Pickering's Dozen

Pickering's list is a test of visual acuity devised by William Pickering (brother and assistant to E. C. Pickering) which lists twelve lunar features in order of increasing difficulty. It was featured in the June 1997 issue of Astronomy (pp82-85).

1) Bright surroundings of Copernicus
2) Mare Nectaris
3) Mare Humorum
4) Bright surroundings of Kepler
5) Region of Gassendi
6) Notch in the Mare Tranquillitatis-Plinius region
7) Mare Vaporum
8) Light area around crater Lubiniezky
9) Sinus Medii
10) Shaded area near the walled plain Sacrobosco
11) Dark spot at the foot of the Apennines
12) Riphaeus Mountains.