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December 1996
27Nebulas EVERYWHERE! Matthew Buynoski
18The Hesiodus Ray Jay Reynolds Freeman,
Bill Arnett,
Akkana Peck
and Rich Neuschaefer
14Progress is Possible Bill Arnett
Making the Best of Bad Seeing Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont Peak - Winter Skies Mark Wagner
07The Milky Way's Attic Jay Reynolds Freeman
Wind and Nebulae at Fremont Peak Akkana Peck
06Ranger First Light Matt Tarlach
November 1996
27Doubles from the suburbs Jay Reynolds Freeman
19First Light -- Celestron 8" SCT Matthew Buynoski
09Odd observation of the Horsehead...Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fun at Fremont Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont Peak - Dark Sky Mark Wagner
02Fremont Peak - Dark Sky Mark Wagner
First light, A-P 180mm f/9 EDT Rich Neuschaefer
October 1996
14The Nine Planets Bill Arnett
13Hunting Messier objects with binos Jay Reynolds Freeman
11The Baby Brandon proves its worth Jay Reynolds Freeman
08Hunting Messier objects with binos Jay Reynolds Freeman
Comet Tabur From The City Bill Arnett
05Hunting Messier objects with binos Jay Reynolds Freeman
Fremont Peak: Public show - 30" Mark Wagner
September 1996
26Lunar Eclipse Akkana Peck
Eclipse from Oakland, California Jay Reynolds Freeman
Lunar Eclipse... Bill Arnett
14A Good Night at Fremont Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
03Hale-Bopp... dim and dimmer? Mark Wagner
01Best constellation? Mark Wagner
August 1996
24Mt. Lassen Volcanic Park Mark Wagner
17Shadows in the Dust Bill Arnett
16Close doubles and stuff Jay Reynolds Freeman
08In town with a kid & Hale-Bopp Mark Wagner
July 1996
20Recent Observations Jay Reynolds Freeman
Star Party at Foothill Park Jay Reynolds Freeman
19M110 in 7x35 binocular Jay Reynolds Freeman
Another Intes report Jay Reynolds Freeman
16Fun night at Grant Ranch Rich Neuschaefer
15Observing Report July 15/16 Bill Arnett
13M13, IC galaxy & six moons of Sat. Mark Wagner
Fremont Peak Jay Reynolds Freeman
07Fremont Peak - Shuttle Re-Entry Mark Wagner
June 1996
21Hickson Galaxy Groups Steve Gottlieb
07Backyard observing Mark Wagner
05Another "Double Double" Bill Arnett
Thinner Crescent Venus Bill Arnett
03Epsilon Bo÷tis Bill Arnett
May 1996
28Naked-eye detection phase of Venus Jay Reynolds Freeman
27Beautiful Crescent Venus Bill Arnett
19Hickson 51 observation Steve Gottlieb
11Obsession 15" f4.5, first light Rich Neuschaefer
April 1996
13Brandon 63 mm f/5.6 refractor Jay Reynolds Freeman
March 1996
26The Passage of a Great Comet Jay Reynolds Freeman
25Hyakutake Obs: 90 degrees of tail Jay Reynolds Freeman
22Hyakutake Observation Jay Reynolds Freeman
21Hyakutake Observation Jay Reynolds Freeman
20Hyakutake Observation Jay Reynolds Freeman
18Just what IS that bright thing... Bill Arnett
14Hyakutake Observation Jay Reynolds Freeman
February 1996
10Celestron/Vixen refractors Jay Reynolds Freeman
Tasco 301051F 50mm f/12... Jay Reynolds Freeman
January 1996
13Observing at Fremont Peak Jan 13 Mark Wagner