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December 2007
Date Title Author(s)
31 Short OR for short session - Coe 30 Dec 2007 Matthew Marcus
8P Tuttle on top of M33 Mark Johnston
24 Team Dioscuri and Celestial Sports.... Mark Wagner
21 Mars, hot tub observing, and Saturn. A first light report. Michelle Stone
13 A Winter's Day... Mark Wagner
11 Monday, December 10, 2007 - A Whale of a time at Dinosaur Point Albert Highe
10 Dec 2007 Lake Sonoma Carter Scholz
Lake Sonoma 12/08/07 Bill Cone
09 Lake Sonoma Saturday 12/8/07 Steve Gottlieb
Dino point 8 Dec 2007 Mark Johnston
Dinosaur point 12-8-07 Greg LaFlamme
Dino 12/7/09 George Feliz
Dino Pt. -- 1 Trilobite, 2 Comets, 4 Fleas Bob Jardine
05 Dinosaur Point, Saturday 1 December Jamie Dillon
04 Monday, December 3, 2007 - Dinosaur Point Albert Highe
02 Dino point 1Dec2007 - A productive and fun night. Mark Johnston
01 Skunked Richard Ozer
November 2007
Date Title Author(s)
28 mini-OR Holmes and Mars Jamie Dillon
20 17P/Holmes close to Alpha Per Alexander Avtanski
NASA & COE in November Greg Claytor
19 Moon, 11/18/2007: Fun with the fruits of the swap meet Marek Cichanski
18 Big fun at Coe 11-17-07 Greg LaFlamme
17 Lake Sonoma 11/13/07Lake Sonoma 11/13/07 Bill Cone
16 Greg LaFlamme
15 Steve Gottlieb
14 Lake Sonoma last night Bill Cone
11 Comet Holmes tonight Alan Zaza
10 Short, but nice observation session tonight +new image Vladimir Afanasiev
09 Putzin' and Postin' Greg Claytor
08 MB Wed George Feliz
Lake San Antonio, Screech! Boom! crunch & thud-Run for cover!!! Greg LaFlamme
Montebello Wed 7Nov07 Fog below for sweet skies above Mark Johnston
Dino Point 11/03/07 Bill Cone
07 Henry Coe - 7.3.07 Greg Claytor
06 Dinosaur Point 3 November Jamie Dillon
From the backyard Pete Santangeli
04 Dinosaur Point Larry McGovern
Dino Point Gathering - Great Fun, Company, and Skies. Mark Johnston
yet another DIno OR 3 Nov 2007 Matthew Marcus
Dino, 11/3-4/2007: Annie Commands the Sky again Marek Cichanski
Chabot 11/3/07 Bill Drelling
"Dino-Nite!" Mark Wagner
Dinosaur Point, 4 November 2007 Jay Reynolds Freeman
03 First time at Lake Sonoma. Greg LaFlamme
Comet night at Houge Park Mark Wagner
01 Some thoughts and speculations on Holmes David Kingsley
Holmes From My Driveway Greg Claytor
Holmes - short OR and last sketch, I promise! Alexander Avtanski
October 2007
31 17p Holmes on Halloween Bill Cone
28 Holmes from Moraga 10/28/07 Bill Cone
Holmes symmetry, fans, and orbits David Kingsley
Holmes grows...Holmes grows... Matthew Marcus
Bill Drelling
17p Holmes from Houge Park Rob Hawley
17p holmes + sketches Alexander Avtanski
Holmes grows... Jamie Dillon
27 More fun with Holmes on Friday night. David Kingsley
26 A quick look at Holmes Alexander Avtanski
Holmes, holmes on the range Jay Critchfield
25 Holmes, holmes on the range Heather Steingreubl
Pictures of Comet Holmes from yesterday and today. Vladimir Afanasiev
Holmes mag estimate at mag 3.1 11:30pm (just now) Mark Johnston
Rings and shells in Comet Holmes David Kingsley
Holmes Mark Wagner
Comet Holmes from home Marek Cichanski
More Comet Holmes 17/P Rich Neuschaefer
Alexander Avtanski
John Pierce
Comet brighter tonight than last Michelle Stone
Comet 17/P Holmes short comments Various authors
17P/Holmes Oct 25 Jamie Dillon
Randy Muller
Comet Holmes Jeff Gortatowski
Holmes Comet in my backyard Jay Critchfield
Comet Holmes 17/P David Kingsley
Another comet Holmes report ... Shane Raney
Naked Eye Comet 17/P Holmes (2007) Ralph
More Comet Holmes 17/P Mark Wagner
24 Naked Eye Comet 17/P Holmes (2007) Teri Smoot
Another comet Holmes report ... Vince Dee
Elementary, my dear Watson Heather Steinbruebl
More Comet 17/P Holmes Matthew Marcus
Comet 17/P Holmes Christopher Hendrie
Comet 17/P Holmes short comments Various authors
23 Wild Geese Christopher Hendrie
22 Sebastopol, CA Bob Waltenspeil
My first experience at Henry Coe Park Vince Dee
21 Sat 20 Oct 2007 Coe Matthew Marcus
10/20/2007: A nice public night at the Peak Marek Cichanski
Yet another CalStar 2007 Mark Johnston
19 and a further CalStar OR Jamie Dillon
18 OR October 18, 2007 Michelle Stone
17 One More Calstar Heather Steingruebl
CalStar 2007 Greg Claytor
15 Shingletown, 10/13/07 Teri Smoot
14 Shingletown, 10/13/07 Shneor Sherman
NOT Calstar - Lake Sonoma 10/13/07 Dave Staples
CalStar Bill Porte
Henri Coe 10/13/07 Pete Santangeli
Fremont Peak 10/13/07 Steve Gottlieb
13 Stickman 2 Greg Parker
12 Just got back from CalStar Greg LaFlamme
09 The Bruce Peninsula is Dark, 2007-10-04 Christopher Hendrie
08 Contemporary OR, Peak Saturday night Jamie Dillon
Fremont Peak last Sat. Lou Hlousek
Quick OR Alvin Huey
Coyote 10/7/07 George Feliz
A "Quickie Observing Report" Michelle Stone
07 A Social Night At Coe Greg Parker
First-time visitor to Coe 10/6/07 Elizabeth Oppenheimer
OR Sat 6 Oct 2007 Matthew Marcus
Venus at noon Pentti Kanerva
A Social Night At Coe Mark Wagner
06 Houge/Coe in ONE night! Greg Claytor
Alone at Coe, for a while Greg LaFlamme
September 2007
26 The moon in my neighborhood Heather Steingruebl
25 A fortuitous Cascade Greg Parker
21 Chris' Backyard Greg Claytor
20 Cayucos, CA 9/13 & 9/15 Shneor Sherman
Peak Saturday night Jamie Dillon
Willow Springs in the shadow of a 33" (9/15/07) Steve Gottlieb
19 High Sierra Star Party Sept 15 2007 Christopher Kelly
18 Willow Springs Sept 15, 2007 Mark Wagner
Great Seeing in Backyard Lou Hlousek
Mark Bracewell
High Sierra Star Party Sept 15 2007 Mark Johnston
16 FP 9-15-07 Alan Zaza
Coyote Lake 2007-09-15, a mouse among truss lions Christopher Hendrie
15 Saturday night SW lot 8 Sept, mostly above the smoke Jamie Dillon
12 Montebello #1, 20070911 Christopher Hendrie
MB 9/11/07 Old Friends George Feliz
11 Lake Sonoma 9/10/07 (Monday night) Steve Gottlieb
9 Lick concert night (MOS) Saturday Jeff Crilly
Observing at Plettstone Sept 2007 Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak OR for Sat Sept 8, 2007 Mark Johnston
Quick Lake Sonoma OR Matthew Marcus
8 The Red* Planet visits Houge Park Christopher Hendrie
4 Pinecrest OR Greg Claytor
3 Sun/Mon 9-2/3-07 Backyard Newark Dave Ittner
Coyote Lake 9/2, poor seeing but good friends Christopher Hendrie
1 A Compendium of Aurigid Observations various TACos
August 2007
28 A beginner's eclipse Greg Parker
A mid-summer nights eclipse Jeff Gortatowski
Greg C's Eclipse Greg Claytor
Lunar eclipse Carol Widger
Lunar eclipse OR - early AM feeding with a bonus Lance Boehm
8/28 lunar eclipse at Chabot Stacy McDermott
Michael Swartz
Couldn't wait Matthew Marcus
Eclipse OR Bill Drelling
Quite a few people at Houge Park for the eclipse Rich Neuschaefer
26 Daytime Meteor at Sequoia National Park David Cooper
25 Coyote 18 August, Bruno's Galaxy Jamie Dillon
24 Aug. 11-12, 07 Lassen Park Glenn Talbert
22 OSP 2007 Tony Franco
Coe - 11 August - In Memory Of ... Mark Bracewell
Solar activity??? Jeff Gortatowski
Saturday night 11 August, Peak Jamie Dillon
21 Central Oregon 8/9, 8/11 & Willow Springs, 8/18/07 Bill Cone
19 ISS and Shuttle pass Alexander Avtanski
Pete Santangeli
16 Wednesday night surprises Jamie Dillon
15 A Surprise in the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud Steve Gottlieb
Another fantastic time at Plettstone Carter Scholz
14 Another fantastic time at Plettstone Greg LaFlamme
13 The DARC Observatory 8/11/07 Steve Gottlieb
Crascent Valley, 8/11/07 Shneor Sherman
Perseid Bolide William K. Foster
My "Bill Gannon" Observing Report Richard Navarrete
8/12/07, Fairfield School Davis Matt Tarlach
La Honda Perseid OR James Adams
My "Joe Friday" Observing Report Mark Wagner
12 8/11/07 - Sublime Sand Harbor Matt Tarlach
5 Montebello, Focusers and Tacos Greg Claytor
4 How To Feel Letdown on a Good Night Mark Wagner
1 Backyard OR - Nu Scorpii Jeff Gortatowski
July 2007
Date Title Author(s)
31 Backyard OR - Nu Scorpii Mark Bracewell
30 NSP 2007 The Best Ever...... NOT!!!! Tony Franco
28 GSSP and Sierra Buttes 2007 (Planetaries) Glenn Talbert
27 Loitering in M24 Jane Smith
25 Coyote Lake 2007.07.21 Rob Jaworski
OR 3: GSSP and Sierra Buttes (Globs) Steve Gottlieb
24 Sierra Buttes 2007 (Two southern HII complexes) Steve Gottlieb
23 VZ13 and M3, 22 Jul 07 Bill Parkhurst
Comet VZ13 / M3 conjunction Renato del Rosario
Fun in Ophiuchus and mini-M57 Mark Johnston
The comet VZ13 meets M3 Stacy McDermott
22 Coyote Lake: Observing report. Greg LaFlamme
Steady seeing conditions at Bumpass! Steve Gottlieb
Comet VZ13 / M3 conjunction Dennis Beckley
Palomar 11 Carter Scholz
21 OR 1: GSSP and Sierra Buttes 2007 (Planetaries) Steve Gottlieb
20 GSSP - Lassen Peak parking lot (2/3) Alvin Huey
Nu Scorpii Jeff Gortatowsky
19 GSSP - Lassen Peak parking lot (1/3) Alvin Huey
Monte Bello, 14 Jul 07 Bill Parkwright
Small Ap OR Carol Widger
Coyote, 12 July 2007 Carter Scholz
Comet VZ13 Remato del Rosario
Taking the boys to Lassen Jamie Dillon
18 Fremont Peak 14 July 2007 Sean McCauliff
Pictures! And a brief OR GSSP 07 Sarah Jones
GSSP 2007 - Where The Myth Began Mark Wagner
Mt. Lassen, 7/11-7/14 Bill Cone
17 Nu Scorpii Bob Jardine
My SSP 2007 observing report Andew Pierce
Comet VZ13 Darrell Lee
16 GSSP 7/11/07-7/14/07 Rob Enns
Jupiter From Lassen Richard Navarrete
Richard Ozer
Comet VZ13 Greg LaFamme
Mark Wagner
Michelle Stone
Rob Hawley
15 Another GSSP O.R. Greg LaFlamme
GSSP Richard Navarrete
13 My SSP 2007 Report Darrell Lee
11 GSSP Observing Report (7/11/2007-7/14/2007) David Cooper
7 Peak Last Saturday Jamie Dillon
6 Comet VZ13 Dennis Beckley
3 Its Summer Again! Jeff Gortatowsky
1 Venus and Saturn putting on a nice show Jeff Gortatowsky
William Schultz
June 2007
Date Title Author(s)
29 Dark place to see Moon Venus and Saturn Karen Aziz
22 Houge Park Mark Wagner
20 Last Morning Observing in Oz - 6/20/07 Shneor Sherman
19 ISS and Space Shuttle flyover Randy Muller
18 Mid-day Venus sighting! Bob Czerwinski
17 Fremont Peak 6/17/07 Rob Enns
16 Serious fun at Plettstone, 16 June Jamie Dillon
14 Making Lemonade at Michelle's... Mark Wagner
12 Observing at Magell6/12-13/07 Shneor Sherman
11 More Observing in Oz... Shneor Sherman
9 Rancho Seco Park Dax Castro
Observing At Magellan, NSW, Australia Shneor Sherman
Using O-III filter on Jupiter (no, not it's ghost) Mark Johnston
Peak last night Jamie Dillon
Nice Night At Lick Rich Neuschaefer
Surprisingly great night Richard Ozer
Coe, you were wonderful last night! Greg LaFlamme
Amazing night at Coe Mark Johnston
OR: Coyote 6/9/07 Rob Hawley
8 Omega Centauri From Montebello Last Night Mark Johnston
May 2007
19 Plettstone, 5/19/07 Bill Cone
Saturday night 19 May SW lot Jamie Dillon
17 5/17-18/2007: Spelunking for Galaxies, the Heroic Hop, and more Marek Cichanski
12 Fractional OR: 5/12/07 Shneor Sherman
Short IHOP on 5/12/07 and Lake Sonoma on 5/14/07 Steve Gottlieb
Short OR from 5/12/07: Ice House Observation Plateau (IHOP4) Steve Gottlieb
Coe, Coe, Coe! Rich Neuschaefer
Coe, Coe, Coe! Richard Navarrete
Coe was a winner! Mark Wagner
OR from inside a cloud Rob Hawley
10 Peak, 5/10-11/2007: Coma-B, Cor-Bor, and Beyond Marek Cichanski
8 Montebello Tuesday 5/8/2007 Chris Li
6 Short OR for MB / 41 Panoptic sale.. Greg LaFlamme
MB, Sun 5/6/2007 Marek Cichanski
April 2007
Montebello 4/18 Pentti Kanerva
Montebello 4/18 Rob Hawley
Coyote April 15 Rob Hawley
Island of Moorea in French Polynesia David Kingsley
Lake Sonoma on Saturday 4/14/07 Darrell Lee
Star Hill Inn 4/14/07 Steve Gottlieb
Moorea, April 12 to 20, 2007 David Kingsley
Montebello Just ok and mabe a bit better than expected (less wind) Mark Johnston
Great Springtime Observing From Coyote Lake Park Last Night, 4-9-07. Peter Natscher
March 2007
2006 VV2 Found it. Mark Johnston
Ohh Saturn's moons,,, Greg LaFlamme
Short Messier Marathon Observing Report Mark Buxbaum
Sun 3/18/2007: MBMMM Marek Cichanski
Winds in the Willow 3/17/07 Bill Cone
Willow Springs 3/17 (Sat) Bob Jardine
Galaxies in Columba Jamie Dillon
Return to Fremont Peak (I musta been drunk)... Mark Wagner
3-17 at Fremont Peak Denis Lefebvre
Fremont Peak on St Patty's day/night Mark Johnston
About Coe last night ;-) Greg LaFlamme
Coyote Lake - 17 Mar 2007 Rob Jaworski
2006 VV2 Found it. Rob Hawley
Coe on St Patrick's day (brief) Jay Reynolds Freeman
03/16/07 Lake San Antonio (no MM) Géza Kurczveil
Brief OR from Coe (Fri) Rich Neuschaefer
MB, 3/15/2007: Dialing 'em in Marek Cichanski
Lake Sonoma Sunday night 3/11/07 Steve Gottlieb
Henry Coe 3/11/07 Rob Enns
What a crew at Coe Jamie Dillon
Bon Appetit! Mark Wagner
Consolation prize David Kingsley
February 2007
Quick Moon OR, 2/28/2007 Marek Cichanski
IHOP-4 2/17/07 Alvin Huey
Coe was good enough last night for the desparate Mark Johnston
Lake Sonoma 2/16/07 Steve Gottlieb
Lake Sonoma 2/16/07 Bill Cone
OR from Coyote Lake Rich Neuschaefer
January 2007
OR Toro Park 20 January Jamie Dillon
Coe for Sat 1/20 ... good company ... bit windy with not-so-hot seeing Mark Johnston
OR: LSA 01/20/07 Géza Kurczveil
Comets at high noon! John Alfonso
OR: Coe 1/14 Rob Hawley
OR: Lake Sonoma on Saturday 1/13/07 Steve Gottlieb
OR: Lake Sonoma 1/13/07 Bill Cone
OR Fremont Peak 1/13 (Sat) Bob Jardine
Comet McNaught in daylight again ... Jay Reynolds Freeman
Another McNaught daylight observation ... Jeff Crilly
McNaught second time on Saturday evening Jamie Dillon
Finally saw McNaught Paul Sterngold
McNaught from Emeryville: Snow and the cheap binos Bill Cone
More McNaught, more snow Marek Cichanski
McNaught & snow blindness Jim Feldhouse
Daytime Mc-Not Easy In Binos Mark Wagner
Nuttiest Bay Area observing experience EVER: Comet, blue sky, and snow Marek Cichanski
Daylight McNaught and danger Leonard Tramiel
Comet McNaught from Windy Hill Bob Jardine
Comet McYes! Dennis Beckley
3 nights of comet viewing Bill Cone
McNaught from Santa Clara and San Jose Alexander Avtanski
Comet McNaugt from Skyline and Hwy 92 Albert Highe
Comet McNaught from Menlo Park, 1/11/07 Pentti Kanerva
Comet McNaught from Santa Clara Kevin Schuerman
McNaught from Fremont Darren Hutchinson
McNaught from Benicia Darrell Lee
Brightening comet, by camera and eye Greg LaFlamme
Montebello 1/9/07 George Feliz
Comet McNaught from the Berkeley Hills, 1/09/07 Bill Cone
McNaught from Santa Clara Alexander Avtanski
McNaught Report : 01/09/07 Tony Franco
Montebello, Monday Jan 9 -- warm, breezy, with winter albireo and Harry Potter Dan Wright
McNaught from Coe Steve Winston
Comet McNaught once more
7 Comet Hunters at Santa Cruz James Turley
Carpe noctem and bird in the hand observing David Kingsley
Yes from Santa Cruz David Kingsley
Comet McNaught From Pacific Grove, CA Peter Natscher
NcNaught Nailed James Adams
Comet McNaught observed Ray Cash
6 Comet McNaught from Carmel Beach Diane D'Urso
1 Social observing on Skyline 1/1/07 Pentti Kanerva