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December 2008
31 Coe 12/30, aka Adventures of a newbie-TACo James Varley
20 Dino Point Dec 19 2008 Mark Johnston
15 Remember when it was clear 3 weeks ago... Steve Gottlieb
01 Chasing tiny celestial butterflies 11/17/08 Steve Gottlieb
November 2008
30 Brief Coe OR Matthew Marcus
Richard Navarrete
Munching Cosmic Brownies At Coe. Mark Wagner
26 Willow Springs - Late November Bill Cone
24 Willow Springs for the week ending Nov 22 2008 Rob Enns
Observing-LITE Mark Wagner
23 Willow Springs for the week ending Nov 22 2008 Mark Johnston
21 Searles Elementary School 2008 Greg Claytor
18 Lake Sonoma 11/17/08 Carter Scholz
09 Willow Springs Deep Sky Ranch on Oct 25 2008 Mark Johnston
Willow Springs OR October 25 2008 Richard Navarrete
08 Wide Gaps Mark Wagner
October 2008
31 Even more small planetaries Alvin Huey
30 Planets from the Peak, plus Scouts and the Blue 22 Jamie Dillon
27 Deep Sky Ranch 10/25/08 Steve Gottlieb
26 Lake Sonoma 10-25-08 Greg LaFlamme
Location, location, location... Mark Wagner
24 The COSMO-SkyMed launch Alexander Avtanski
San Geronimo 10-22 Marc Bruvry
Willow Springs, night of 10-23-08 Kevin Ritschel
19 MB, 10/17-18-19/2008: Mildly Ironic BCN Gravy Marek Cichanski
18 Corte Madera School Star Party, 17 October 2008 Jay Reynolds Freeman
09 Calstar 2008 Experience Report Dan Wright
07 Got It! ... Some observations from Deep Sky Ranch Kevin Ritschel
04 Big Fun at CalStar Richard Navarrete
01 CalStar IX Jamie Dillon
Part 2 of 2 Scrounging the Shakhbazian Groups Alvin Huey
Imaging at Calstar Chris Patel
September 2008
30 CalStar Sept 25-27 2008 - A great time to be sure! Mark Johnston
CalStar: Some obscure Planetaries and a few NGC's Alvin Huey
Observing at Deep Sky Ranch Kevin Ritschel
Calstar 2008 Peter Santangeli
29 OR: Chico, CA. (quick) Glen Talbert
CalStar 2008 - It doesn't get much better. Paul Sterngold
CalStar 08. Four great nights, one short OR. Greg LaFlamme
28 CalStar 2008 - It doesn't get much better Mark Wagner
CalStar2008 Scott Baker
Sat 27 Sep 2008 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
CalStar 08 John Pierce
25 Monte Bello Wednesday 24 Sep 2008 Pentti Kanerva
24 Bumpass Hell, Sat. Sep. 20, 2008 Michael Huster
HII Hopping Glenn Talbert
14 Jovian Full Moon Madness Greg LaFlamme
Jeff Gortatowsky
08 Late OR Pete Santangeli
Nighttime Seeing Conditions Up At Fremont Peak Peter Natscher
07 By Gran Turismo to Tranquillity Jay Reynolds Freeman
IHOP2 9/6/2008 Teri Smoot
06 Friday September 5 2008 Santa Cruz Mountains James Miller
Wednesday 3 September at Willow Springs Kevin Ritschel
Summer Observing At Its Best at Houge Park Mark Wagner
05 Lake Sonoma 9/3/08 Steve Gottlieb
Wednesday 3 September at Willow Springs Kevin Ritschel
04 Bob Ayers
Lake Sonoma 9-3-08 Greg LaFlamme
03 Great time at Plettstone 8-29/30 08 Greg LaFlamme
02 Quick OR from..... "that old airport up by Lassen" Teri Smoot
01 Plettstone 08-30 Alvin Huey
Oh pretty Jupiter Greg LaFlamme
Willow Springs Deepsky Ranch Aug 30, 2008 Mark Johnston
Mercey Hot Springs saturday 8/30/08 Dennis Beckley
Happy fizzies party at Willow Springs Jamie Dillon
Jane finds new Barnard! Jane Smith
Great time at Plettstone Richard Navarrete
"Mariposa" - from the Cocoon Mark Wagner
Lake Sonoma 8/30/08 Steve Gottlieb
August 2008
30 Fremont peak on last Thursday 8-28 Mark Johnston
25 Willow Springs Sunday 24 August Bob Ayers
24 Bonny Doon Aug 23 2008 - More fun above the fog Mark Johnston
Lick - Saturday, Aug 23, 2008 Rich Neuschaefer
Who should be observing? Kevin Ritschel
23 Kevin Ritschel
20 6 August Coulter Row Jamie Dillon
AstroCamping Travelogue Western Sierra Aug 2008 Mark Buxbaum
18 StarBQ night Peak 2 August Jamie Dillon
14 Perseid Observations Rogelio Bernal Andreo
12 Perseid OR Windy Hill James Adams
Jupiter and perseids from Loma Prieta John Pierce
11 Another Bumpass OR Richard Navarrete
10 Henry Coe Aug 9 2008. A late start for a great session Mark Johnston
Backyard in Fullerton, CA - 09-Aug-08 Jeff Gortatowski
08 Rambling the Obscure Globular Clusters and a couple Shakhbazian Groups Alvin Huey
07 Chester River, 25 July Jamie Dillon
05 1 Aug 2008 Yiwu, China Matthew Marcus
Seeing stars in two very different clusters.... Mark Wagner
04 Mount Lassen, Bumpass hell report 7-31-08 thru 8-3-08 Greg LaFlamme
03 Montebello 7/29/08 and Coyote 8/2/08 Elisabeth Oppenheimer
Mt. Lassen - Going Dark at 7.5 Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak Aug 3 Hans Schulze
Saturday 8-2-08 at IHOP 4 Bill Porte
02 August 1, 2008 @ Henry Coe Iain Cunningham
July 2008
26 Montebello July 26, 2008 Observing room only Mark Johnston
22 Armed with my PST Greg LaFlamme
GSSP Steve Gottlieb
20 Adin Elisabeth Oppenheimer
10 Adin CA July 2 and 3 2008 GSSP Mark Johnston
09 Plettstone 7-5-08 Greg LaFlamme
07 ER: GSSP 2008 Mark Wagner
Lassen Bumpass Hel Tues July 1 2008 The Dark Side Mark Johnston
06 Sat 5 July 2008 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
GSSP 2008 - Up and to the Right Rob Enns
Observing at Plettstone Richard Navarrete
Sat 5 July 2008 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
Fremont Peak (FPOA) Observing Report, July 5, 2008 Peter Natscher
Foothills Park, Sat July 5th '08 Rich Neuscheafer
05 Trip Report: GSSP July 2-3, 2008 Albert Highe
June 2008
29 Lick Observatory Sat, 6-28-08 Rich Neuschaefer
28 Lick, Friday 6/27/2008: A Useable Sky Marek Cichanski
20 Kirkwood 6/5 - 6/7 Ray Fox
11 Willow Springs 6/7/08 Steve Gottlieb
09 Willow Springs- I need sleep! 6-9-08 Greg LaFlamme
08 PAS, Foothills Park Rich Neuschaefer
Willow Springs - Who Needs Sleep? (Bring on Adin)... Mark Wagner
Henry Coe on Sat June 7 2008. Poor seeing and Double Trouble Mark Johnston
07 TSP Report: Wild Days... Bill Drelling
Montebello Wed June 4 2008 .. more than nice Mark Johnston
05 Nice Night at Montebello Peter McKone
04 Whiskeytown Lake, Sat. May 31st Michael Huster
03 I Rarely Get Out, But When I Do... Bill Drelling
02 Nice Night until Skunk Funk... Lynne Jolitz
Conditions at Coyote last night Bob Jardine
01 Saturday observing -- How was it? Bill Porte
Who got out to observe last night? Jamie Dillon
Bonny Doon May 31, 2008 Mark Johnston
May 2008
14 OR 3: LMC Sampler from Australia Steve Gottlieb
11 Moon: 5/11/2008 Marek Cichanski
Coe Sat 10 May 2008 Matthew Marcus
Driveway in Menlo Park, 10 May 2008 Pentti Kanerva
Hualapai Mountain AZ, right in my front yard:-) Greg LaFlamme
10 Rumors of Jeff seen at Little Blair Valley 03-May-2008 Jeff Gortatowski
08 Fremont Peak Wed 7May08: Deep south paydirt and Comet Boattini Mark Johnston
05-03-08 Blue Canyon Part 2 of 3 Alvin Huey
07 05-03-08 Blue Canyon Alvin Huey
05 MB, 5/5 - 5/6: 2008 B.C.N. #1! Marek Cichanski
Fremont Peak Saturday Observing David Cooper
Losing Ten Inches Ain't Fun! Matthew Marcus
Mark Wagner
Sat May 3, 2008. A Fremont Peak night to remember. Mark Johnston
04 A night of interacting pairings ... Steve Gottlieb
Above it all on the Peak Jamie Dillon
Quicky OR *WAS* good night we had last night Jay Critchfield
How was it last night? Shneor Sherman
Darrell Lee
Coe Star Party Richard Navarrete
03 Devastated Area - 1May'08 Michael Huster
02 NGC 4449 Glenn Talbert
April 2008
30 Planetaries: Magellan Observatory, NSW 4/4/08-4/12/08 Steve Gottlieb
28 Expirements at COE Greg Claytor
Bonny Doon Sat 26 April 2008 -- "Pastoral" Dan Wright
27 Magellan Observatory, New South Wales 4/4/08-4/12/08 Steve Gottlieb
Wierd globular cluster Richard Trost
Sleepy Time Report from Willow Springs. Mark Wagner
26 Herschel 400 list I finished last night. Mark Johnston
Observing Plans Bill Porte
14 Observation of Nova V2491 in Cygnus Mark Johnston
11 Saturn 4-11-08 Part #1 Greg LaFlamme
08 Sunglow AZ Apr 2-4 Rob Hawley
07 Bonny Doon Saturday night Jamie Dillon
06 Fremont Peak pulls through with a half-night winner Mark Johnston
March 2008
29 Two Wolf-Rayet shells in Canis Major Jamie Dillon
12 Plettstone 10-8-08 PART II Greg LaFlamme
10 Tour of Puppis Clusters (3/2/08) Steve Gottlieb
Plettstone 3/7-8/2008 Carter Scholz
Plettstone 10-8-08 Greg LaFlamme
09 Boony Doon Airfield, 9 Mar 2008 Tony Hurtado
Galaxy Fields Forever Mark Wagner
Dino 8 March 2008 Matthew Marcus
Great Springtime Observing Up At Fremont Peak Last Night, March 8, 2008 Peter Natscher
07 MB 3/6/2008: From a clear hole to the gloomy gulfs of mystic shade, Or... how my HP15c helped me collimate my scope... Marek Cichanski
06 Dinosaur Point March 5, 2008 Albert Highe
Lake Sonoma Tuesday night (3/4/08) Steve Gottlieb
05 Fremont Peak - Sat March 1, 2008 Jamie Dillon
Lake Sonoma quickies 3/1-3/2-08 Carter Scholz
Lake Sonoma 3-4-08 Greg LaFlamme
04 Dinosaur Point March 2, 2008 Albert Highe
Plettstone February 28 and 29, 2008 Albert Highe
03 Cronan Ranch Alvin Huey
Sat 1 March 2008 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
02 Fremont Peak - Sat March 1, 2008 Mark Johnston
Me and my scope at Rio Del Mar Greg LaFlamme
February 2008
Date Title Author(s)
29 Montebello: Catch of the night - NGC2818 Mark Johnston
Lake Sonoma 2/28/08 Abell 347, 779 Carter Scholz
25 That eclipse last week Jamie Dillon
21 San Francisco eclipse Karen Aziz
Lunar Eclipse from Lafayette Richard Ozer
Steve Gottlieb
Eclipse - Three Views? Mark Wagner
16 Montebello February 15, 2008 Albert Highe
11 Fun night at Willow Springs 2/10/08 Greg LaFlamme
Bonny Doon Airfield 09Feb2008 Tony Hurtado
10 Salmon Creek, 2/8-9/08 Shneor Sherman
Willow Springs 2/10/08 Steve Gottlieb
Coe 9 Feb 2008 Matthew Marcus
A Half-Night Of Very Nice Edge-On Discoveries Mark Johnston
09 Coe Rob Hawley
Dinosaur Point skunking Jamie Dillon
Cronan Ranch Bill Porte
Marsha Robinson
07 Antihue, Chile Teri Smoot
06 2/4/08 from Lake Sonoma Steve Gottlieb
05 MB 2/4/08: yes, another one Elisabeth Oppenheimer
MBello Mon 4Feb08. A break from the rain Mark Johnston
MB 2/4/08 George Feliz
MB, Monday 2/4/2008: Windy but sharp Marek Cichanski
02 Southern skies from PAS site 1Feb2008 Mark Johnston
January 2008
Date Title Author(s)
28 Mars -seeing is good Greg LaFlamme
20 New Zealand Observing Report, Part II Andrew Pierce
New Zealand Observing Report, Part I Andrew Pierce
17 Waxing Gibbous Moon Bill Drelling
Before the Wolf moon.... Carol Widger
14 1/13 at Montebello Elisabeth Oppenheimer
Short OR and equipment review 01/12/08 Dave Staples
13 Jan 12 2008 Henry Coe Park Mark Johnston
Saturday 1/12 at Coe Heather Steingruebl
Mini OR for Fiddletown 2007/01/12 Darrell Lee
Mini OR for Dino 2007/01/12 Matthew Marcus
mini-OR from Bonny Doon John Pierce
Mini OR for Dino 2007/01/12 Hans Schulze
02 First OR of the new year Jamie Dillon
First OR of the new year: 1/1/08 at Fremont Peak Steve Gottlieb
01 New Year's Glimpse of Older Photons Shneor Sherman
My last OR for 2007 - Coyote Matthew Marcus