wagner
Comet 73P, Mount Tamalpais star party Michael Portuesi
Image of Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann Richard Crisp
Another image from Saturday night on the Peak Richard Crisp
"Downtown Virgo" from Fremont Peak Richard Crisp
The Snake and Leo Triplet from FP Jeff Crilly
Brief Report from Fremont Peak John Gleason
Saturday night, Shallow Sky first Jamie Dillon
Saturday night Peak, deepsky part Jamie Dillon
Fremont Peak Saturday -- Geosynchronous Dan Wright
The interesting NGC 4756 group Steve Gottlieb
Mt. Diablo Bill Cone
Fiddletown Jim Ster
27 MB George Feliz
Pentti Kanerva
Briones William Cone
M106 from the backyard Richard Crisp
25 Texas Star Party Dennis Beckley
Bob Jardine
21 San Lorenzo Park in King City Jamie Dillon
Trip Report -- non-TSP, 2006 April 21-30 Bob Jardine
19 Coyote Lake Bob Jardine
Monte Bello Pentti Kanerva
Another M51 from the backyard Richard Crisp
Last night backyard Jamie Dillon
18 M51 from the backyard Richard Crisp
Jeff Crilly
17 MB Marek Cichanski
First-time jitters Sarah E. Jones
First image in months: test shot of M51 Richard Crisp
13 Recovered Memory Bob Jardine
06 2 AM!! WOO WOO Clear Skies Dax Castro
05 Castro Valley backyard Richard Crisp
02 Cabo San Lucas William Cone
01 Heads Up for a Solar Moment Robert A. Hess
The lunar messier marathon Jane Houston Jones
March 2006
29 Success at TSE 2006 Rob Hawley
TSE 2006 Turkey Kevin Schuerman
Richard Ozer
Solar Eclipse Bob Jardine
Total Solar Eclipse, Al Saloom Egypt Richard Ozer
26 MB: Oh God, I'm an imager now Marek Cichanski
FP - 110 down 0 to go Rob Enns
Coyote Lake last night Andrew Pierce
Castro Valley Richard Crisp
25 MB Pentti Kanerva
Trip to the Peak Saturday night Jamie Dillon
Whose afraid of Saturns Moons? :) Jeff Gortatowsky
24 Weather at Coonabarabran John Gleason
18 Montebello Ridge and first visual use of Stinger 450 cassegrain Richard Crisp
Jay Critchfield
Ao Nuevo star party Rich Neuschaefer
17 Another Image from the Astro-Balcony Bill Drelling
13 Comet Pojmanski, Cupertino Bob Jardine
Comet Pojmanski, Menlo Park Pentti Kanerva
11 A real brief (but REAL) OR Jeff Gortatowsky
10 Observing Report Carol Widger
07 Comet Pojmanski from Rancho Cordova Ray Fox
06 Mini semi OR Jamie Dillon
04 Comet C/2006 Pojmanski Dennis Beckley
Comet Pojmanski anyone? Ralph Aguirre
February 2006
25 Coe Matthew Marcus
Dinosaur Point Jamie Dillon
Dino Point Tony Hurtado
24 Fri night @ Coyote Lance Boehm
It Pays To Go Mark Wagner
Richard Navarrete
Rich Neuschaefer
Coe Rob Jaworski
Lake Sonoma Steve Gottlieb
Pictures for a rainy day Rob Hawley
IHOP (2) Shneor Sherman
23 Coe Marek Cichanski
Supernova SN2006X at Coyote Lake Bob Jardine
Coyote Lake Bob Jardine
Lake Sonoma Steve Gottlieb
First trip into Virgo William Cone
Plettstone Albert Highe
22 Menlo Park Pentti Kanerva
Kauai Observing report Andrew Pierce
20 Elusive Green Flash Seen Over the Pacific Thomas Taylor
Coyote Lake Sean McCauliff
19 Mercury from SW lot tonight Jamie Dillon
Sunday night in Moraga William Cone
Castro Valley Sunday Night Richard Crisp
11 A higher grade of Crab Richard Crisp
09 What a hoot Richard Crisp
Two Eyes ARE Better Than One! Mark Wagner
08 Salinas last night Jamie Dillon
07 Saturn Bill Drelling
05 Planets, moons and clusters David Kingsley
04 MB Marek Cichanski
First Light report: Mark 1 Second Edition 45cm f/12.6 Classical Cassegrain Richard Crisp
Binocular observation of Saturn and M44 Randy Muller
03 Recent ngc2244 (rosette) in Ha from the backyard Jeff Crilly
January 2006
30 A few objects from Costa Rica Steve Gottlieb
29 Costa Rica Dennis Beckley
27 Nice Saturn tonight Jeff Crilly
24 Coyote Lake Bob Jardine
Peter Natscher
Blue Ridge Darrell Lee
Front Yard Jake Burkart
23 MB George Feliz
Plettstone Albert Highe
21 Surprise Saturn Observation Mark Wagner
20 Dino Pt. Bob Jardine
Dino Jamie Dillon
Houge Park Mark Wagner
19 MB Marek Cichanski
Andrew Pierce
Pentti Kanerva
First light test of Mark I. 450mm f/12.6 cassegrain Richard Crisp
15 Benicia Stardust re-entry Dennis Beckley
Redding: Stardust re-entry Marek Cichanski
Venus Pentti Kanerva
05 Skyline Michael Linnolt
04 Dinosaur Point Jamie Dillon