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December 2000
31Canopus said goodbyeJamie Dillon
30Dew problems and Death Valley observingBill Feiereisen
Two nights down, one to goMark Wagner
I3 1st lightJim Feldhouse
29Late report from Dino PointPeter Santangeli
James Turley
Phil Chambers
28Europa TransitBruce Anderson
MontebelloRichard Ozer
Two nights down, one to go Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Highlights from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Observing ReportRobert Leyland
Coe year end break observing reportWilliam G. Schultz
Hicksons in the HillsRandy Muller
Binocular deepsky from 16 southJamie Dillon
27Fantastic views from FremontMichael Peck
26A first night at Dinosaur PointDavid Kingsley
Observing/Conditions at CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Observing/Conditions at Dinosaur PointPhil Chambers
25What an eclipse!Steven Caron
Stacy McDermott
Steve Sergeant
Dave North
Mark Wagner
Robert Baldwin
Richard Ozer
Gregory Edwards
Paul LeFevre
Akkana Peck
Rich Anderson
Art Perrin
James Turley
Bruce Anderson
Steve Gottlieb
Phil Chambers
The Christmas eclipse has begun!Jane Houston Jones
Eclipse in progressAkkana Peck
Alpha CentauriJamie Dillon
24Christmas Eve Seeing ConditionsPhil Chambers
Astronomy-- Grinch styleMike J. Shade
Observing ReportRobert Leyland
23Moon shadow on the sidewalkJane Houston Jones
22Dinosaur Point ReportAlbert Highe
21Jupiter and Saturn, Sidewalk StyleJane Houston Jones
20Coe: Short observing session/longest nightWilliam G. Schultz
Astro-Physics 10-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain Report -- Part IVJay Freeman
18Monday Night UpdateAkkana Peck
Moving toward MonocerosJamie Dillon
17Backyard observing: The Joys of WinterMark Wagner
Northern Pisces from CygnusJamie Dillon
16Astro-Physics 10-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain Report -- Part IIIJay Freeman
MaurolycusBill Arnett
15Coe conditionsJames Turley
11Astro-Physics 10-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain Report -- Part IIJay Freeman
Astro-Physics 10-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain Report -- Part IJay Freeman
10Post-Hawaii CALCClayton A. Feldman, MD
ISS Passes this evening in SF Bay AreaEd Greenberg
08Fri night ViewingRobert Baldwin
07Bright Flash in Gassendi NOTJames Turley
05Taking chances on the skyJamie Dillon
02Saturday night observing reportStacy McDermott
01Sidewalk AstronomyMorris Jones
November 2000
29Beautiful!David Kingsley
Io TransitPaul Sterngold
Io transitAkkana Peck
Io transitRichard Navarrete
27The shadows shiftDavid Kingsley
26LSA soloJeff Blanchard
25Saturday night report from CoePeter Santangeli
Matthew Marcus
Was Bad Night; Became Great Night at CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Observing report from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Much a'Dew to See Somethin'Steve Sergeant
The Lizard from the LakeJamie Dillon
Imaging at Coe on Saturday nightIvor Barker
Yet another brief reportJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
24Dry night and bright meteor at CoeSandra Macika
Further information on Dinosaur PointJay Freeman
LSA report for November 24-25 Y2KAlbert Highe
Jupiter shadow transit, meteors and moreMark Wagner
Weekend in the desertPaul LeFevre
Ganymede's transitJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Plettstone report for Thanksgiving weekendMichelle Stone
Ed Greenberg
Rare Report from the Sacred SiteJohn Gleason
Finished my MessierGary Manning
Hawaiian EyesJane Houston Jones
23A Different Kind of First LightEd Greenberg
22Dewed Dudes at MontebelloSteve Sergeant
A River Runs Through ItJames Turley
MontebelloPhil Chambers
20Mountain ViewSteve Nelson
19Jupiter: white intrusion into NEB?Akkana Peck
First Light 8" f5Bob Nanz
18Pacheco (almost) reportAlbert Highe
PachecoJames Turley
Subjects of the QueenMark Wagner
HGOShneor Sherman
17Fremont PeakBrian Harvey
16Fun with a 6.5 meter telescopeMike J. Shade
The Leonid Broadcast ServiceJane Houston Jones
10Jupiter's GRS LSTJane Houston Jones
08Galilean moons in 7x50 Binocs?Michael Peck
Midnight rendezvousJamie Dillon
07Election Night ActivitiesWilliam G. Schultz
Jupiter ThrallJane Houston Jones
04Del Valle ReservoirRichard Ozer
That bright light up there is not the moonAllan Keller
HGOJames Ster
Choon Kiat Lim
7790 in CassiopeiaJamie Dillon
Mark Wagner
Bob Czerwinski
Amalthea from CoeSteven Caron
03EspartoShneor Sherman
Double Reaumur RayBill Arnett
Jane Houston Jones
Rilles and Moon SheepJane Houston Jones
A fair night at HGOJames Ster
A fair night at homeLarry Snyder
In the Pink in the Dark in NovemberRandy Muller
Observing at CoeWilliam G. Schultz
02MontebelloJim Feldhouse
Montebello RidgeJames Turley
LickJay Freeman
Observing ReportRobert Leyland
October 2000
31The annual Halloween show...Matthew Buynoski
Duane Sand
30Purple HazeJames Turley
27NGC 1023Jamie Dillon
26Thursday Evening...Archer Sully
The Stationary star of the south and other travel talesAndrew Pierce
24Short report from HawaiiPeter Santangeli
More Sonoita visual astronomyMike J. Shade
Sonoita Fast(er) scope resultsJay LeBlanc
23Binocs in backyardJamie Dillon
Richard Navarrete
Brief Sonoita observing reportMike J. Shade
A Wonderful NightMark Wagner
First Light Astro-Physics 10" Maksutov-CassegrainRobin Casady
21Windy at CoeJames Turley
Wind...what wind?Steven Caron
David Kingsley
Salmon and GiraffeJamie Dillon
SF windy observing reportStacy McDermott
20X-treme Astronomy or a weekend of foul weatherMichelle Stone
19Observing report from La Kaja de Los Gatos ObservatoryMark Wagner
Observing under a street lampMichelle Stone
18Stephan's DuetJames Turley
17Observing in the October, 2000, new MoonJay Freeman
16Twenty-Day moonAkkana Peck
14Montebello TonightRich Neuschaefer
A Purple MoonJames Turley
Montebello Last NightPhil Chambers
Plato cratersDavid Kingsley
12Really Full MoonBill Arnett
SlickensidesJane Houston Jones
Morris Jones
08Observing "cat box" and AlberiosMark Wagner
07Hesiodus RayJane Houston Jones
The Mount Jura loopAkkana Peck
Short Observing ReportBill Feiereisen
06C9.25 observing report - HougePaul Sterngold
Hesiodus RayRich Neuschaefer
04Montebello Ridge: Observation ReportJames Turley
The Morning PlanetsJane Houston Jones
September 2000
30Observing ReportRussell Chmela
Monitor Pass Star PartyShneor Sherman
The screaming of wild pigsJamie Dillon
CCD Images from LSAPaul Sterngold
8" first light, Jupiter, and the domed hill near GardnerAkkana Peck
Observing during the first New Moon of Autumn, 2000Jay Reynolds Freeman
29CalStar observing reportRichard Navarrete
CalStar observing reportSteve Sergeant
LSA observing reportRich Neuschaefer
28CalStar ReportPaul LeFevre
The Experience of CalStar (with pigs)Steven Caron
CalStar Observing ReportAlbert Highe
Observation report - CalStarJeff Gortatowsky
26First Light: 12.5" f/4Archer Sully
23Exceptional Night at Coe: The Crimson StarJames Turley
A 7% night at CoeGregory Edwards
3 TarantulasJamie Dillon
Exceptional Night at Diablo w/ Tarantula viewingRichard Ozer
Observing report from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Good night at LickJay Reynolds Freeman
Alone, Alone, All All Alone; Alone on the Wide, Wide Sea...Matthew Buynoski
Sun spot sketchesJane Houston Jones
Side by side observingJane Houston Jones
20What a sunspot!Mark Wagner
Steven Caron
Rich Anderson
Rich Neuschaefer
James Turley
Report from MontebelloSteven Caron
Achro vs ED Shootout at MontebelloJames Turley
19Bright night observing from Los GatosMark Wagner
Brief Montebello ReportJay Reynolds Freeman
18Beautiful view of a sunset ray in MaurolycusDavid Kingsley
11First Light: AP 155 EDFRay Gralak
09The Scorpius Minimus asterismJane Houston Jones
Last night at HougeJamie Dillon
Rule Titania!Jane Houston Jones
08Rabbit in the Moon: Harvey at LickJay Reynolds Freeman
Houge star party reportRich Neuschaefer
06Walking on the straight wallJane Houston Jones
M15Jamie Dillon
Lunar and Planetary ObservingRich Neuschaefer
05Lunar Observing Report and Orion ST80 ImpressionsJames Turley
Report from rainy LondonPaul LeFevre
Double moon transit on Jupiter tonightJulius Szakacs
03CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Laboring at CoeJamie Dillon
Del Valle Sunday NightRichard Ozer
Lake Sonoma SundayRobert Leyland
A reunion with the eyepiece at FPCarl Larson
02Brief report: Saturday night at the PeakJay Reynolds Freeman
August 2000
31Trip Report - Oregon Star (Rain) PartyAlbert Highe
26Conditions at Fremont Peak Saturday August 26...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont PeakGerrit Kooi
Fremont PeakDave North
CoeRichard Navarrete
Out From The Shadow - A Night At Henry CoeMark Wagner
6-planet nightJamie Dillon
YosemiteAlbert Highe
25Fremont Peak good nightMark Wagner
24Monster AstronomyMark Wagner
21The Big Guys are BackJay Reynolds Freeman
Jupiter this morningBill Arnett
The return of the long lost rilleBill Arnett
19Fun with CCDs, Part IIPaul LeFevre
Highway to the StarsJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Ten Short Steps to the Universe...Mark Wagner
12Perseid MorningJane Houston Jones
Bill Arnett
3:00 AM and all's well...Paul LeFevre
Coe ReportPhil Chambers
Spending the night with the coyotesRobert MacKay
11The Light Light ShowWilliam G. Schultz
Red-eye flight observingStacy McDermott
Peter Natscher
09MontebelloRichard Ozer
08Nice view of Hesiodus rayDavid Kingsley
05Fremont Peak reportMark Wagner
Star Party Report -- Foothill ParkJay Reynolds Freeman
Saturday 8/5 at Coe - 2 meteor showers at once?Matthew Marcus
You can't get there from hereJamie Dillon
Steve Sergeant
04Coe, Friday, 08/04/00 :-)William G. Schultz
03MontebelloAndrew Pierce
Coe star partyRich Neuschaefer
01Hazy at CoeJamie Dillon
July 2000
31Venus, yes, Moon, noJane Houston Jones
Dave North
Too Many Galaxies: The Way It Should BeMark Wagner
30Solar eclipse Sunday nightLeonard Tramiel
29The fading cometBill Arnett
Akkana Peck
Short Night at CoeBob Czerwinski
PAS ObservingMatthew Buynoski
Night on Jelm MountainArcher Sully
28Linear S4 is Disintegrating (Maybe past tense)Archer Sully
Weekend at PalomarPaul LeFevre
Second 2000 Lassen Star PartyJay Reynolds Freeman
27S4 LINEAR, and an Ion TaleMatt Tarlach
25Delta Scorpii and a comet tonightJane Houston Jones
24Orion 25x100, first light and reportJay Reynolds Freeman
23Del Valle Sunday night....Julius Szakacs
22Comet LinearThomas Noppe
Bruce Jensen
Comet viewing from Azalea HillJane Houston Jones
Comet from Del Valle...Julius Szakacs
S4 LINEAR Tail Length?Jay Reynolds Freeman
Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Coe TonightDave North
Richard Navarrete
Brief review on a C102 Wide-fieldRichard Navarrete
Observing report from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Robert Leyland
Comet Crazies Invade Coe (old times return)Mark Wagner
The Comet and Planets From ColoradoBill Arnett
Linear S4, is there a stellar (pseudo)nucleus always visible?Akkana Peck
20C/1999 S4 (Linear) observationRandy Muller
Robert Leyland
Andrew Pierce
A backyard comet at last!Jane Houston Jones
19MontebelloPeter Santangeli
Skunked in Los GatosMark Wagner
Comet LinearAndrew Pierce
Keeping Up With The Flying Comet LinearDave North
Akkana Peck
Phil Reinders
18C/1999 S4 Linear in CamelopardisRobert Leyland
A Southern (Calif.) boy sees an Aurora...Paul LeFevre
13Very like a whaleAkkana Peck
First light: 18" Starmaster dobRandy Muller
12Wednesday (7/12) at MontebelloRich Neuschaefer
08Harry Potter and the first quarter moonJane Houston Jones
Foothill Park July 8 -- brief reportJay Reynolds Freeman
The Faye RayAkkana Peck
06Last Thursday night at CoeJamie Dillon
03S4 LINEARMatt Tarlach
Last of the Optimists at Bumpass HellDavid Kingsley
02LiNEAR from California MotherlodeMatt Tarlach
01Spectacular ??? at CoePhil Chambers
Shallow Sky Roman Candle for the FourthDave North
The DA and the Image IntensifierClayton A. Feldman, MD
Don't miss S4/1999 - Notes from Anza CAJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
June 2000
296946 and other ArpsJamie Dillon
28Comet S4 (LINEAR)Matt Tarlach
Montebello Last NightPhil Chambers
Lassen observations - Planetary and diffuse nebulaeSteve Gottlieb
Lassen observations - Globulars and open clustersSteve Gottlieb
Lassen observations - UGC galaxies in CygnusSteve Gottlieb
Lassen MemoriesMark Wagner
Lassen Report -- June/July, 2000Jay Reynolds Freeman
Mt. Lassen Star Party 2000 reportPaul LeFevre
27First Light: JMI NGT-12.5Steve Sergeant
24Fremont Peak reportJay Reynolds Freeman
Pluto for the first time and two mag 13 Planetary NebulaeNilesh Shah
MontebelloRobert MacKay
Slumming in ScutumJamie Dillon
Moon Walking at Fremont PeakJane Houston Jones
Saturday night at CoeDavid Kingsley
2320" Starmaster at Lost Creek LakePeter Natscher
Father-Daughter Observing in the MountainsRandy Muller
Brief Lick Public-Night ReportJay Reynolds Freeman
21Montebello reportJay Reynolds Freeman
MontebelloPhil Chambers
Breaking into summerJamie Dillon
18Dessert with Little Blue PeepJeffrey Gortatowsky
14Aristarchus RegionMatt Tarlach
13Schroter's ValleyMatt Tarlach
11Sunday - afternoon sunning and evening mooningJane Houston Jones
10Mooning SaturdayPhil Chambers
David Kingsley
Moon weirdness - the south polar sequenceJane Houston Jones
Dave North
08HyginusMatt Tarlach
MercuryMatt Tarlach
Count down to zeroDavid Kingsley
06Rupes CauchyDave North
Akkana Peck
Occultation? Nope Mooning? Yep!Jane Houston Jones
033 June at Grant RanchMatthew Buynoski
Lake Sonoma Limiting Magnitude and other thingsBruce Jensen
Robert Leyland
Henry Coe last night...Jeff Crilly
Coe ReportPhil Chambers
No wonder the big scope is up there...Paul LeFevre
Jeff Gortatowsky
Cub scouts on the PeakJamie Dillon
The best and rest of the Herschel 400Jane Houston Jones
02Friday Night at Fremont PeakClayton A. Feldman, MD
Friday night in a 4.7 skyJamie Dillon
Celestial Prospecting and Dreams of the Dragon's DwarfMark Wagner
Rashad Al-Mansour
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 13 (Observing)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 14 (Summing Up)Jay Reynolds Freeman
01Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 12 (Observing)Jay Reynolds Freeman
May 2000
31Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 11 (Observing)Jay Reynolds Freeman
30Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 10 (Observing)Jay Reynolds Freeman
29Molokai Observing Report -- Part 2Andrew Pierce
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 9 (Observing)Jay Reynolds Freeman
28Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 8 (Observing)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 7 (Preparations)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 6 (Onizuka Visitor Center)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 5 (Island Aesthetics)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 4 (The Road)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 3 (Telescope)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 2 (Telescope)Jay Reynolds Freeman
Hawaii Observing Expedition -- Part 1 (Telescope)Jay Reynolds Freeman
27Saturday night at FiddletownDennis Beckley
Glowing southern globularsJamie Dillon
Molokai Observing Report -- Part 1Andrew Pierce
26From Mt. Laguna to London town...Paul LeFevre
25Benchmark seeing in SalinasJamie Dillon
21The cloud curse is broken...Paul LeFevre
Seeing double in Los GatosMark Wagner
19OBSERVING! I just did some...Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Full moon fuzzy fun...Mark Wagner
13The same old skyJane Houston Jones
Love at first lightJamie Dillon
1110-inch Dobson: Second Light, and Moonlit Messier MadnessJay Reynolds Freeman
First observing reportSamir Mahendra
10Last week's moon madnessAkkana Peck
09First light for a new 10-inch DobsonJay Reynolds Freeman
Mooning, finally!Jane Houston Jones
03A Rogue Wed at Henry CoeDavid Kingsley
April 2000
30Observing from the MotherlodeMatt Tarlach
29The JetJay Reynolds Freeman
3C273Jamie Dillon
Along with that quasarJamie Dillon
Hunting for faint globulars at FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
Observing on the RoadPaul LeFevre
28LSA Weekend (or Fun with Rays Photo)Phil Chambers
Rogues and goldminersDavid Kingsley
26Tele Vue Telepod Head, and the Sun!Matt Tarlach
25More Backyard Astro-Card FunMark Wagner
24Backyard Astro-Card Fun...Mark Wagner
23Sunday night at CoeDavid Kingsley
Jamie Dillon
Richard Ozer
21Good Friday at CoeJamie Dillon
08How was the FP last night?Mark Wagner
Who had the aperture at the Peak?Jamie Dillon
07CoePhil Chambers
Friday Night at Henry CoeDavid Kingsley
Observing, Apr 7th at H. CoeRich Neuschaefer
The Heart of VirgoJay Reynolds Freeman
05Coe instead of Montebello tonight for meRich Neuschaefer
Wed night at CoeDavid Kingsley
03Hickson galaxy groups from SonoitaMike J. Shade
02Observing from FiddletownMatt Tarlach
01Refractor Red does a Messier Marathon...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Bonny Doon TonightJohn R Pierce
Grant Ranch on 1 AprilMatthew Buynoski
Observing Report from Mt. DiabloRichard Ozer
Herscheling at the Messier MarathonDavid Kingsley
A real marathon...Paul LeFevre
My first marathon marks completion of my M-ListNilesh Shah
More Messier ManiacsJamie Dillon
Thanks for the MemoriesAndrew Pierce
Last Saturday at CoeJulius Szakacs
Observing Report from ArnoldSteve Gottlieb
The Gottlieb 500Jane Houston Jones
Fremont Peak Saturday NightDave North
Mark Wagner
Observing Sat. NightRichard Navarrete
Rich Neuschaefer
Paul Sterngold
Phil Chambers
March 2000
31Brief report on Coe Friday night...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Cats and Dogs ... and a PupJay Reynolds Freeman
28First light, sort of...Jay Reynolds Freeman
25N5 at CoePhil Chambers
The Realm of the GalaxiesJamie Dillon
Paul LeFevre
Pinnacles ReportJim Bartolini
Always the Messier MonsterMark Wagner
Observing report from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Observing with AP 130EDTRich Neuschaefer
Sat 3/25/00 at PlettstoneBruce Prickett
24Fremont Peak ObservingJay Reynolds Freeman
22Montebello ReportJay Reynolds Freeman
21Left foot of GeminiMark Wagner
17Rima SeussAkkana Peck
15Montebello report AND Moon Observing SpotJay Reynolds Freeman
14ST80 Notes: Plato, Bullialdus, Rima BirtMatt Tarlach
12Seeing The MoonDave North
10Saturday weather post-mortemJay Reynolds Freeman
09In-town Messier hunting with a Stargazer Steve 3-inchJay Reynolds Freeman
New CCD imagesPaul Sterngold
03Friday SalinasJamie Dillon
My first ASTRO CCD imagesRichard Navarrete
Bob Czerwinski
Paul LeFevre
Friday night at FiddletownDennis Beckley
A break in the weatherMark Wagner
MX916 second lightPaul Sterngold
Henry Coe State ParkJay Reynolds Freeman
Another clear night in LeoRandy Muller
Post-it-notes at Henry CoeDavid Kingsley
02Report from Sonoita Hills ObservatoryMike J. Shade
Montebello reportDavid Kingsley
February 2000
29Leaping Lactescent Luminaries in LeoRandy Muller
Late Night Cat Chow!Mark Wagner
27The Fool on the HillPaul LeFevre
Paul Sterngold
26First Light in SonoitaMike J. Shade
23A Happy MonsterMark Wagner
Wednesday at MontebelloPhil Chambers
Last night at MontebelloDavid Kingsley
Second Light, First DewJason Newquist
MX-916 1st light imagesPaul Sterngold
17Mooning in my backyardRandy Muller
06Selene and Mercury meet Jeff and APhrOditeJeff Gortatowsky
05Del ValleStacy McDermott
Last of the optimists at Henry CoePhil Chambers
David Kingsley
Paul LeFevre
02Wonderful crescent Moon & Venus...Paul LeFevre
Robert Baldwin
Bob Czerwinski
Mark Wagner
Montebello Wednesday NightPhil Chambers
You're Never a Loosah When You've Got a MedusaBruce Jensen
01Phoenix reportStacy McDermott
January 2000
28Freezing near Mt. Palomar - First Light sort of...Jeff Gortatowsky
Coe last night...Paul LeFevre
Jamie Dillon
First Light and TV101 Initial ImpressionsJason Newquist
27Last night -- it was gorgeousJamie Dillon
20Lunar EclipseRandy Muller
Thomas Noppe
Jamie Dillon
Stacy McDermott
Rich Ander
Jeff Gortatowsky
Eclipse washout -- NOT!!Jay Reynolds Freeman
Appearance of eclipsed MoonBill Arnett
Eclipse washout - dang!Paul LeFevre
08Short but unexpected evening at Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Viewing the Rosette nebula naked-eyeSteve Gottlieb
The Clouds Roll In, the Clouds Roll Out...Matthew Buynoski
Peggy Bernard
Plettstone weekend...Mark Wagner
A Night in LynxMark Wagner
A Lion in WinterRashad Al-Mansour
New Moon at the PeakJamie Dillon
Obs reportPaul Sterngold
Cloud Tops Through Cloud BottomsRandy Muller
Cone Nebula Region CCD ImageRay Gralak
07Del Valle Observing Report (Sort of...)Dave Bush
04Quadrantids reportPierre St. Hilaire
03South to SculptorJamie Dillon
01New Year's night on the PeakJamie Dillon
Jason Newquist
Saturday night photon huntDavid Kingsley