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December 1998
27Not a quasar but mine own Jamie Dillon
25More fun with the ST-7 Mike Shade
24Merry Christmas John L. Hales
23First night with the ST-7 Mike Shade
Winter Observing Gary Manning
19Einstein's Cross Jay Reynolds Freeman
Neighborhood Star Party Bob Czerwinski
Grant Ranch, or Yakutia East... Matthew Buynoski
18Stickfigures in Palo Alto skies David Kingsley
17Good conditions at Anderson school Jim Van Nuland
Mimas! Bill Arnett
16A Warm Winter's Night at Frem. Pk. Jay Reynolds Freeman
Eskimos in Winter Mark Wagner
San Antonio Valley views... Bruce Jensen
15Mercury Bob Czerwinski
Windy, Wild, Woolly Fremont Peak Bruce Jensen
14Little by little, the stars... Mark Wagner
13Two Dob Bob and the Tadpole Nebula Jane Houston
Hawaii Jane Houston
12Party of Five Mark Taylor
Relief at the Peak! Rashad Al-Mansour
Saturday Night Highlights Akkana Peck
Saturday Night!!!! David North
11The Fool on the Hill Jay Reynolds Freeman
09Starting over, back to the 400... Mark Wagner
Obs report 12/9 :-( Paul Sterngold
Nifty New Nebulae at Del Valle Bruce Jensen
Jupiter Wednesday evening Bill Arnett,
Peter Natscher,
and Akkana Peck
06A Tale of Two Giants Randy Muller
04First light with 6" AP Mike Shade
01Moon occults mag 6 star SAO 93356 Bill Arnett
November 1998
25Telrads, Hacksaws, and Thanks... David Kingsley
Refractor Red: Herschel 400... Jay Reynolds Freeman
21Lick Observatory Volunteer... Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Leonids from Belmont Peter Natscher
Leonids from Tilden Park Bruce Jensen
Is Bad Luck or No Luck Better? Mark Wagner
17Montebello Tuesday Night Jeff Crilly
Leonids at Mercey Hot Springs Jane Houston
Meteors and Showers in Palo Alto Jeff Crilly
Predawn Leonids in Palo Alto David Kingsley
14Observing Report - November 14... Bruce Jensen
Observing at Pacheco State Park... Jay Reynolds Freeman
13Planets and Doubles at Home David Kingsley
Nice Night Mark Wagner
Nice Night Bill Arnett
12Great sky tonight observing on... Peter Natscher
07Europa Transit Peter Natscher
02The Seductions of the Dark Side Archer Sully
October 1998
31Ducking and Dogginfr form Grin... Matthew Buynoski
24NGC1990, indoor observing, and... Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Extragalactic Buddies... Jane Houston
17Fiddletown Reports from Saturday Steve Gottlieb
Spotted Beast of the North Mark Wagner
Weekend Observing at Pacheco... Jay Reynolds Freeman
It just doesn't get any better... Matthew Buynoski
13Kate's Cluster Jane Houston
10Every once in a while you get... Michelle Stone
09We deliver Jay Reynolds Freeman
0670 mm, zoom eyepiece, city... Jay Reynolds Freeman
September 1998
28Refractor Red: Open Clusters in... Jay Reynolds Freeman
26Refractor Red: Some September... Jay Reynolds Freeman
20Hunting the Wild Pony and other... Jane Houston
19Herschel Hunting 9/19 Randy Muller
More Serendipity from... Steve Gottlieb
Huge HII Region Near M52 observed Steve Gottlieb
Saturn: the Planet... the Nebula Jane Houston
A Night with the Little Bear Mark Wagner
Observing 09/19/1998: Farewell...Bruce Jensen
Fiddletown Observing Richard Navarrete
19 Sept. at Grant Ranch Matthew Buynoski
Harvey Confronts and AP 180... Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Finally A Night to Write Home... Jeff Blanchard
16Refractor Red: Messier Survery... Jay Reynolds Freeman
14Backyard Astronomy: Double Stars Jay Reynolds Freeman
12S Small Party at Fremont Peak Peter Natscher
A Small Party at Fremont Peak Mark Wagner
11A Peak Experience - September... Jane Houston
05The Moon Pool Jay Reynolds Freeman
August 1998
30Jupiter, 30 August, 1998 Rich Neuschaefer
Thank Heavens for the Magic Carpet Mark Wagner
29NGC7635 - The Bubble Nemesis Jane Houston
28 June, loon, croon, soon, swoon... Matthew Buynoski
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: High-End Refractor Shoot-OutJay Reynolds Freeman
Further report on a Public Night at LickJay Freeman
22Terror at 7200 ft. (part II) Mark Wagner
FPOA Star-B-Que Jane Houston
What A Great Anniversary! Part II Rashad Al-Mansour
Aquarius Tonight Matthew Buynoski
21August 21-23, 1998, Sierra... Ray Gralak
Terror at 7200 ft. Mark Wagner
Obsrving Report from Sierra... Steve Gottlieb
What A Great Anniversary! Rashad Al-Mansour
Big dog, little dog Richard Navarrete
Travels with Harvey: Ghosts... Jay Reynolds Freeman
Classic Night at San Antonio... Bruce Jensen
At Last! Observing in Plumas... Marsha Robinson
15FPO Public Presentation, 8/15/98 Morris Jones
Breaking the Winged Horse Mark Wagner
SCAC at Glacier Pt. John Pierce
14Peaks and Valleys Jane Houston
Harvey: Planetaries, Planets... Jay Reynolds Freeman
Castle Rock, 14 August Matthew Buynoski
Salt Lick Mark Wagner
13Sleepless in Mendecino Mike Shade
12Refractor Red: Progress and a... Jay Reynolds Freeman
Wednesday at ETC River Camp Matthew Buynoski
after Montebello Bill Arnett
Perseid Party at Montebello Mark Wagner
07Owoooo!! Jay Reynolds Freeman
06Bright Sky Observing from Palo... Jay Reynolds Freeman
04100 in the shade Jane Houston
03J. Herschel Bill Arnett
02Gold Country Trip Mark Wagner
Cats' Eye View of Jupiter and... Matthew Buynoski
July 1998
31Mount Hamilton, Hadley Rille... Jay Reynolds Freeman
Luna Laps and Leis Jane Houston
29Montebello, Wednesday July 29 Jay Reynolds Freeman
24Shirtsleeve Astronomy! Or.... Matthew Buynoski
Saturday Night - for those left... B.J. Whittlin M.D.
22Harvey Visits Lassen Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
Lassen Report Rashad Al-Mansour
Lassen weather (first hand)Mark Taylor
19Observation of Shakhbazian 166 Steve Gottlieb
Observations (17.5") from the... Steve Gottlieb
18Night Observing and Class at... Matthew Buynoski
A Hot and Splendid Night on... Jane Houston
Star Fingerprints Jane Houston
Observing July 18 at Fremont Peak Rich Neuschaefer
An Insane Persuit Robin Casady
Harvey meets the Star Queen Jay Reynolds Freeman
Observing 7/18 Morris Jones
Observing near the galactic centerRussell Chmela
15Refractor Red: Antares? Jay Reynolds Freeman
14The Faint Glow of Infinity... Mark Wagner
13Solar Obs. Report Russell Chmela
05Sunday Mooning Robin Casady
Rima Brayley? Robin Casady
04Independence Day III David North
Independence Day II David North
Meade 5-inch views the moon Jay Reynolds Freeman
03Whacky Moon Randy Muller
Mooning around in Palo Alto Matthew Buynoski
01Yin and Yang moon shadows Jane Houston
June 1998
30Wandering Down the Terminator David North
27The moon, Jupiter and Saturn Rich Neuschaefer
Astronomers return to Mendocino Mike Shade
Fremont Peak on 6/27: a green... Akkana Peck
26San Antonio Lake Report Jim Bartolini
Refractor Red: NGC6118 and NGC6540 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Observing in the Red Light... Matthew Buynoski
22Aldebaran kissed the Monday Jane Houston
20Last Week at Coe Jay Reynolds Freeman
Flying with Cassiopeia Jane Houston
19I Saw the Stars! Mike Hursh
17Refractor Red: Markarian's Chain Jay Reynolds Freeman
16Spring (finally!) Observing... Matthew Buynoski
Jupiter and Luna 6/16 Randy Muller
Hot Missouri Nights Mark Taylor
15Barefoot backyard observing 6/15/ Mark Wagner
Jupiter's moons naked eye! Ramin Ghafouri
14Golliwog's Moonwalk Jane Houston
13Two Successful Nights in Virgo Sandra Macika
Not Chews Ridge Robin Casady
11Refractor Red and the far side... Jay Reynolds Freeman
10Orientale without a terminator Akkana Peck
08Mare Orientale Akkana Peck
04Telescope still works Mike Shade
02Lunar observing, 6/2 Randy Muller
Albategnius Robin Casady
May 1998
30Hawaii Jane Houston
Lunar Observing 5/30 Randy Muller
Fremont Peak, May 30, 1998 Ray Gralak
Fremont Peak, 30 May 1998 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Finally A Beautiful Night at... Sandra Macika
The Return of Fremont Peak Marsha Robinson
2555 mm fluorite saga: The Summer... Jay Reynolds Freeman
23Star Party 5/23 Richard Navarette
Observing May 23 Randy Muller
Refractor Red meets a newcomer Jay Reynolds Freeman
Some Fun at Chews Ridge Mike Shade
Observing at Chews John Hales
Observing Report for 5/23 Russell Chmela
22Weekend at Plett Stone Jeff Blanchard
21Hunting Galaxies in CVn Randy Muller
20Photons Return! Mark Wagner
17Fremont Peak, 17 May 1998 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Carmel Valley, Sunday Night Robin Casady
Del Valle, Sunday May 17 Bruce Jensen
10SN1998BU and the moon Randy Muller
05Island Universes - Starhopping... Jane Houston
04Lunnie Alert Paul Sterngold
Both Eyes on the Sun Bill Arnett
02Garland Star Party Lunar Report Robin Casady
April 1998
29Montebello & Messiers Mark Wagner
28A Starry Night on Sugarloaf Ridge Jane Houston
Splitting Stars 4/28 Randy Muller
27Solar Viewing Bill Arnett
The Vixen 55 mm meets M57 and... Jay Reynolds Freeman
26Gold Country Astronomy Mike Shade
25A Wonderful Night - Terrible Skies Rashad Al-Mansour
Chalking up a few Observations Adam Shiffman
Fremont Peak, 25 April 1998 Jay Reynolds Freeman
Bright Night at Fremont Peak Mark Wagner
Chalking up a few Observations Matthew Buynoski
First Time at Fremont Peak Joseph Rogers
Saturday at Pacheco Evan Garber
21Tuesday Night 4/21/98 at Pachec... Jeff Crilly
Virgo Galaxies and Scorpius Double Dave Atherton
Obs reprort DV 21-Apr-98 Paul Sterngold
Call of the Rabid Racoon Bruce Prickett
19The 55 mm fluorite: a few more Jay Reynolds Freeman
17Two Weeks of Clear Nights in the...Michelle Stone
Three Glorius Nights of Observing Sandra Macika
Two Nights at Pacheco Russell Chmela
Fremont Peak, April 17 and 19... Jay Reynolds Freeman
A Night at Eagle Rock Mike Shade
1655 mm fluorite survey: heart of... Jay Reynolds Freeman
15The 55 mm fluorite tackles... Jay Reynolds Freeman
Lunar Observering 4/15 Randy Muller
14Third Time Out For the 55 mm... Jay Reynolds Freeman
12Solar Obs. Report 041298 Russell Chmela
11Chasing Doubles with a 55 mm... Jay Reynolds Freeman
07Fun with a Fox Cub Jay Reynolds Freeman
Mooning on Sunday night Sandra Macika
Lunacy on April 7 Randy Muller
01Another Observing Report... Jay Reynolds Freeman
March 1998
29Fremont Peak Observing Report 3/29 Sandra Macika
Fremont Peak 3/29 Mike Shade
28Messier Marathon?Jay Reynolds Freeman,
Marsha Robinson
and Mark Wagner
Messier Marathon report: Coe was clear!Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Obs. Report: DV 18-Mar-98 Paul Sterngold
Montebello Report Bruce Prickett
14Solar Obs. report 3/14 Russell Chmela
11Crater-hopping to the Cordilleras Akkana Peck
10On the Moon Tonight Robin Casady
Moon 3/10/98 Matt Tarlach
09Moon: Hypatia Ray and Other Views Akkana Peck
Moon, 3/9/98 Matt Tarlach
Freeman Lunar observations Jay Reynolds Freeman
Moon 3/9/98 David North
08Solar Update Russell Chmela
06More Lunacy Richard Navarrete
04Moon 3/4/98 David North
03Swimming in Galaxies Randy Muller
Moon 3/3/98 David North
Lunar obs 3-Mar-98 Akkana Peck
Montebello's Open Sky Mark Wagner
Lunar obs 3-Mar-98 Paul Sterngold
Boulder Creek Star Party Report Mike Shade
WoW! What a Moon! Richard Navarrete
WoW! What a Moon! Robin Casady
February 1998
28 Solar Obs. Rept. 2/28 Russell Chmela
Messier Practice Sandra Macika
Observing at Bonny Doon Airport Jay Reynolds Freeman
While Waiting at the Airport Mike Shade
27 Three Hours of Sky Matthew Buynoski
San Antonio Valley Observing Bruce Jensen
Two Nights of Stars! Mark Wagner
Obs Report DV 27-Feb-98 Paul Sterngold
26 Total Solar Eclipse Bill Arnett
Aruba Eclipse w/ 3rd Diamond Ring Duane Sand
Aruba Eclipse Observed Tom Frayne
The Eclipse from Aruba! John Gleason
25 New Moon Weekend at Plettstone Michele Stone
24More Opens, More Clouds... Mark Wagner
I Observed Tuesday Night... Jay Reynolds Freeman
22 Observing Report for 2/22 Russell Chmela
20 The Far Side of the Moon Jay Reynolds Freeman
17 A Short Night Of Opens Mark Wagner
15 Minor Yosemite Observing Report Jeff Crilly
Boulder Creek Observing Report Mike Shade
In Town Observing Report Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak Closed - Restoration Jay Reynolds Freeman
13 An Observation of Venus Jim Harford
09 Blue Sky! Bill Arnett
08 Lunar Obs Notes 8-Feb Paul Sterngold
03 Lunar observing Tue nightPaul Sterngold
January 1998
31 Observing notesPaul Sterngold
Very minor observationsMatthew Buynoski
Observing tonight (Sat)Rich Neuschaefer
29 Observing with a Tak FS-102/Vixen Great Polaris/SkySensor 2000Ray Gralak
24 Summer Visitors at the Peak Mark Wagner
Richard Navarrete
John Kuklewicz
Along Milky Way - Monoc. to Puppis Matthew Buynoski
ASCC Star PartyRobin Casady
22 A Clear Night Robin Casady
Montebello short (but good) night Mark Wagner
NEAR observed from Marina, CACraig Cholar
21 Jupiter and MarsBill Arnett
Akkana Peck
Archer Sully
Randy Muller
Weekend at PlettstoneMichelle Stone
20Last Night... Jeff Crilly
18 Under the stars at lastPeter Rathmann
17 Under The Stars At Last Paul Sterngold
Swamp observingMatthew Buynoski
Dave Atherton
05 Moon 1/5 David North
Orontius Sunrise Bill Arnett
03 First light - C8!Bruce Prickett
02First Light - 8" Cave Paul Sterngold