Del Valle Reservoir Observing Site


Del Valle Regional Park


1,350 feet


This a decent near-town dark site with good horizons. Light domes to the west from central Bay Area and north from Livermore. Very good to excellent conditions on dry nights. Peaceful, easy access from Livermore.


From Interstate 580 in Livermore, take South Vasco Road south to its termination at Tesla Road, then turn right (west) on Tesla and proceed about 0.8 mile. Turn left (south) on Mines Road. At an intersection about 3.5 miles on Mines Road, instead of turning left on Mines Road, proceed straight on Del Valle Road up a large hill. After cresting the hill and at about 2 miles beyond the last intersection, there is a gated East Bay Park District trailhead on the right (west) side of the road; this is the entry to the observing site.

Use Policies:

If you are a "guest" with a vehicle, coordinate with the "host" Bruce Jensen or other Del Valle named permittee to gain access through the gate (this can be done ahead of time, when the host arrives, or by walking the short distance, about 0.2 mile, out the gravel road to the observing area where your host should be), or if you are a guest without vehicle or scope, park your vehicle away from the gate, place a "TAC Astronomy Visitor" sign in your car window and walk the short distance out to the observing area.

If you do not wish to enter the Park, the area in front of the gate may be used for observing as long as the gate is not blocked.


No facilities (last gas/restroom at I-580/Vasco Road). This is public parkland, and we need to treat the area and Park Staff with respect (as they do us). Wild animals and cattle present - use common sense. OK to sleep over in vehicle. Dress warmly.