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December 2001
25Using Santa's GoodiesJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Aaron's Christmas TelescopeJane Houston Jones
23Lord of the RingsJane Houston Jones
20Christmas, new telescope and one excited 10 year oldStacy Jo McDermott
18Peak Tuesday nightJamie Dillon
1790 Minutes of Monday MB blissGlenn Hirsch
15 Fabulous night at DinoPhil Terzian
Peter Natscher
Observing on December 14 and 15Jay Freeman
Dino after long dry spellJamie Dillon
Perseus Cluster - Abell 426 in an 11"Jamie Dillon
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
Dino - Horsehead finally baggedMatthew Marcus
Cold bones and warm friends at Dino!Mark Wagner
Freezing My Orthos Off - TMB180 f/9Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky
14San Jose Suburban Sidewalk AstronomySteve Sergeant
FiddletownShneor Sherman
10C/2000 WM-1 (Linear) from backyardWilliam G. Schultz
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
09Linear and CetusRobert Leyland
Sunday night observing at Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
07CoeMark Wagner
November 2001
26 Orion purple MaksutovsJay Freeman
22Thanksgiving in SalinasJamie Dillon
17Glorious Night of Magical FirePaul Sterngold
Leonid meteor shower at Del ValleJulius Szakacs
MMM - Meteor Madness @ MontebelloRichard Ozer
Steve Winslow
Leonids from MBRichard Crisp
MMBD - Meteor Madness @ Bonny DoonJohn R Pierce
Meteors at Grant RanchRobert Sheaffer
Fremont PeakPhil Chambers
Akkana Peck
Jeff Crilly
Leonids do not dissapoint at Fremont PeakDonn Mukensnable
Leonids at FPJon Ruyle
Leonids at CoeRich Neuschaefer
They're Coe-ing to take me away, ha ha! - Meteor funMatthew Marcus
Leonids-Night at Fremont PeakBob Czerwinski
Meteors east of Mt. HamiltonBruce Jensen
Mt. TamDavey
Dinosaur Point and Redwood CityAlbert Highe
Backyard reportBernie Verreau
Leonids hmphJamie Dillon
Fog and MeteorsGregory Edwards
Leonids at Lake SonomaDave Staples
NIGHT OF THE LEONIDS 2001Robert Leyland
Another Leonids report from Fiddletown, Wowee!Steve Gottlieb
Yet Another Fiddletown Report on the Leonid ShowRay Cash
Leonid ReportArt Perrin
Leonid Storm Northern CalifRay Rochelle
Leonids from Death ValleyJerry Elmer
Leonids at Little Blair ValleyPaul LeFevre
Leonids through the cloudsJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
Report from the nation's capitalJamie Dillon
Leonids Display from Alice SpringsJane Houston Jones
Catching Up, Non-Leonid ObservingRobert Leyland
TV-102 met Eskimo and wifeRon Bhanukitsiri
14MontebelloJay Freeman
11Backyard observingJamie Dillon
10 A Night in the CountryTom Campbell
09Houge SkiesPhil Chambers
A Symphony of Swine: Observing at Henry Coe ParkWilliam G. Schultz
Clearing in AuburnJim Ster
Blue CanyonJane Smith
08Comet Linear 2000 WMDennis Beckley
07Large, complex sunspot groupRich Neuschaefer
Looking out my backdoor...Mark Wagner
MontebelloPhil Chambers
A fine MB WednesdayLeonard Tramiel
05 The War of the NorthTom Campbell
03Amazing night of excellent seeingRichard Ozer
Daytime Observing - it's amazing what you can see!Robert Sheaffer
02Backyard shadow marchDavid Kingsley
October 2001
31Halloween Blue MoonburnsWilliam G. Schultz
HalloweenMatthew Buynoski
Halloween, Full Moon ObservingPhil Chambers
Bruce Anderson
27Short Binocular Observing SessionShneor Sherman
25Sidewalk moonJane Houston Jones
20Lake Sonoma Saturday - short but happyMatthew Marcus
Coe: shorts, donuts, and memorable viewsCraig Scull
Dillon 2, 7793 1Jamie Dillon
AnzaJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
19Joy Friday NightMarsha Robinson
16Late Summer SplendorsBruce Anderson
13 Grant Ranch on Saturday NightMatthew Buynoski
Fremont PiqueJay Freeman
Observing at Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Little Blair ValleyPaul LeFevre
10School GazeJane Houston Jones
09Backyard observingMark Wagner
08 Tonight's clear skies and decent weatherTom Campbell
07FiddletownShneor Sherman
Jane E. Smith
06First Light" FSQ106/ M33Richard Crisp
03Another Messier monster being nurturedDavid Staples
September 2001
29More doubles under the full moonMark Wagner
28Doubles under a full moonMark Wagner
23 Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
22High SierraRichard Crisp
Lucky SaturdayRobert Leyland
Lake SonomaDavid Staples
Czernik 43 mostlyJane Houston Jones
Great seeing at the PeakJamie Dillon
A Night "NOT" To Remember at BCArt Freeman
21A Night To Remember at Blue CanyonJim Ster
Friday and other September observationsGregg Blandin
Nice to see clear skies againTom Campbell
15CalStar 2001 - a great timeJamie Dillon
Further CalStar-fuJamie Dillon
Litebox Observing at CalstarJane Houston Jones
The Horsie, the Duckie, and the Blue Rose NebulaJay Freeman
14At Fremont Peak with the Orion 120Jay Freeman
CalStar Observing report in Excel formatRichard Navarrete
13CalStarAlbert Highe
CalStar 2001 highlightsCarl Larson
09 What a difference a day makes!Tom Campbell
06A Nova and a Geosat (and then Moonrise)Robert Sheaffer
Backyard observingMark Wagner
0570 minutes in Hercules and CygnusMark Wagner
04Adventures with a telescopePeter Lumeria
August 2001
25Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Triple DelightMark Wagner
1st quarter night at CoeJamie Dillon
CoeMatthew Marcus
24Orion Mak, First LightPhil Chambers
MontebelloRichard Crisp
22"Neked-Eye" on MauiBob Czerwinski
20 Part I: The Bowman Bites The BulletTom Campbell
Part II: Binocular Highlights of the Milky WayTom Campbell
18Odds & Ends ObservingRobert Leyland
Lake SononaMatthew A Marcus
Variety show at the PeakJamie Dillon
Einstein's Cross from FiddletownBob Czerwinski
First impressions of a new dark-sky siteTom Campbell
17MontebelloRichard Crisp
15Occultation of JupiterMatt Tarlach
Jupiter hidden, Jupiter reappearsKevin Schuerman
Some observations from LassenSteve Gottlieb
14Lassen Star Parties 2001Jay Freeman
Observing from Bumpass HellMark Wagner
13Wagon Wheel GalaxyDave Barosso
Lumicon O-III Filter First LightTom Campbell
12 Perseids at Henry CoeJerry Elmer
Observing planetaries from Lake SonomaSteve Gottlieb
Perseids at YosemiteRichard Lawler
Dragon TalesTom Campbell
11Lake SonomaRobert Leyland
Matthew Marcus
Temp inversion at FPRichard Crisp
PerseidsKevin Schuerman
Nevada CityJane E. Smith
Nevada City Dust BowlJim Ster
08MontebelloPaul Sterngold
San Antonio ValleySteve Sergeant
06 My 1st Tac-Sac Observing ReportBruce Burke
The Luster of ClustersTom Campbell
02Fiji Observing Report -- Part 3Andrew Pierce
01 A Deep-Sky Weasel Buys a CyberScope -- Part VIIIJay Freeman
July 2001
30Fiji Observing Report -- Part 2Andrew Pierce
29Fiji Observing Report -- Part 1Andrew Pierce
28Fremont PeakRichard Crisp
Peter Natscher
Rich Neuschaefer
One last quickie before the next full moonGregg Blandin
27Comet 2001 A2 seen at HougeJim Van Nuland
26MontebelloRichard Crisp
24MB ConditionsJames Turley
22Seen Uranus first timeJulius Szakacs
21 Hunting Galaxies in Bo÷tesRobert Leyland
First Light for a 900GTO at Chews RidgeRobin Casady
Grant RanchMatthew Buynoski
Homecoming -- Coe ParkJim Van Nuland
Observing this weekendKevin Schuerman
MontebelloRichard Crisp
Mercury RisingJane Houston Jones
Cone Peak ObservingJon Ruyle
Back from LassenPhil Chambers
Another member of the "GO-TO" ClubGregg Blandin
Monitor PassShneor Sherman
Southern Summer's Last HurrahTom Campbell
20 MontebelloRichard Crisp
My sacrifice to the cloud godsIvor Barker
New XT10 In Town! (Part 2 of 2)Joe Fragola
Short But FunTom Campbell
19Blinking Nebula blinked at TV-102Ron Bhanukitsiri
Strange satellite and cloud from Bumpass HellRandy Muller
Observing from RosevilleMike Conley
18A Grab Bag of GoodiesTom Campbell
New XT10 In Town! (Part 1 of 2)Joe Fragola
Observing the Herschel 400 with binocularsGregory Edwards
LassenJamie Dillon
Mark Wagner
17Planet cluster in the waning minutes of darknessGregg Blandin
Daytime Venus occultationAkkana Peck
Kevin Schuerman
Jim Van Nuland
Allan Keller
Richard Lawler
MB conditions on TuesdayJim Feldhouse
TV-102 - the planetary nebula hunter!Ron Bhanukitsiri
PN observations from last week at the SierrasSteve Gottlieb
Observation of a new SNR (Sh 2-91)Steve Gottlieb
14Condition Report, COEJames Turley
Fremont PeakPeter Natscher
Clayton A. Feldman, MD
Matthew Marcus
13Observation of Comet A2/LinearRon Bhanukitsiri
12Comet C/2001 A2 LinearDennis Beckley
ChicoBrad Franzella
11Productivity reportJamie Dillon
08Seduced by the Dark SideGary Manning
06Antares split by TV-102Ron Bhanukitsiri
04McGuiver on the surface of MarsPeter Santangeli
02First Light!Gary Manning
June 2001
30Orange tennis ball at the PeakRich Neuschaefer
28MontebelloGlenn Hirsch
MBJim Feldhouse
23Deimos!!! Foothill Park Star PartyJames Turley
Observing from FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
FiddletownAlvin Huey
Big Dogs at the LakeJamie Dillon
SVAS Star-B-QBrad Franzella
22Great Night for MarsMike Conley
CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Lake San AntonioJim Bartolini
Observations of GJJC 1 and Pease 1 with a 10-inch MaksutovJay Reynolds Freeman
Plettstone Observing ReportMarsha Robinson
Monitor passJim Ster
Tea TimeTom Campbell
21Project Astro stuff in GonzalesJamie Dillon
MB, Mars, gotoJim Feldhouse
Bon TonMark Wagner
Gems Fit For A KingTom Campbell
African EclipseKevin Schuerman
Eclipse - MadagascarMatthew Marcus
20Glorious globulars from Nacional StJamie Dillon
Last Look At Leo before summerRobert Leyland
Lake Sonoma Report: Globs and O.C.'sDave Staples
19AP-10 Report: Six Month UpdateJay Reynolds Freeman
Montebello MarsJim Feldhouse
18Las VegasStacy McDermott
Lassen targetsGlenn Talbert
Observing in SoCalMatt Tarlach
17Playing with a ScorpionTom Campbell
16Saturdy Night ObservingsMark Wagner
Three things I missed last summerJamie Dillon
Lick ObservatoryPeter Natscher
The Night Black Bart Came to TownJason Newquist
Palomar Mountain Observation ReportCurt Wittenberg
Pictures of scope and MarsJeffrey D. Gortatowsky
15Del VallePaul Sterngold
The Peak Last NightPeter Natscher
Lick Observatory, Mars, and an Astro-Physics 10-inchJay Reynolds Freeman
A Smattering of MessiersJason Newquist
Angels CampAlbert Highe
Four Dobs and a Dobson (The Grand Canyon Star Party)Jane Houston Jones
Birdwatching at the Grand CanyonJane Houston Jones
Awesome Ophiuchus!Tom Campbell
13Dave's back yard...Mars AGAINDavid Staples
MB ConditionsJames Turley
Mars, GalaxiesMatt Tarlach
12MB ConditionsJames Turley
09Windy night at LickRich Neuschaefer
MontebelloPhil Terzian
Phil Chambers
Fremont PeakMark Wagner
Nilesh Shah
08Visions of Lost BarsoomJay Reynolds Freeman
07Short Observing reportPaul LeFevre
Great Globs of StardustRichard Crisp
06Mars shinesDavid Staples
05A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part VIIJay Reynolds Freeman
Full Moon, not quiet...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Mars observationRon Bhanukitsiri
01Bullialdus "Causeway," Rupes MercatorMatt Tarlach
May 2001
31A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part VJay Reynolds Freeman
A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part VIJay Reynolds Freeman
Galileo, Fireflies, and the Red DragonBruce Anderson
30Splitting hairsPaul Sterngold
Mark Wagner
Seeing is Great TonightMatthew Marcus
Another PLD in the familyNilesh Shah
29First light comparison M57: AP1200 vs CI700Richard Crisp
Scope comparisonRichard Navarrete
28roadside observingcandace
Two nights on MarsJane Houston Jones
27Sunday night at CoeIvor Barker
26StarLog - An Evening In ScopevilleTom Campbell
Last one out of DinoMatthew Marcus
Impressions of FPPeter Santangeli
Fremont PeakJeff Crilly
Saturday at the PeakRich Neuschaefer
LSA - A Cultural ExperienceBob Czerwinski
Observing in ChicoGlenn Talbert
A Little Gem of Woven Fairy FireRandy Muller
Observing at Blue CanyonMike Conley
5466 from MeheranaJamie Dillon
25Grant RanchSteve Sergeant
Dinosaur Point conditionsAlbert Highe
Fremont Peak conditionsGregory Edwards
Peek-A-Boo StarhoppingTom Campbell
RTMC 2001Mark Wagner
RTMCPaul LeFevre
RTMC - Interrupted by newborn amateur astronomerEvan Garber
24Southern Skies Observing - Part 6Shneor Sherman
M57 takes first prize in a crummy skyJamie Dillon
Memorial Day at Plettstone... worth rememberingMichelle Stone
23Southern Skies Observing - Part 5Shneor Sherman
Easy PickingsJeff Blanchard
MB reportGlenn Hirsch
Mars last nightPaul Sterngold
22Southern Skies Observing - Part 4Shneor Sherman
ObservingGlenn Talbert
21Very mini backyard reportDavid Staples
One Remarkable Galaxy - NGC 2608Jane Houston Jones
20Southern Skies Observing - Part 3
Unique Observtory in New Zealand - and Collimating the 21"
Shneor Sherman
19Saturday Night at FP: SRO!Clayton A. Feldman, MD
Phil Chambers
Fremont PeakBob Czerwinski
First Light at the PeakJason Newquist
Sunset at the PeakJeff Crilly
My A-P 10" Maksutov-CassegrainPeter Natscher
Condition Report - CoeKevin Schuerman
My Mars Observation at the PeakPeter Natscher
My first time at Lake SonomaMatthew Marcus
Lake Sonoma -- More LEORobert Leyland
Del Valle on Saturday nightJulius Szakacs
Mokelumne HillRichard Crisp
The night after the raversJamie Dillon
Cone PeakAlbert Highe
Observing at HGOMike Conley
HGOAl Petterson
HGOArt Freeman
Swimming among a sea of galaxiesSteve Gottlieb
Lassen observing reportBrad Franzella
18The Home Of The BearMark Wagner
17MontebelloAndrew Pierce
16Southern Skies Observing - Part 2 - First LightShneor Sherman
Observing report from RosevilleMike Conley
Backyard ObservingMark Wagner
15Montebello ReportJay Freeman
Mini observing reportRobert Leyland
TSP 2001 and McDonald 82"Rod Norden
14Southern Skies Observing - Part 1 - First ExposureShneor Sherman
Naked eye-fu late Monday nightJamie Dillon
Balcony & MBJim Feldhouse
Galaxy Hunting from CapitolaJon Ruyle
13Galactic Happiness in the MountainsRandy Muller
12StarLog - My Housecleaning ListTom Campbell
Weekly Mars reportAndrew Pierce
11StarLog - A Mess of MessiersTom Campbell
Dinosaur PointJay Freeman
09MB WedPhil Chambers
14.5" backyard reportMark Wagner
Saratoga High School Observing Session a success!James Turley
07Full Moon ObservingMark Wagner
05MarsAndrew Pierce
Kevin Schuerman
03Dave's backyardDavid Staples
02Windy night at MB... brief reportRich Neuschaefer
MB Report: T Mayer AJames Turley
The bunny hop and other observing tailsJane Houston Jones
April 2001
29Serenity at the TerminatorCurt Wittenberg
28Changing horsesJason Newquist
Henry Coe S.P.Bob Czerwinski
Saturday night at CoeIvor Barker
Memories of days gone by...Mark Wagner
Comparative PeakingJamie Dillon
Comparative PeekingAndrew Pierce
27Dinosaur Point -- brief reportJay Freeman
26StarLog - Lunar OccultationTom Campbell
25Seeing Red...Dave's backyardDavid Staples
Last Night at Fremont PeakPeter Natscher
StarLog - Circumpolar DelightsTom Campbell
24StarLog - Doubles and Clusters and Nebulae, Oh My!Tom Campbell
Backyard SalinasJamie Dillon
23Backyard observingMark Wagner
Dino brief reportRich Neuschaefer
Dino RaveJames Turley
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
Coe ObservingWilliam G. Schultz
Observing reportGregg Blandin
22View of Mars ....Julius Szakacs
FiddletownMatt Tarlach
LSADoug Hudgins
A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part IJay Reynolds Freeman
A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part IIJay Reynolds Freeman
A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part IIIJay Reynolds Freeman
A Deep-Sky Weasel buys a Cyberscope -- Part IVJay Reynolds Freeman
21Grant RanchMatthew Buynoski
Dino PointRichard Crisp
Dino observingMatthew Marcus
Dinosaur PointMarsha Robinson
First-light for the 12.5" ELBob Czerwinski
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
One more for Dinosaur PointJamie Dillon
Saturday night at FiddletownDennis Beckley
Can Dew ObservingRandy Muller
FiddletownAllan Keller
Observing Large-Scale Structure from FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
Saturday Observing from FiddletownJane Smith
Lake SonomaDavid Staples
SAS Hwy 4 site on Saturday night...Alvin Huey
20Friday night Fun (more observing in LEO)Robert Leyland
First Light with MELJane Smith
17Dave's BackyardDavid Staples
Suburban GalaxiesAndrew Pierce
Happy Hunting in LEORobert Leyland
New Mexico SkiesDerek
16Tax Day 2001: Observing and Listening at Coe State ParkWilliam G. Schultz
First and Second LightJon Ruyle
15StarLog - G-Force! Galaxies and GlobularsTom Campbell
14Saturday Night at CoePeter Natscher
CoeMatthew Marcus
FiddletownSteve Gottlieb
Brief Observational Report and First LightMark E. Hansen
DinoJay Reynolds Freeman
Lake Sonoma; More wanderings in LeoRobert Leyland
Seeing double - Dave's backyardDavid Staples
Capitola ObservingJon Ruyle
13StarLog - Buried Treasures!Tom Campbell
Esparto; FiddletownShneor Sherman
12Spots again?David Staples
Cold at CoeJamie Dillon
Coe vs DinoJames Turley
08From the descent of Atlantis to the Depths of the AbyssJay Reynolds Freeman
07StarLog - 8" Discovery DHQ First Light!Tom Campbell
05Spots part DeuxDavid Staples
04Celestron-14: Twenty-year extended-use reportJay Freeman
03Seeing spots at lunchDavid Staples
Moonlit OC's in CMa, PuppisJamie Dillon
March 2001
31Mt. Diablo - No AuroraBob Czerwinski
Lake SonomaDavid Staples
The Lion's Nose and other funRobert Leyland
Dino ConditionsKevin
DinoJim Feldhouse
CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Peter Natscher
Moonlight observing with MimiMark Wagner
Saturday night at FiddletownRashad Al-Mansour
30Friday afternoon solar observing reportStacy McDermott
Aurora from San JoseMark Wagner
Phil Chambers
Richard Crisp
Glenn Edens
Richard Ozer
Robert Leyland
Bob Czerwinski
Richard Navarrete
William G. Schultz
Report from Fremont PeakAlan Zaza
Aurora ReportJoe Fragola
Robert Leyland
Friday night at FiddletownRashad Al-Mansour
Friday Night at ChabotBruce Anderson
A little observingMatthew Buynoski
29Backdoor VirgoJeff Blanchard
28GoTo backyard observing in Los GatosMark Wagner
Clear out tonightPaul Sterngold
Dave's backyardDavid Staples
26Monday Night @ FiddletownJim Ster
Monday NightMatt Tarlach
In the yard again....William G. Schultz
Clouds, fog, balcony, Dino memoriesJim Feldhouse
A fun night at DinoJon Ruyle
24Saturday night at DinoJamie Dillon
LSA - Fun and Frustration on a Messier MarathonBob Czerwinski
23Bad hair night and wet hounds at CoeWilliam G. Schultz
Friday and Saturday night at DinoPaul LeFevre
Observing conditions at Plettstone this last weekendMichelle Stone
19The mid-morning moonJane Houston Jones
18Sunday nightGregg Blandin
17Winter in the Rear-View MirrorBruce Anderson
Dino Point ObservingLeonard Tramiel
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
Good clean fun on Patrick's DayJamie Dillon
Observing Report under duressRichard Navarrete
MM Prelims, and Planets in the twilightRobert Leyland
Lake Sonoma Weather Notes and upcoming MarathonDavid Staples
Coe ObservingWilliam G. Schultz
FiddletownMark E. Hansen
Art Freeman
Jim Ster
Parade of Planets and MoonsRandy Muller
16Dinosaur Point ObservingJay Freeman
13Dino Point, 1st Class SiteDenny Woolaghan
James Turley
MontebelloAndrew Pierce
Montebello ObservingJay Freeman
Photon PhixJames Ster
12Fledgling firsts...Observing in Dave's backyardDavid Staples
10Saturday Shallow Sky Report -- He's back!Andrew Pierce
07I see the light! (Fun in the sun)Mark Wagner
How was MB last night? Great!Paul LeFevre
Montebello MidWeekPhil Chambers
Balcony observing reportJim Feldhouse
02Coe ObservingWilliam G. Schultz
Observing in CapitolaJon Ruyle
01School OutreachAl Fink
February 2001
28Dino suckedJames Turley
Castroville was coolJamie Dillon
February Observing NotesAndrew Pierce
Back to LeoBob Czerwinski
27Tuesday night urban, binocular, slippers-on observing sessionStacy McDermott
Headed NOT for Dino todayMarsha Robinson
Backyard observingMark Wagner
Jamie Dillon
Jon Ruyle
Dino Hightlights, Wow!James Turley
Matthew Marcus
Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
Jay Freeman
NGC 2467: A recommendation and a questionJeff Blanchard
Observing Tuesday night: Relishing our good fortuneRandy Muller
Fiddletown Tuesday NightJim Ster
Fabulous February night at FiddletownAllan Keller
Lake SonomaRobert Leyland
26Seeing double in GeminiRandy Muller
Good Viewing at Lake Sonoma for Brighter ObjectsShneor Sherman
16Sally saw SaturnJamie Dillon
15MonocerosRobert Leyland
14Can't beat them reflectorsJamie Dillon
12A little Sonoita visual astronomyMike J. Shade
04A new astronomerPaul LeFevre
03Informal observing reportCurt Wittenberg
Two Pups and the MoonJay Freeman
Paul LeFevre
January 2001
31Montebello Wed NightPhil Chambers
Montebello (Maffei1 & M104)Jim Feldhouse
29Cassiopeia recur Observing ReportRobert Leyland
28MIR and ISS this morningJulius Szakacs
ISS & Mir & ??Michael Peck
Pioneer SciFair Star Party - how great was it? ;-)Bruce Jensen
27Dinosuar Pt Saturday NightGregory Edwards
Matthew Marcus
Phil Chambers
Jay Freeman
A few more images...Peter Santangeli
Dino Highlights: NGC891 & Rotten EggJim Feldhouse
Dinosaur PointJim Everitt
Lions and Terrible Lizards, Oh My!Steve Sergeant
Seeing Report, Lake SonomaDavid A. Silva
A couple of good nights in SonoitaMike J. Shade
Observing reportJay LeBlanc
Fiddletown SaturdayShneor Sherman
James Ster
More Winter Hickson ObservingRandy Muller
26LSA Report (Wahoo!!)Marsha Robinson
Winter observing at LSAMark Wagner
Observing report for Lake San AntonioAlbert Highe
Adventures 12 degrees north of the equatorStacy McDermott
22Dino Point Observing ConditionsJames Turley
NGC 3027, 3065/3066 at Dinosaur PointAlbert Highe
20Good While It Lasted! Observing at CoeMark Wagner
William G. Schultz
Images and report from the DesertPaul LeFevre
Dinosaur PointJamie Dillon
"The Big Guy's" First LightCurt Wittenberg
19Mercury SettingJames Turley
17Wednesday night observing reportMark Wagner
Jamie Dillon
Robin Casady
Montebello Wed. NightBruce Jensen
Matthew Marcus
Montebello was worth itAndrew Pierce
Jay Freeman
Glenn Hirsch
Dino Point observing reportAlbert Highe
16MBJim Feldhouse
AP-10 Mak/Cass thermal equilibriumPeter Natscher
3rd Qtr Observing ReportJeff Blanchard
15Dinosaur Point ConditionsJames Turley
MontebelloPhil Chambers
Lynx in my backyardMark Wagner
Driveway ObservingMarsha Robinson
A Tale of two nightsRobert Leyland
14Double Shadows on JupiterRay Cash
Mark Wagner
Lake Sonoma - Not Quite an Observing ReportShneor Sherman
05Shallow skyRashad Al-Mansour
04Europa TransitAlbert Highe
Robin Casady
David Kingsley
Good airJamie Dillon
03Brief MB reportRich Neuschaefer
02Half Moon BayGregory Edwards
01MB 1/1/01 Great!James Turley
Tic Tac Toe on the MoonDavid Kingsley
Pacheco - A New Year's Day's NightBob Czerwinski
Tahoe ReminderMarsha Robinson