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Observing Reports
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December 2009
31 CalStar X, 18-19 Sept '09 Jamie Dillon
23 Last session of the year Mark Johnston
November 2009
30 The Eclipse of Algol Dave Goggin
28 RZ Cassiopeiae Dave Goggin
21 DARC Observatory Julien Lecomte
DSR, how dew I love thee Greg LaFlamme
Wet Behind The Ears - Dewy night at Willow Springs Mark Wagner
17 Atlantis Lift Off James Turley
14 Deep Sky Ranch Greg LaFlamme
Dinosaur Point Jamie Dillon
Dinosaur Point Julien Lecomte
Lake Sonoma Mark Yates
Dinosaur Point Albert Highe
Winter's Return to Willow Springs... Mark Wagner
Stonyford Shneor Sherman
October 2009
24 DARC Observatory Rogelio Bernal Andreo
20 Henry Coe Rogelio Bernal Andreo
18 Henry Coe Rogelio Bernal Andreo
17 Fremont Peak Rob Hawley
The King of Planets from Bonny Doon Jamie Dillon
16 Willow Springs - Tarentulas and Galaxy Clusters Julien Lecomte
Deep Sky Ranch (Willow Springs) Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Late Season Highlights from Willow Springs Mark Wagner
15/16 Plettstone Michelle Stone
Plettstone Greg LaFlamme
10 Henry Coe - It was a good one! Julien Lecomte
Henry Coe and 190mm Orion Mak-Newt Mark Johnston
9 LCROSS impact from Montebello OSP Rich Neuschaefer
LCROSS impact from Fremont Peak Rob Hawley
September 2009
25 CalStar 2009 Julien Lecomte
21 CalStar 2009 - I think I'll keep it Mark Johnston
CalStar 2009 - Spoiling An "A" Student Mark Wagner
18-20 Black Rock Desert Carter Scholz
16 Mini/First Observing Report Eric Ayres
Mellow night at Monte Bello Pentti Kanerva
Himalia and more from Lake Sonoma Steve Gottlieb
Lake Sonoma Carter Scholz
12 Beating the Odds Mark Johnston
2 Double shadow transit on Jupiter and more Steve Gottlieb
August 2009
28 Date Night at Houge Park Mark Wagner
25 Animals at Coe and an Observation report Stephen Migol
21 No Need For Speed Mark Wagner
Plettstone Carter Scholz
Plettstone video Richard Navarrete
19 A new bubble nebula in Cygnus Steve Gottlieb
17 Lassen Rob Jaworski
15 Henry Coe Julien Lecomte
Perseid Report Michael Huster
Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
Lake Sonoma Mark Johnston
Observing Distant Fires (Holy Smokes!) Mark Wagner
Henry Coe Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Henry Coe Andrea Laczay
Willow Springs Richard Navarrete
10 Two object OR from Lake Sonoma on 7/25/09 Steve Gottlieb
9 Nova in Sagittarius - Nova Sgr 2009 No. 3 or VSX J180707.6-334633 Mark Johnston
3 Here Comes the Sun! Steve Gottlieb
2 NASA Moonfest Bob Hess
1 Short But Good Night at Houge Park Mark Wagner
GSSP OR Richard Navarrete
July 2009
26 Jove's black eye... Fullerton, CA Jeff Gortatowsky
Lake Sonoma Greg LaFlamme
25 D.A.R.C. Observatory Julien Lecomte
Bonny Doon Airfield Peter McKone
D.A.R.C. Observatory Dennis Beckley
Jupiter impact spot Rich Neuschaefer
Two Good Nights at Peddler Hill Shneor Sherman
Henry Coe Stacy Jo McDermott
22 Two Nights With New Sights Mark Wagner
21 Eclipse 2009 Shanghai, China Rob Hawley
Total Solar Eclipse, South Pacific Bob Jardine
Longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century a success! Steve Gottlieb
20 Henry Coe state park Julien Lecomte
Bumpass Hell - it was great! Greg LaFlamme
4-night photon binge on top of Mt Lassen Mark Johnston
19 Pluto - And yet it moves Greg Parker
Four Nights At Lassen Park/Bumpass Hell Peter Natscher
18 Lake Sonoma Matthew Marcus
Excellent night at Coe Tony Hurtado
17 Tech Trek at Stanford Vivian White
4 Morningstar Lake, near Foresthill Jim Varley
June 2009
28 GSSP 2009 Julien Lecomte
GSSP 2009 as experienced by Astrospotter Mark Johnston
26 Lunatic in Palo Alto Jay Reynolds Freeman
Willow Springs Greg LaFlamme
IHOP Bill Porte
21 Henry Coe State Park Stephen Migol
20 Plettstone Greg LaFlamme
Plettstone Bill Cone
May 2009
30 Titan's shadow viewed with some determination Steve Gottlieb
Titan-sized luck for Titan shadow transit Greg Parker
Titan's shadow Albert Highe
25 Observing at Coe this past weekend Stephen Migol
Plettstone (and response to . 30 year observing project) Albert Highe
24 A Memorable Weekend Mark Wagner
23 Fremont Peak Dave Goggin
D.A.R.C. Observatory David Cooper
Closing in on a 30-year observing project Steve Gottlieb
D.A.R.C observing report Dennis Beckley
Rare Sighting at IHOP Mark Wagner
21 Return to Blue Canyon Mark Wagner
19 Lake San Antonio - Into The Deep Dark Sky Julien Lecomte
Preliminary eyepiece tests of Televue zoom Naglers Jay Reynolds Freeman
17 Fremont Peak - Dodging the Skunk Rob Enns
16 Willow Springs - Sons of Dobzilla Mark Wagner
IHOP - Hunting the Rose Compact Groups of Galaxies Alvin Huey
IHOP Teri Smoot
DARC visit and a blue horse Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Deep Sky Ranch Greg LaFlamme
D.A.R.C. Observatory: Galactic Fun In Warm Temperatures Julien Lecomte
Henry Coe: AP Gran Turismo Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont Peak: Observing with the multitudes David Cooper
15 Big Turnout at Houge Park Mark Wagner
April 2009
25 Event Horizon at Deepsky Ranch Mark Wagner
D.A.R.C. Observatory - Ride Like the Wind Julien Lecomte
Willow Springs: lovely but short lived Greg LaFlamme
The Gnome came back! Matthew Marcus
D.A.R.C. Observatory David Cooper
22 Montebello OSP Tony Hurtado
Venus and Moon from SF Vivian White
Moon and Venus Rob Jaworski
Venus occultation Steve Gottlieb
21 Fremont Peak: One Whale and a Paisley Trail Mark Johnston
Texas Star Party 2009 Bill Drelling
20 Fremont Peak 4/18/2009 Dave Goggin
IHOP 4/18/09 - O.R. Shneor Sherman
19 Outstanding Night at Dinosaur Point Mark Wagner
D.A.R.C. Observatory: A night to remember! Julien Lecomte
Dinosaur Point, 2009.04.18 Jay Reynolds Freeman
18 Tight Split Night at Houge Park Mark Wagner
Dinosaur Point David Cooper
06 Backyard with Saturn, 2009.04.05 Rob Jaworski
05 Moon, 4/6/2009 Marek Cichanski
Foothill Col 100 hrs program Rob Hawley
04 A Surprising Night at Houge Park Rob Jaworski
Mark Wagner
March 2009
29 Patience Pays.... Mark Wagner
D.A.R.C. Observatory, March 29, 2009 Julien Lecomte
Omega Centauri from Willow Springs Greg LaFlamme
Last time this spring at Dinosaur Point Jamie Dillon
First DARC Observatory Experience Peter Natscher
28 Titan shadow transit underway Steve Gottlieb
25 Digging Celestial Bones at Dinosaur Point Mark Wagner
23 Land's End - 3/23/09 Dave Goggin
22 Naked Eye Astronomy Mark Wagner
19 Ghost Of Jupiter Julien Lecomte
Dinosaur Point, 3/17/2009 Julien Lecomte
18 Dinosaur point 3 17-09 Greg LaFlamme
14 2009 March 12 Titan shadow transit Bob Jardine
12 Saturn Titan Transit With Shadow- March 12, 2009 Peter Natscher
February 2009
22 Mostly Hicksons without frost from Thurs Feb 19th Mark Johnston
21 Galileo project, part 1 Bob Jardine
Dinosaur Point, 2/19/09 Julien Lecomte
Faint, small, round, with a brighter core Richard Navarrete
20 Dinosaur Point, 2/19/09 Albert Highe
Willow springs 2-19-09, I give it a 10 Greg LaFlamme
Frosty Hickson Mark Wagner
Land's End, San Francisco, Feb. 19 Dave Goggin
19 Comet Lulin Micro OR Mark Buxbaum
17 Saturday, 17 January, Dinosaur Point Jamie Dillon
08 Sutro Heights Park 2/1/09 Dave Goggin
02 Houge Park - Try It, You'll Like It! Mark Wagner
01 Fun splitting doubles in Orion last Friday at Houge Rich Neuschaefer
01-29-09 Shingle Springs, CA Alvin Huey
January 2009
Date Title Author(s)
31 Popori and the arrival of 'Big Galaxy Season' Mark Johnston
28 Monday night at Lake Sonoma 1/26/09 Steve Gottlieb
Lake Sonoma 1-26-09 Monday night astronomy Greg LaFlamme
25 Cronan Ranch 01-14-09 Alvin Huey
21 Willows Springs 12/30/08 Steve Gottlieb
20 Fremont Peak 1/17/09 Dave Goggin
19 Lake Sonoma 1/17/09 Renato del Resario
Dinosaur Point 1/17/09 Julien Lecomte
Lake Sonoma 1/17/09 Steve Gottlieb
05 30 November '08 Bonny Doon Jamie Dillon
04 29 November '08 Ranger Row Jamie Dillon
03 Planets and galaxies from the Peak 30 Dec Jamie Dillon
02 Ice-nine night at Willow Springs Mark Wagner