last night imaging from Castro Valley

by Richard Crisp

I decided to shoot images from the backyard last night. I shot more of the Crab and did a bonus shot of M82 in emission line filters.

I really did not expect much from M82 with emission line filters other than the Ha. I was not disappointed.

The M82 is basically three hours of exposure (1.25 hours Ha and [OIII] and a half hour of [SII])

I need to shoot M82 with standard RGB filters. I just decided to point the scope there last night for grins :-)

The major task was to add to my Crab shot I've been shooting.

I finished taking [SII] data and took [OIII] last night. I cobbled together a 6 3/4 hour shot comprised of 2 1/4 hours each of Sulfur II, Halpha and Oxygen III (45 minutes x 3 exposures)

All shots were taken through my C14 with an FLI IMG1024S Dream Machine and an AO7 with beam splitter.