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December 1999
31Last night at Henry CoeJamie Dillon
30 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Peter Natscher
More visiting with the Spotted Beast of the NorthJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
An excellent evening at Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Short Night with the Shorttube 80Bruce Jensen
Visiting an old friendRichard Navarrete
29Observing at MontebelloMark Wagner
Kurt Kuhlmann
Jason Newquist
Far away astro friendsJane Houston
28Bright night with the Messier Monster...Mark Wagner
23A sub-Rukl night on the moonDavid Kingsley
19Nasmyth scope and Nasmyth craterDavid Kingsley
14How I took 6" to Philippine SkiesPaul LeFevre
13A quick lookJane Houston
GeminidsJamie Dillon
11Observing at FiddletownMark Wagner
Comparing Fiddletown to CoeJim Bartolini
Mark Wagner
Bruce Jensen
Richard Navarrete
Brief obs report from CoePaul Sterngold
Fiddletown - A cool night for galaxiesSteve Gottlieb
Don't look now, geeks with lensesJamie Dillon
Report from CoeDavid Smith
Pease, Please!Bruce Jensen
Sierra foothills observingJay Reynolds Freeman
10Short obs reportJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Plettstone Weather Report...Jay Reynolds Freeman
FiddletownDennis Beckley
Stargazer Steve 3-inch:
Observing Report and Telescope Report
Jay Reynolds Freeman
091999 Geminids reportPierre St. Hilaire
04Briefer Henry Coe Report...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Bob Czerwinski
Unfortunately brief observing session...Matthew Buynoski
A Short Great Night for PlanetsRandy Muller
Dave North
03First Light, C14Matthew Buynoski
Brief Fremont Peak ReportJay Reynolds Freeman
Cassiopeia in SalinasJamie Dillon
Observing Report, Del Valle Regional ParkBruce Jensen
Another Del Valle ReportRichard Navarrete
Observing weather in the SierraMichelle Stone
First Light for the Ceravolo HD216Craig A. Lambert
02Naked eye Nova in Aquila!David Kingsley
Steve Gottlieb
Lance Shaw
David Kingsley
01Montebello mud and sky reportDavid Kingsley
Bruce Jensen
Richard Navarrete
Phil Chambers
Paul Sterngold
November 1999
23Obliterated SEB?Paul Sterngold
Andrew Pierce
18Leonids@CoeDavid Richard Smith
Predawn Leonids from Palo AltoDavid Kingsley
Leonid Storm 1999: The finale: A trip to rememberJane Houston
Leonid report (from Spain)Pierre St. Hilaire
17LeonidsDavid Richard Smith
Phil Chambers
Rod Norden
Mark Wagner
Matt Tarlach
Bob Czerwinski
Paul LeFevre
Jon Ruyle
David Finn
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Leonid Storm 1999: Flying through the StormJane Houston
15Mercury Transit Reports Mark Wagner
Bob Czerwinski
Phil Chambers
Chucky Shinn
David Kingsley
John Gleason
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Rich Neuschaefer
James Ferreira,
Steve Gottlieb
William B. Phelps
Akkana Peck
Fred Urrutia
Rod Norden
13Leonid Storm 1999: Aboard the ARIAJane Houston
12All alone at Coe...Paul LeFevre
11Near Double Transit Thursday night Steve Gottlieb
Richard Navarrete
Mark Wagner
Phil Chambers
Rich Neuschaefer
Bruce Jensen
08Awesome seeing last nightBruce Prickett
Richard Navarrete
06Pease, Pease me, oh yeah (Fiddletown 11/6/99)Steve Gottlieb
Short Saturday night at Lake SonomaPaul LeFevre
Stalking Galaxies in the Winged HorseRandy Muller
Wow! Great observing this last weekend!Bruce Jensen
05"Plettstone 1999" Super Nova at FiddletownRashad Al-Mansour
Friday nightDennis Beckley
Sierra Foothills ObservingJay Reynolds Freeman
04Double your funRichard Navarrete
Bill Arnett
Jupiter's double shadowsJane Houston
Jupiter 11/4Matt Tarlach
01Goodness Gracious, great balls of .. moon stuffJane Houston
Shadows in PlatoJames Ferreira
Rupes Recta at SunsetJames Ferreira
October 1999
31Hallo out there!Jane Houston
A little Halloween sidewalkingMatthew Buynoski
30Dogs, Hicksons, AAA and time warpsMark Wagner
Observing notes from PachecoSteve Gottlieb
Quintet with cookies and a binaryJamie Dillon
29Klee Barlow TestPhil Chambers
Please comiserate with me <whine whine>
I almost was famous
Michelle Stone
Hallowe'en weekend observingJay Reynolds Freeman
26Special Io eclipseAkkana Peck
25Io transitLeonard Tramiel
Bill Arnett
Brief Moon ImpressionsDave North
24Red Spots in NEBBill Arnett
Lunar insight in MontereyJamie Dillon
20Great seeing for moon, Saturn, JupiterPaul Sterngold
19Special Io eclipseAkkana Peck
Shadow transits near Jupiter oppositionDavid Kingsley
18Lunar Occultation of UranusMike Rupe
Bill Arnett
Allan Keller
Rich Neuschaefer
Moon vs. Uranus, + JupiterMatt Tarlach
James Ferreira
17Lick Shane 120 - Duh, I could have Had a V-8!Peggy Bernard
16Saturday night at Lake SonomaRobert Baldwin
Fremont PeakLeonard Tramiel
11Loafing in SonoitaMike J. Shade
10Beethoven, Bach, and the Universe at UCO LickPeggy Bernard
09Beautiful night once and futureBob G.
Jupiter occultationLeonard Tramiel
First Tang-o in CaliforniaJane Houston
Observing at PachecoShekhar Borde
Jupiter, southern white ovalsRich Neuschaefer
Lick Volunteer AppreciationSandra Macika
Pegasus at PachecoJamie Dillon
Horse Bits and the Hunter Hunted - session 2 of 2Mark Wagner
08Horse Bits and the Hunter Hunted - session 1 of 2Mark Wagner
Must See NGC'sRichard Navarrete
Sierra Observing Jay Reynolds Freeman
07A Beautiful Night...Bob Czerwinski
Masked JupiterMatt Tarlach
Beautiful night once and futureJamie Dillon
03Wragg CanyonMatt Tarlach
02Good Seeing on the California CoastJay Reynolds Freeman
Observing at CoeSandra J. Macika
Virgin voyage on the 30"Jamie Dillon
Saturday Night Driveway AstronomyJane Houston
Also Good SeeingSteve Gottlieb
Got carried away...Rich Neuschaefer
Seeing Total JoyRandy Muller
01Seeing Stars and Poems by TennysonJane Houston
September 1999
30Smokin & Drinkin...Mark Wagner
29A Wonderful NightBill Arnett
With thanks to Ganymede!David Kingsley
Paul Sterngold
Dobs and PlanetsDave North
27Sunset Activities on Western Mare CrisiumJames Ferreira
24Another beautiful momentJane Houston
The LuminariaJane Houston
18Hesiodus and Other RaysJane Houston
Bill Arnett
Sunrise Over ClaviusRich Neuschaefer
Fra MauroDave North
16Sunrise in the AlpsMatt Tarlach
Lick & Olbers ParadoxPeggy Bernard
11My first observing reportNilesh Shah
A dark night at CoeMark Wagner
Aggro becomes trivial at CoeJamie Dillon
Henry Coe?Robert Baldwin
Black Sky, Red Shift, and On Beyond ZebraJay Reynolds Freeman
Searching for Planet XRandy Muller
10Lick Shane 120 Tracking, QSO's & VulcanPeggy Bernard
Observing at LickDavid Kingsley
Observing at Lick,
and a nice view of the Saturn Nebula
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Oregon Star Party, Part 1Matt Tarlach
Oregon Star Party, Part 2Matt Tarlach
05Lick Shane 120 Pointing, Crashing Galaxies,
and New Vulcan Stars
Peggy Bernard
Great night at the Peak 5-Sep-99Paul Sterngold
Cone PeakJamie Dillon
04Observing Saturday Night at Lake SonomaDavid A. Silva
A great night at the PeakDavid Kingsley
Fog lay down, stars come out,
fun time Fremont Peak
Mark Wagner
Binocs in the SW lotJamie Dillon
Sept 4th / 5th observing reportRich Neuschaefer
03Addicted & Seeing Double!!!Peggy Bernard
Fremont Peak report for Friday 3 SeptemberGilles Grosgurin
Labor Day weekend at Fremont PeakJay Reynolds Freeman
Above Glacier Point - Labor Day Weekend 1999Jane Houston
02Conjunction JunctionMichael Koop
Weather forecast....First light: Intes 7" Mak/NewtWilliam G. Schultz
01Montebello WednesdayDavid Kingsley
Montebello last night...Mark Wagner
What a feature, the eclipticJamie Dillon
August 1999
22Jupiter, Aug. 22ndRich Neuschaefer
Dave North
Away From The TerminatorDave North
A short (but true) storyPaul LeFevre
21Lunacy and hallucinationsRichard Navarrete
Fun at Lick - Coude', Star Pairs, and PeggyPeggy Bernard
20Houge ParkRich Neuschaefer
14Saturday night on Fremont PeakJane Houston
Fiddletown insteadRashad Al-Mansour
Saturday on the PeakJamie Dillon
13Perseids at Lake Sonoma last nightPaul LeFevre
Perseids Last NightDiana Symons
Observing, UC Observatory, LickPeggy Bernard
Lassen was great!Peter Natscher
12Perseids in San RafaelPaul LeFevre
Perseids Last NightWilliam G. Schultz
Frustration, then satisfactionPaul Sterngold
One Man's Lassen Highlights, the SequelMatt Tarlach
11Lassen '99 -- Deep-Sky Weasels Meet
Einstein's Kitty Crumblies
Jay Reynolds Freeman
Solar eclipse report - eastern FranceSteve Gottlieb
Astronomical Delights at LassenRandy Muller
07Did anyone go to the Peak?Bob Czerwinski
Five planets on the PeakJamie Dillon
04Walter sunset rayBill Arnett
July 1999
31Binary tour of LyraJamie Dillon
30Lunar Prospecting on July 31Jane Houston
29Shallow SeasBill Arnett
28Ring Mountains and Mare Orientale, July 27 - 29Jane Houston
27On Location...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Mare Orientale?Bill Arnett
Dave North
26Aaron sees the moonJane Houston
24Sunrise on Schroter's ValleyRich Neuschaefer
20Apollo 11 Memorial Moon WatchDonald McCorvey
17Fremont Peak 7/17: General ReflectionsBob Czerwinski
Paul LeFevre
Lights out at LassenDavid Kingsley
Harvey and Moonshine, July 16-18, 1999Jay Reynolds Freeman
16Darn you Steve Gottlieb! 8)Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
One Man's Lassen HighlightsMatt Tarlach
15Big night on the PeakJamie Dillon
Lassen Observing Report, July 1999Bruce Jensen
1435 Stars in a Magical SkyMark Wagner
Lassen - The Land of Plenty (of stars!)Richard Navarrete
Storming the Bastille at LassenRandy Muller
10Grant Ranch, 10 JulyMatthew Buynoski
Lake Berryessa Saturday 7/10Phil L. Reinders
Star-B-QueRich Neuschaefer
Harvey in the Sierra, July 10, 1999Jay Reynolds Freeman
08Smog, Inversion Layers and Seeing!Peggy Bernard
07Small Telescope, Close In, Serious Deep-Sky WorkJay Reynolds Freeman
Wragg Canyon, 7/7Matt Tarlach
04Fireworks and Deep Space ObjectsMichelle Stone
03Plutocrats at Fremont PeakJane Houston
Planets, Plutocrats, and Setting CirclesJay Reynolds Freeman
June 1999
22Tuesday Night Mooning!Peggy Bernard
19Great Observing 6/19/99!!!!!!Peggy Bernard
Saturday night Observ.GYULA
A Night At Sonoma Lake -- Scouting ReportRashad Al-Mansour
Paul LeFevre
Helping out at Lick, June 19, 1999Jay Reynolds Freeman
Binocular astronomy at MariposaJamie Dillon
Notes from Glacier Point, Yosemite National ParkJane Houston
18Friday Morning Stars - Andromeda StrainPeggy Bernard
Last night at AnzaJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
16Who's observing? Me too!Dave North
13Sunday Night Observing -- Make Up SessionPeggy Bernard
12Futz with equipment or Observe?Michelle Stone
A Big Dwarf & the Monster meets the Master...Mark Wagner
Sierra Trip and Observing ReportJay Reynolds Freeman
Who's observing? Me!Jane Houston
11Rise early...Peggy Bernard
Abell Clusters from Fremont PeakJay Reynolds Freeman
10It's a good time to rise early...Paul LeFevre
9Midweek Messier Messing at MontebelloJay Reynolds Freeman
8"New" first-rate observing siteLance Shaw
Sonoita AZ observing reportMike J. Shade
6Sunday Night NGC's and other StuffPeggy Bernard
5Great Night in the Foothills!Marsha Robinson
John Gleason
"New" first-rate observing siteBruce Jensen
June 5 night at the PeakPaul LeFevre
Harvey at Fremont PeakJay Reynolds Freeman
Fun night at the PeakNilesh Shah
Lance Shaw
Fun in FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
Observing ReportRichard Navarrete
May 1999
30The Fear and Panic of First LightBill Arnett
29RTMC '99William Phelps
27Moonstruck Report!!!!Peggy Bernard
26Very bright spot near Schroter's ValleyAkkana Peck
24Another Big Honking Valley On The MoonDave North
21OccultationPaul LeFevre
Observing Blowout Friday 5/21 - 5/22 &
Shoot The Moon!
Peggy Bernard
18Wasting Away Again in MargaritiferAkkana Peck
17Observing 5/16, 17Peggy Bernard
Monday night seeingRobin Casady
15Saturday Night Observing, 5/15, Foothill ParkPeggy Bernard
MIRA Friends Night at Chews Ridge
Excellent Seeing of Mars on 36"
Rod Norden
Messier Monster UpdateMark Wagner
Comet Lee in the lee of the windDavid Kingsley
Fremont Peak, May 14-15, 1999Jay Reynolds Freeman
Dark skies at Fiddletown on May 15thSteve Gottlieb
Observing LogRichard Navarrete
14SAV Friday NightBruce Jensen
13May 12 & May 13Paul LeFevre
5/13/99 Observing FEAST!Peggy Bernard
Phil L. Reinders
12Wednesday Backyard Night ObservingPeggy Bernard
Report on Montebello WednesdayJay Reynolds Freeman
11A tourist on MarsAkkana Peck
9Observing 5/7,8,9Peggy Bernard
8Supernova and Cow Spit:
The New Improved Del Valle
Bruce Jensen
Eyes in the Sky -- Harvey at Fremont PeakJay Reynolds Freeman
The Eye of MarsAkkana Peck
Girl Scout Star PartyGary Manning
7How was the seeing at the Peak last night?Jay Reynolds Freeman
John Gleason
Six-inch 1987 Astro-Physics -- second night outJay Reynolds Freeman
5Wednesday Night ObservingPeggy Bernard
Montebello observing: Leos and the BIG one.Mark Wagner
Montebello observing: A fine startLeonard Tramiel
1Notes From A NewbieDiana Symons
April 1999
30Nova Sagittarii 1999 and others...Lance Shaw
29New TelescopePhil L. Reinders
28Nova Sagittarii 1999Lance Shaw
25Sunday Night "Mooning"Peggy Bernard
24Short-lived lunar views: The Lassell stripeAkkana Peck
Weekend in TucsonChristopher Bailey
231987 6-inch Astro-Physics refractor: first lightJay Reynolds Freeman
22Thursday Night Astronomy!Peggy Bernard
Akkana Peck
21What we have been doing in SonoitaMike J. Shade
20Mars 4.5-inchDavid North
The Moon, Mars and Three Occulted StarsRandy Muller
19My 10" DOB First Light!Peggy Bernard
18Mars, at last!James Ferreira
17Fremont Peak Star Party!Peggy Bernard
4/17-18 Peak WxMark Taylor
Travels with Harvey -- Fremont PeakJay Reynolds Freeman
You've Got Photons!Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Saturday night at the PeakPaul Sterngold
A Fun Night at Fremont PeakRichard Navarrete
The Moon On Saturn's DayDave North
Sat Ares DayDave North
MarsJohn Gleason
Two days observing MarsRich Neuschaefer
Mars last SaturdayAkkana Peck
Bolide at The Peak night of 4/17Paul Sterngold
John Kuklewicz
John Gleason
16A Friday night out with the boysJamie Dillon
15A Glimpse of Starstuff -
the Vela Supernova Remnant
Jane Houston
14Speaking of Mars ...Paul LeFevre
Sky is look'in really goodPeter Natscher
Observing last nightBruce Jensen
Fpeak.... days of oldJohn Gleason
Mars 4/14Mark Wagner
Montebello Wed nightDavid Kingsley
First good look at MarsAkkana Peck
Object DetailRichard Navarrete
The Messier Monster...Mark Wagner
Observing Four DazeMark Wagner
Rendevous with an old friend, Comet Hale-BoppJane Houston
13Oh how I love a clear sky...Paul LeFevre
Mars is looking goodPeter Natscher
Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak tuesday night...Jeff Crilly
It was great!Rashad Al-Mansour
A Little Of This, And A Little Of ThatJeff Blanchard
IC 2220 - the Toby Jug NebulaJane Houston
12Five Inch On MarsDavid North
Monday variable observing...Lance Shaw
Good Observing night..Richard Navarrete
Touching the Southern SkyJane Houston
09Sure is nice...Bill Arnett
Montebello Friday nightDavid Kingsley
Observing Galaxies in LeoRandy Muller
Friday night surprise! - observing report 17.5"Steve Gottlieb
Ayers Rock - Getting there was half the fun?Jane Houston
08Dang!Paul LeFevre
06MarsBill Arnett
04Herschel-400 list -- brighter than you thinkJay Reynolds Freeman
For once...Jeff Blanchard
03Hermione, talk to me: A diary of an occultationJane Houston
01First Light for a New InstrumentJay Reynolds Freeman
Supernova in evening skyJim Van Nuland
March 1999
31Awesome Moonrise behind LickWilliam Phelps
27A frosty night at the PeakRich Neuschaefer
26Hesiodus Sunrise RayBill Arnett
Early morning observingPaul LeFevre
21The Cauchy HyperbolasAkkana Peck
20Messier Marathon and Wet T-shirt ContestRichard Navarrete
Swimming a MarathonDavid Kingsley
Messiers from SonoitaSandra J. Macika
First Light, kind'aRashad Al-Mansour
First try at a MarathonPaul LeFevre
Marathon? More like a swim!Leonard Tramiel
First try at a MarathonTom Frayne
19Are galaxies hard? Semi-funny story... 8)Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
18The "M"ie AwardsJane Houston
17Montebello reportDavid Kingsley
15Mr. Zwicky and his galaxiesMike J. Shade
12Mini-Messier MarathonMarsha Robinson
Friday ObservingRichard Naravarrete
Two Nights, Two Skies (Part II)Mark Wagner
A Darned Good Evening, ConsideringBruce Jensen
11Sonoita observing reportMike J. Shade
Two Nights, Two Skies (part I)Mark Wagner
Two Nights, Two Skies (part I)David Kingsley
10Today's halo, with ears and hatMark Wagner
360 full-color halo around the SunJamie Dillon
09Backyard observing. Better than rain.Mark Wagner
Stars in the drivewayRich Neuschaefer
08Some Sonoita AstronomyMike J. Shade
06From Flagstaff to the MoonJane Houston
07Short Night at SAVBruce Jensen
05Zodiacal light in town!Jamie Dillon
04Pegasus launchAkkana Peck
Pegasus launchMark Wagner
Pegasus launchDavid Kingsley
Pegasus launchBob Czerwinski
Pegasus launchJay Reynolds Freeman
WIRE Launch Status - March 4, 1999Rich Neuschaefer
WIRE Launch Status - March 4, 1999William B. Phelps
Rockets' Red GlareJohn Hales
Rockets' Red GlareRod Norden
03Rolling a SevenMichael Siladi
02Planetary Alignment Marsha Robinson
Richard Navarrete
John Gleason
Bruce Jensen
Randy Muller
Jay Reynolds Freeman
01Full moon fun...Mark Wagner
Mooning with Mom and DadJane Houston
More MooningDavid North
Nice sky!Bob Czerwinski,
Richard Navarrete,
Peter Natscher and
Ray Gralak
Four Planets in the West!Randy Muller
Spontaneous Sidewalk Star PartyPaul LeFevre
I caught the fleet footed planet!Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
February 1999
26First Light for the Pleasure Point "Observatory"Jeff Blanchard
23Planet-watching in February with Refractor RedJay Reynolds Freeman
Venus and Jupiter (vaporized!)Mark Wagner
Venus and Jupiter (vaporized!)Bill Arnett
Venus and JupiterWilliam B. Phelps
Jupiter and Venus in conjunctionRandy Muller
After the conjunction set... the MOON!William B. Phelps
Some apparitionJamie Dillon
22Another Moon PerspectiveDavid North
South of the Valley: Darkness and LightMark Wagner
The Moon...Gilles Grosgurin
Jupiter Venus conjunctionMark Wagner
Pioneer School Star PartyBruce Jensen
19What happened at MontebelloPaul Sterngold
Goldie's Night OutRichard Navarrete
18First look at MercuryGary Manning
Goldie lives!Richard Navarrete
17Castor splits in SalinasJamie Dillon
14Brief observing report w/17.5", Digger PinesSteve Gottlieb
10Hunting Galaxies in Bear CountryRandy Muller
09Chasing Galaxies in Lynx, the Lion
and the Large Bear
Randy Muller
05Amazing solar rings seen!Randy Muller
04Caught up with M37Jamie Dillon
02Bright fireball this morning!!Steve Gottlieb
Great views of bright moonsDavid Kingsley
Tuesday MoonDavid North
01More naked eye astronomyMark Wagner,
David North,
Jeff Blanchard,
Jamie Dillon
January 1999
29Weird Steadiness Bill Arnett
27Moon 1/27/99 David North
Almost blind, but fun Mark Wagner
Gassendi and Rima Brayley Jay Reynolds Freeman
26Mid week Moon Magic Jane Houston
Occultation of Aldebaran Randy Muller
Blinded Bull! Mark Wagner
Lunar Occultation of Aldebaran...Bill Arnett,
David North,
Mark Wagner,
Jane Houston,
Jay Reynolds Freeman,
and Morris Jones
25Stadius/Copernicus David North
23Clear skies in SF! Rashad Al-Mansour
21First light for an 11" f/4.5 Dobs!Jamie Dillon
Five Inch Finder David North
18Statistics: The Last Refuge from...Jay Reynolds Freeman
17Jupiter Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
13Montebello on 1/13/99 Bob Czerwinski
What, No Galaxies? Bruce Jensen
12Lights out at Montebello! Jay Reynolds Freeman
Lights out at Montebello! Mark Wagner
09First star party in 19 years! Jamie Dillon
Summer In Winter Randy Muller
Fiddletown, 1/9/99 Gary Manning
Dark skies at Fiddletown! Steve Gottlieb
06Clouds and clusters at Montebello David Kingsley
03Moonrise over Fremont David North
Moonrise over Fremont Bill Arnett
01First light for Parks 12.5" Newt Paul Sterngold
Full Moon, Suburbia, Deep Sky Jay Reynolds Freeman