Cold Weather Clothing

Submitted by The Cavalry Store.

They have lots of US and world military gear including cold weather items like Mickey Mouse Boots, Boogeyman masks gloves of several kinds, pocket heaters, and socks. They carried some unique Soviet cold weather stuff too, like those big rabbit - fur hats (with big red star on the front flap) and fur mittens, and sentry's boots, made for prolonged standing in cold environment. They are in Kentuckey right outside the Fort Knox base, and have new stores in other states now. Best place to find your share of the Peace Dividend!. For other distributors, best to check the classifieds in the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine. or thier web site at, which accessing probably puts your name to the attention of : ;-(

For big-tall folks, look up king - size co. They are in Indianapolis Indiana (call information) no web site (yet) They are a part of the Lane Bryant / Roamannn's group of big-tall (womens) mail order. Alos try Xtek Apparel

Other good sources for cold weather clothes (from John Kuklewicz):

Sierra Trading Post
Sportsman's Guide
The Cavalry Store