TAC - AL is a club, but one that only exists on the Internet. TAC - AL does not go observing, have physical meetings, etc.

TAC - AL will help you build local observing groups that provide a better, richer, astronomical community. Astronomical observing is the primary interest of TAC - AL.


The Internet Astronomy Club

Member Society Of The

TAC - AL allows you to receive the benefits of full membership in the Astronomical League.


Total cost is just $5.00 per person annually. The entire $5.00 you pay for membership in TAC - AL goes to pay your yearly dues in the Astronomical League. TAC - AL earns no income from your membership.
  • Full membership in the Astronomical League.
  • All of the Astronomical League's observing programs and awards are available through TAC - AL, and you will receive The Reflector, the quarterly publication of the Astronomical League. See too WHERE ARE WE GOING, below.
  • Support from members of TAC in setting up local mailing lists and web-pages for your observing group.

TAC - AL accepts membership from anybody, anywhere, that would like to join, help promote the concept of TAC, and become a member of the Astronomical League.

We are an Internet astronomy club, established to promote use of the Internet between amateur astronomers. The Internet facilitates communication and coordination between amateur astronomers in close geographic proximity to each other, much in the way The Astronomy Connection (TAC) in the San Francisco Bay area has developed.

TAC - AL is not affiliated with TAC. TAC is not a club. TAC does not collect dues or any other fees. TAC is nothing more than a way for active observational amateur astronomers to find, stay in touch and observe with each other. TAC - AL is a club, collects dues, corresponds with the Astronomical League, provides observing programs, publications and support in starting up organizations based on TAC.

One idea that has been discussed is an observer's publication, featuring new and authoritative articles contributed by individuals with unique abilities in various segments of the observing community. Ideas on how to better serve our own hobby are very welcome... you can e-mail them to us at the address on the bottom of this page. Join TAC - AL and help us grow!

Send a check for $5.00, payable to:

Bob Jardine
(send email to rljtac art gmail dort com to get my snail mail address)

In the memo section, write TAC - AL When you send your check, be sure to include your:

Full Name
Mailing Address
Telephone number
Email Address

The above address is for TAC - AL, not the Astronomical League. Bob Jardine acts as TAC - AL's "AL-COR" (Astronomical League Coordinator), and collect dues. The deposits will go into a personal account, then a single check will be written out for each batch of dues, which is the method requested by A.L. office manager Mitch Glaze. Even simpler is to send a CASH Paypal payment to the e-mail address below. If you have any questions, please contact Bob J at rljtac art gmail dort com.
Bell, T
Billeci, T - Mh, Outreach
Cooper, D
DDK - Mh
Feliz, G - Mh, H400
Friedrich, R
Gortatowsky, J - Mh
Hurtado, T - H400, Caldwell (S)
Ittner, D
Joe Bob - Mh, H400, Binoc M, Lunar, Dbl Star, Binoc Deepsky, Southern Sky Binoc, Urban, Globulars, Southern Sky Tel, Open Cl., Planetary Neb., Galileo, Venus Transit
Jaworski, R
Johnston, M - Mh, H400, H2, Southern Sky Tel, Caldwell (G), Globulars
Kanerva, P
Kelly, C
Liu, R
Liu, Y - Asteroid (G), Meteor
Packer, M
Parkhurst, B - Mh
Pereira, J
Robinson, J - Mh, H400, Planetary Nebulae, Binoc Dbl, Binoc M, Dbl Star
Schultz, B
Smith, A
Sonti, T
The Cantor - Binoc M
te Velde, V - Mh
Traeger, A
Turner, M - Lunar
Utsumi, T
White, V

Former TAC-AL emeritus members holding awards:

Beastmaster - Mh, H400
Bracewell - M, Doubles
Campbell - Mh, Binoc M, Doubles
Canis Australis - Mh
Colvin - Mh
Czerwinski - Mh, H400
Enns, R - Mh, H400, Binoc M
Grimly Fiendish - Mh
Highe - H400
Lecomte - H400
Mars - Mh, H400
Monster - Mh
Natscher - H400, H2
Neuschaefer - Mh
Pierce - Mh
Portuesi - Sunspotter
Stacy Jo - Binoc M, M
Schultz - Mh, H400, H2, Arps
Staples - Mh
Shah - Mh
Terzian - Mh
Wags - Mh, H400, TAC-AL founder

Astronomical League Observing Clubs
(M) is the Messier Certificate for 70 objects
(Mh) is the Honorary Messier Certificate for all 110 objects
(H400) is the Herschel 400 Certificate
(H2) is the Herschel II Program, real masochism