Articles with Advice for Beginning Amateur Astronomers

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A Glossary for Telescope Buyers and Users Jay Reynolds Freeman
Astronomical Formulas Matthew Buynoski
Astronomical Telescope Eyepieces Jay Reynolds Freeman
Beginner's Advice Matthew Buynoski
Building a Dobsonian Telescopes Ray Cash-Le Pennec
Bumbling Through Eyepiece Selection Matthew Buynoski
Cold Weather Clothing Russell Chmela
Collimation discussion John Kuklewicz
Contrast Thresholds of the Human Eye Nils Olof Carlin
Cosmic Bird Watching: Visual Observation of the Deep Sky Jay Reynolds Freeman
Eyepieces for the Beginner Matthew Buynoski
How To Find Deep Sky Objects Rapidly Jay Reynolds Freeman
Pickering's List (visual acuity) Unknown submitter
Picking an Astronomical Binocular Jay Reynolds Freeman
Recommendations for Beginning Amateur Astronomers Jay Reynolds Freeman
Super Polaris/Great Polaris alignment Paul Sterngold
Telescope calculator utility Kenneth Hess
Useful Star Atlases for Amateur Astronomers David Knisely
Paper Atlases Jamie Dillon