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December 2002
31 New Years' ObservingShneor Sherman
29 At last!: OR Coyote SundayMatthew Marcus
Big Island Astronomy 2002-2003Andrew Pierce
Big Island Astronomy 2002-2003 Part 2Andrew Pierce
27 A breezy but productive night out near PalomarJeffrey Gortatowsky
YosemiteJeff Crilly
24 From Mercury to Pluto: Observing from FloridaJane Houston Jones
23 Montebello Monday nightCasey Fukuda
12 Observing the sun: Completing the A. L. Sunspotter ClubJane Houston Jones
11 Montebello Last NightChristopher Hays
Abbreviated observing reportDana Crom
07 Sat night MBCasey Fukuda
Nick Biunno
Murali Balasubramaniam
CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Grant RanchMatthew Buynoski
Yes an OR for strobe nightJamie Dillon
Dino Pt.Albert Highe
It's a planet nightMorris Jones
BCMarsha Robinson
Ice HouseJane E. Smith
'Dewing' more of the Herschel 400 - 37cm dobJeffrey Gortatowsky
04 WednesdayMarek Cichanski
December 4 Solar EclipseKevin Schuerman
Rob Hawley
Down Under mini-OR (12/4 Eclipse and more)Bob Jardine
02 Last night at BCJim Ster
Brian Zehring
Bob Czerwinski
ChicoGlenn Talbert
01 A Satisfying Night of Observing at Fremont Peak (12/1/02)Peter Natscher
November 2002
30 The Queen's BeesTom Campbell
29 Friday after ThanksgivingJamie Dillon
Jane Houston Jones
Mark Wagner
Cepheus and Lynx with 17"Robert Leyland
FiddletownShneor Sherman
28 Thursday night at Fremont PeakDavid Kingsley
27 Meade LXD55 10"SN reportPeter Santangeli
Cepheus and Lynx with 17"Robert Leyland
Callisto shadow, Venus crescent and moon pieJane Houston Jones
25 MB last night, a mini reportBob Jardine
18 Leonids from CoeRob Hawley
Murali Balasubramaniam
Leonids from Fremont PeakBob Czerwinski
Leonids from MontebelloRich Neuschaefer
Christopher Hays
Nick Biunno
MB experience first timeMakesh Rao
Leonids from Lake Sonoma CARobert Leyland
Leonids from Del Valle Regional ParkBruce Jensen
Leonids from Grant Line RoadMichael Peck
Backyard LeonidsJames Turley
Richard Navarrete
Bob Snelgrove
Richard Crisp
Stacy Jo McDermott
Leonids from PacificaStacy Jo McDermott
Leonids from MilpitasTajinder Singh
Leonids from San JoseMark Wagner
Leonids from near Houge Park, San JoseJim Van Nuland
Leonids from SalinasJamie Dillon
Leonids from Redwood CityAlbert Highe
Leonids at Saratoga High SchoolJames Turley
Leonids in LivermoreDavid Crabtree
La HondaJames Adams
Leonids from Santa Cruz MountainsLynne Jolitz
Lenonids from Santa CruzJon Ruyle
Leonids from SacramentoRandy Muller
Jim Ster
Leonids from RosevilleBrian Zehring
Mike Conley
Leonids from DavisShneor Sherman
Leonids from NapaWilliam Blakeslee
Leonids from Elk GroveGary Manning
Leonid Meteor Drip from N. Calif.Glenn Talbert
Leonids from La Habra Heights CAJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Leonids from San DiegoPaul LeFevre
Leonids from Sonoita AZMike J. Shade
Taking a ShowerTom Campbell
Leonids from BaltimoreBill Feiereisen
Leonids from the airborne laboratoryJane Houston Jones
15 Days 2 - 5 2002 Leonid Multi-Instrument Aircraft CampaignJane Houston Jones
14 Day 1 - 2002 Multi-Instrument Aircraft CampaignJane Houston Jones
Leonids 2002 - Counting meteors from the airJane Houston Jones
08 Swan SongTom Campbell
06 Feeding Time at the ZooTom Campbell
05 A Hint of WinterTom Campbell
04 MB last night -- better late than neverAndrew Pierce
CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Del Valle Monday night, 11/4Matt Tarlach
CepheusRobert Leyland
03 Pretty fair night at CoyoteBob Jardine
02 Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
CepheusRobert Leyland
Skunked last night at CoeJamie Dillon
01 North Bay observing Friday and Saturday - been there and done itJane Houston Jones
October 2002
30 MB last nightAndrew Pierce
26 from the sheep countryJamie Dillon
ChicoGlenn Talbert
12 Awesome sun todayJane Houston Jones
Barrow rayJane Houston Jones
10 Dew Not DisturbTom Campbell
07 ChicoGlenn Talbert
06 CalStar Sunday NightPeter McKone
05 Lake Sonoma Saturday statsJane Houston Jones
Coyote LakeJames Turley
La Honda Star PartyJames Adams
Big fun and major moves at CalStarJamie Dillon
CalStar Saturday nightJamie Dillon
Cal-star and Blue CanyonBrian Zehring
04 Cal Star was outstandingRich Neuschaefer
3rd Annual CalStarStacy Jo McDermott
03 CalStar 2003 - the who, what, where and wow!Mark Wagner
CalStar - a fine timeRichard Lawler
Cal Star was outstandingJeffrey Gortatowsky
Bob Czerwinski
CalstarBob Jardine
CalStar a Winner!Jane E. Smith
More mondo observingDavid Kingsley
02 CalStarAlbert Highe
01 Observing Saturn October 1st and 5thJane Houston Jones
September 2002
30 ChicoGlenn Talbert
29 A Stellar SamplerTom Campbell
28 Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
Brief OR from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Santa RosaRichard Crisp
26 Thursday morning mooningJane Houston Jones
25 Observing planets with zoom binocularJulius Szakacs
Toadstools and Swans at MBBob Jardine
24 The moon at transit timeJane Houston Jones
19 Occultation by SaturnJane Houston Jones
14 MontebelloStacy Jo McDermott
Phil Chambers
Montebello Starless Party a SuccessJames Turley
Foothills Park Star PartyDan Wright
Interesting Saturday night at LickRich Neuschaefer
LSA visitMichael Peck
12 A Very Good Night at Fremont PeakPeter Natscher
Fremont PeakBob Czerwinski
11 "dinky" scopes and Wednesday night at blue canyon (long)Brian Zehring
09 TriangulumGlenn Talbert
Monitor Pass Monday niteGeorge Malyj
08 McDermott Observatory - new location - Pacifica, CAStacy Jo McDermott
"D" is for Deep Sky DelightsTom Campbell
07 Dino last night and new lightsPeter Santangeli
Lacerta, the lowly lizardRobert Leyland
Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
David Windstrom
The Peak, finallyJamie Dillon
From Michigan: A great auroraMarek Cichanski
ShingletownShneor Sherman
Oldies but Goodies at DillinghamJane Houston Jones
06 TACos at Bear Valley observing siteMark Wagner
04 Psc gal 383: elusive prey fallsCarl Larson
03 MontebelloBob Czerwinski
02 MontebelloMarek Cichanski
David Kingsley
ChicoGlenn Talbert
01 Fremont PeakBob Czerwinski
Last Sunday at the PeakJamie Dillon
Coyote Lake County ParkAlbert Highe
Carl Larson
More Lyrae ObservationsRobert Leyland
FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
Dennis Beckley
ChicoGlenn Talbert
August 2002
31 The TAC Pack gathers at CoyoteJames Turley
Jake Burkart
Carl Larson
Richard Navarrete
YosemiteStacy Jo McDermott
28 Starry Nights with Don Machholz is underwayJane Houston Jones
27 Seeing last nightDavid Staples
Backyard funMark Wagner
24Full moon boogie on the PeakRichard Crisp
20 My Driveway in San JoseJeff Kirk
17San Rafael or JaneMojo AstraSoireeStacy Jo McDermott
2002 NY40 north of the Golden GateJane Houston Jones
Asteroid 2002 NY40Joe Fragola
Andrew Pierce
An Unfavourable StarJason Hatton
Fun with Asteroid hunting and imagingTom McMahon
MB Sat NightPhil Chambers
Another night on the mountainRich Neuschaefer
Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Naked eye sunspot, satellites transit the moonCraig Scull
16Solar to the MaxJane Houston Jones
Huge sunspot right now (4:30 p.m.)Jeff Kirk
LickRich Neuschaefer
An Unfavorable StarJay Freeman
2002 NY40Bill Arnett
Antics from HougeJake Burkart
Light Pot Cooks The Green Pea ;-)Mark Wagner
14MontebelloAlbert Highe
MB Wed - Uranus and the Angel Fish ClusterGlenn Hirsch
13MB Best night everJames Turley
Leonard Tramiel
Rich Neuschaefer
12MB: What a zoo!Michael Peck
Montebello Perseid WatchJay Freeman
Perseid meteors from Fremont PeakJane Houston Jones
Perseids and other joys from Del VallePaul Sterngold
11FiddletownDennis Beckley
10Monitor PassBill Chandler
Shneor Sherman
Nebula Dark and Planetary - Aquila Part ThreeRobert Leyland
Lake SonomaRob Mackie
Matthew Marcus
CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Coyote LakeCarl Larson
YosemiteMarek Cichanski
09Aquila Part TwoRobert Leyland
LassenJamie Dillon
IC417 & Fremont PeakMichael Peck
08Observing from the Sierra ButtesSteve Gottlieb
Glacier PointBob Jardine
The Fox and the LizardTom Campbell
07Fremont Peak Conditions Last NightPeter Natscher
Back from the NorthJim Ster
Nelms Memorial Star PartyJay Freeman
Sea of Cortez Observing Report -- Part 2Andrew Pierce
06Scope NotesMatt Tarlach
Saturn risingPhil Terzian
Paul LeFevre
Matt Worthy
The Mag 6.5 cometJoe Fragola
05Report from out eastPeter Santangeli
04Observing from the Sierra ButtesSteve Gottlieb
03Clear dark skies for a short whileJason Hatton
Saturday Night at the Peak - The show must go onJane Houston Jones
Fog, Shmog, we're going to The PeakJeff Crilly
Nyah, nyah, the Peak was clearJay Freeman
Sea of Cortez Observing Report -- Part 1Andrew Pierce
02Friday at the PeakJane Houston Jones
Fremont PeakJeff Crilly
Bob Czerwinski
HougePhil Chambers
July 2002
31Great night at MBBob Jardine
A Kid's M Survey startedJames Turley
Fremont Peak Last NightPeter Natscher
Bob Czerwinski
Wednesday night gahgah at the PeakJamie Dillon
30 CoyoteJeff Crilly
27 Plucking Feathers Off the SwanTom Campbell
23 Solar star party at West Valley CollegeRich Neuschaefer
20Coyote last nightCraig Scull
SFAA City Star PartyStacy Jo McDermott
17 Shooting Arrows at the ArcherTom Campbell
14Mag Limit at SSPMark Wagner
NGC 6572, Crescent and Milky WayJim Ster
13New guy report from Foothills ParkKelly Haviland
Public star party at Almanden Lake ParkJim Van Nuland
Excellent consolation night at PeakJamie Dillon
Aquila et alRobert Leyland
Goodbye, and thanks for all the StarFishEvan Garber
11Shingletown Star PartyJim Ster
News from ShingletownJane E. Smith
ShingletownJames Turley
SSP updateMarek Cichanski
SSPMarsha Robinson
Great weekend for astronomyRashad Al-Mansour
10ShingletownPhil Terzian
SSPStacy Jo McDermott
SSP - great for observing, difficult campingRich Neuschaefer
Highlights of Shingletown and Bumpass HellDavid Kingsley
Shingletown Experience ReportDan Wright
SSP experiencesBrad Franzella
Shingletown ReflectionsCarl Larson
ShingletownBob Jardine
Quick report on the TMSPJeff Crilly
09Coyote LakeChuck Olson
Jay opted out of SSP due to dustJay Freeman
08 Pavo and Telescopium galaxy groups from AustraliaSteve Gottlieb
07First LightRichard Ozer
Vega and Altair meetJames Turley
06CoyoteMatthew Marcus
Looking at Lyra from Lake SonomaRobert Leyland
FPOA Public SessionJeff Barbour
Great green balls o' fire!Matt Worthy
Cloudy, Cloudy NightRandy Muller
05NGC 6540!Marsha Robinson (Hitchings)
Fremont PeakBob Czerwinski
Alan Zaza
03MontebelloRichard Crisp
A look at Cygnus, and the Swan NebulaRobert Leyland
FiddletownShneor Sherman
02Lions, Tigers, and Bears (and Coyotes?)Bob Jardine
June 2002
30Good but short evening at MBRichard Crisp
29Nice night at Coyote SaturdayDan Wright
Trio observed at Fremont: Djorgovski 2, NGC 6520, B86Craig Scull
The Lagoon Nebula, mostlyJane Houston Jones
Some Southern Planetaries from AustraliaSteve Gottlieb
Best of the southern globularsSteve Gottlieb
Sampler of the best southern galaxiesSteve Gottlieb
19Moony but doableMarek Cichanski
17MoonMatt Tarlach
15Fremont PeakRashad Al-Mansour
Last night at the PeakJamie Dillon
Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
12TV-102 ran away with the "Run Away Star"Ron Bhanukitsiri
Great Night at MBHoward Suskind
Phil Chambers
Peter Santangeli
MB last nightRich Neuschaefer
11FiddletownMatt Tarlach
Coyote Lake County ParkAlbert Highe
Emigrant GapGregg Blandin
10Eclipse viewing...Robert Leyland
Short eclipse reportsJohn R Pierce
Glenn Hirsch
Ben Haller
David Staples
Eileen Chun
Eclipse!Jeff Crilly
Eclipse at HougeBernie Verreau
Rich Neuschaefer
Phil Chambers
Eclipse on Harrison StreetJane Houston Jones
Viewing the eclipse over ChabotJulius Szakacs
09Hicksons Blowin' In The WindRandy Muller
08Lake SonomaDavid Staples
Fun with BinocsDavid Staples
How Bad Was the Seeing?Rob Mackie
Fun night at DVPaul Sterngold
Fun Night at FPBob Jardine
Dave North
Fremont PeakPeter McKone
Fremont Peak Saturday nightJane Houston Jones
Sounds like "Hurricane Coe" nightMatthew Marcus
Windy night at Lick ObservatoryRich Neuschaefer
Stars, wind, and fire at Cone PeakJon Ruyle
07Shingletown ObservingMark Wagner
PlettstoneAlbert Highe
A Backyard Binocular TourTom Campbell
06TV-102 interviewed actor & actressRon Bhanukitsiri
Denver Area Observing ExperienceGregg Blandin
04TV-102 discovered LC-1 open cluster in Corona BorealisRon Bhanukitsiri
03TV-102 jabbed at RASC Deep Sky Challenge ObjectsRon Bhanukitsiri
01Fun at Coe Sat nightPaul Sterngold
Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
Galaxy cluster bustingJane Houston Jones
San Antonio Valley Saturday NightBruce Jensen
Two globulars in same eyepiece fieldJamie Dillon
May 2002
31Lake Sonoma Friday nightJane Houston Jones
More Aperture Fervour at Fremont PeakJeff Barbour
Boxes in the SkyJane Houston Jones
30Notes from "Out Back"...Mark Wagner
29Chapel neckGlenn Hirsch
Galaxies and Globulars at MontebelloJeff Barbour
Pizza, wine, and neck crampsMatt Worthy
26The sun is cool todayJane Houston Jones
22A new way to look at the old moonRon Bhanukitsiri
Why Are Craters Round?Jeff Barbour
Looking at Gassendi from my backyardPhil Chambers
18Foothill star party reportJeff Crilly
17Lunar-Planetary Under Lackluster SeeingJeff Barbour
Seeing DoubleTom Campbell
15MontebelloJeff Crilly
14Nice evening at MBRich Neuschaefer
Montebello (that speck was IT)Glenn Hirsch
13Diamonds in the sky from Land's End San FranciscoStacy Jo McDermott
A short venture after class tonightMatt Worthy
A TAC Exclusive: MB Monday Night Live!Jeff Barbour
Mopping Up The MessiersTom Campbell
12TV-102 gobbled goblin globular clustersRon Bhanukitsiri
TV-102 hung Hickson 68 Group on the wallRon Bhanukitsiri
TV-102 quenches the quasarRon Bhanukitsiri
2002 Messier Marathon, interruptedJane Houston Jones
11Big Night at Coe!Mark Wagner
Fun Saturday night at CoeRich Neuschaefer
Phil Chambers
Bob Czerwinski
Perfect night, un-perfect allergiesStacy Jo McDermott
CoeMatthew Marcus
Galaxies in Crater (17.5"+5")Robert Leyland
No more Mess.David Staples
Fine night at the PeakJamie Dillon
Fiddletown BriefJane E. Smith
Shingletown BriefShneor Sherman
Shingletown: Best night of the year for meGregg Blandin
10Friday Freaky Peak weatherJane Houston Jones
Aperture Fervour at Fremont PeakJeff Barbour
Friday Coe weatherJay Freeman
09Short report from Los GatosMark Wagner
Pilgrim's Progress at Mt HamiltonJeff Barbour
08MontebelloRich Neuschaefer
Planet-Astronomer Convergence at MontebelloJeff Barbour
Montebello OSPBob Jardine
07Solar system stuffMark Wagner
06MontebelloPhil Terzian
Soft Science and a Celestial Wedding at MBJeff Barbour
04 Fun time at CoeRichard Navarrete
Kevin Roberts
Phil Chambers
Herschel 400 - CompleteRichard Navarrete
CoeRich Neuschaefer
Coe: Inundated by FlemingsJamie Dillon
Fun time at Del Valle Saturday nightJulius Szakacs
Big Basin Observing ReportJeff Barbour
Lake Sonoma Starware ReportJane Houston Jones
Gemini & Corvus at the lake (17.5")Robert Leyland
DinoMatthew Marcus
Embarking on a New JourneyAlbert Highe
Blue Canyon Airport EulogyJim Ster
Ancient PhotonsShneor Sherman
First Report from TAC SouthRobert Sheaffer
A Personal Astronomy DayTom Campbell
03Great Astro Friday Night in SonomaJane Houston Jones
Houge, clear, cloudy, clearRich Neuschaefer
Lake Sonoma Friday NightRob Mackie
Another for CoeMark Wagner
Two Nights ObservingMark Wagner
MontebelloJay Freeman
01Wednesday Night at MontebelloPeter Mckone
Jay Freeman
Montebello last nightBob Jardine
A Definitive Night OutJeff Barbour
April 2002
29Disparate Doubles BluesJeff Barbour
27More Doubles for a Moonlit Spring NightJeff Barbour
24Monte Bello Classical Planet FestJeff Barbour
23Sidewalk astronomy on Nacional StJamie Dillon
22How dark did it get this morning?Gregg Blandin
Doubles for a Moonlit Spring NightJeff Barbour
21Astronomy Day driveway StarpartyRob MacKay
20PAS Astronomy Day at Foothill CollegeRich Neuschaefer
Astronomy Day at Jack London Square in OaklandJane Houston Jones
LSA north shoreJamie Dillon
19SJAA Houge Park Public Star PartyJeff Barbour
Julius Szakacs
Westward Ho! Five Planets SparkleRandy Muller
17Midnight At the Sky OasisJeff Barbour
13Mount Tamaplais Star PartyJane Houston Jones
"So, how was it at Coe," you ask?Richard Navarrete
Rich Neuschaefer
Bob Czerwinski
CoeRichard Navarrete
SJAA Messier Marathon night at Coe!Mark Wagner
Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
More fun in Gemini (and other fuzzy sights)Robert Leyland
Lake Sonoma, niahC s'nairakraMDavid Staples
A Pair of SCAC Amateurs Visit Fremont PeakJeff Barbour
Weekend at MeheranaJamie Dillon
PalomarJeffrey Gortatowsky
12Clear Skies for Girl ScoutsJane Houston Jones
Lake Sonoma Friday NightRob Mackie
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
Denny Woolaghan
10Weds. night at MBBob Jardine
07Backyard, Boulder CreekJeff Barbour
06Mt. DiabloRichard Ozer
The Sonoma Double ClusterJane Houston Jones
Tales from the Lower ClusterMatthew Marcus
Gemini at the LakeRobert Leyland
Dino Was Great Saturday NightPeter Natscher
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
Shingletown Star Party preliminary report....Mark Wagner
02When Galaxies Come OutMark Wagner
The Beast and the BearRichard Navarrete
01Supernova and other sights from the PeakJamie Dillon
When Galaxies DisappearMark Wagner
March 2002
31A night a La Caja de Los Gatos ObservatoryMark Wagner
HGOShneor Sherman
30MontebelloMatthew Marcus
26 A Shallow-Sky SamplerTom Campbell
24Lunacy on Nacional StJamie Dillon
19Reed ElementaryPhil Terzian
Dan Wright
Joe Fragola
TV-102 swallowed grape and Great GlobularRon Bhanukitsiri
18Ikeya-ZhangJamie Dillon
Knowing how Mr. Messier might have felt likeStacy Jo McDermott
Supernova 2002bo from MontebelloDavid Kingsley
Montebello & Ikeya-ZhangBenjamin Lutch
Comet Ikeya-Zhang -- Don't Miss It!Robert Leyland
David Staples
Monday night comet viewing from SF backyardRichard Lawler
Father-daughter mini-marathonPaul Sterngold
16I see you're not ALL wusses :-)Matthew Marcus
Comet Ikeya-Zhang, Urban Astronomy and a nice hot cup o' teaStacy Jo McDermott
Temple Bar, ArizonaShneor Sherman
15Fishing for MessiersCarl Larson
More observing comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-ZhangRandy Muller
Messiers a bust down south...Paul LeFevre
14In town observingMark Wagner
Marathon SummaryBob Jardine
Dinosaur Point, refuge from the wind and rainAlbert Highe
Public comet watching thursdayStefan Frank
Ice Fishing at MB ThursdayDan Wright
Observing C/2002 C1 Ikeya-ZhangRandy Muller
Observing from RosevilleMike Conley
13Nice view of Ikeya-ZhangCraig A. Lambert
Montebello last nightAndrew Pierce
The Lone Star(fire)Jane Houston Jones
TV-102 fed Koi fishRon Bhanukitsiri
10TV-102 harpooned the WhaleRon Bhanukitsiri
09Old Smokey is Back on PatrolDan Wright
08Very Good Night at DinoPeter Natscher
Houge Park funMark Wagner
Death Valley ObservingJay Freeman
Sentinel StargazeShneor Sherman
TV-102 whirled into Markarian's chainRon Bhanukitsiri
07MontebelloGlenn Hirsch
04Messier Starhop Practice on Monday NightJane Houston Jones
TV-102 puts the torch to the CometRon Bhanukitsiri
03MB SundayRichard Crisp
MB Mini Messier Marathon resultsJames Turley
A comet in the clover, Sunday night at Lake SonomaJane Houston Jones
TV-102 bursted the Eight-Burst PlanetaryRon Bhanukitsiri
02Montebello - A Messier Marathon test runAlbert Highe
MB Mini Messier Marathon resultsMatthew Marcus
McDermott Observatory - inspirationStacy Jo McDermott
Sirius...Jay Freeman
Lake SonomaRobert Leyland
A short evening at Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
First light with 16” DobMike Conley
01Two views of the planets tonightJane Houston Jones
February 2002
24TV-76, FS-78, Leica 77 APO comparisonRich Neuschaefer
22TV-102 performed open-heart surgery on LionRon Bhanukitsiri
21First light - TV-76Rich Neuschaefer
20TV-102 dugged into Hadley RilleRon Bhanukitsiri
Saturn and the Moon close togetherRandy Muller
Mark Wagner
18A Brief Visit to Carina via O'ahuBob Jardine
17Lake SonomaShneor Sherman
16 A Spotted UnicornTom Campbell
15TV-102 Hematology examined Lion's stoolRon Bhanukitsiri
Winter's Southern DelightsTom Campbell
14TV-102 discovered Jupiter Open ClusterRon Bhanukitsiri
13 Backyard Star PartyTom Campbell
09 How the Messiers TurnStacy Jo McDermott
Lepus et alRobert Leyland
Observing from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Lk SonomaMatthew Marcus
Dino PtLeonard Tramiel
Great minds working in similar patternsJamie Dillon
Observing at Dinosaur PointMark Wagner
The Beast UnleashedRichard Navarrete
Observing Report from MBRobert Sheaffer
Assault on the BeehiveRandy Muller
08HougePhil Chambers
06A peculiar Arp sort of nightMike J. Shade
03 Here Comes The SunTom Campbell
02Good Saturday Night SeeingRichard Ozer
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
A supernova at Dinosaur PointJamie Dillon
NGC 3319 from Dino PointBob Czerwinski
Observing from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
TV-102 snapped the Lion's neckRon Bhanukitsiri
01Nice night at Lake SonomaJane Houston Jones
January 2002
19Mamas don't let your babies...Jamie Dillon
Fun with a 6" - Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
DinoMatthew Marcus
Harvey Meets A RingwraithJay Freeman
18Houge HeavenPaul LeFevre
Desparately Seeking Ancient Photons in RosevilleMike Conley
16Wednesday night in SalinasJamie Dillon
Short night at Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
13 Conditions at MBJames Turley
12Fremont PeakDerek
Missing a good nightRichard Ozer
Castro ValleyRichard Crisp
Grant Ranch Saturday NightRobert Sheaffer
Fremont Peak ObservingPeter Natscher
Photons from CetusRobert Leyland
Lake SonomaDavid Staples
Matthew A Marcus
FiddletownShneor Sherman
Alvin Huey
Jane E. Smith
Fiddletown FunSteve Gottlieb
11TV-102 excorcised Jupiter's GhostRon Bhanukitsiri
Sedona, AZAlbert Highe
09Montebello last nightRichard Crisp
Dave's Dewy BackyardDavid Staples
06 Waiter... There's a moon on my JupiterJeffrey Gortatowsky
04Fornax from PalomarJamie Dillon
Felix does FornaxJamie Dillon
TV-102 ate Raspberry NebulaRon Bhanukitsiri
03It was clear in Davis last nightJim Ster