Fremont Peak, SW lot

by Raymond Duval

That was me Pete. And it's a wonderful little 15 amp hour jump starter w/ 12v outlet that powered my N8 for 7 hours last night and still had enough juice to get the job done with your car - gotta love it! =) Made by Husky, found at Home Depot for $39.

As far as an OR goes, I'll keep mine short and sweet:

COLD! but no dew whatsoever, and I managed to get through the entire winter chapter from Turn Left at Orion (yes, I'm a newbie!) without using the GOTO once, so I'm very proud of myself! Star hopping is fun! Also checked out Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter plus some others late in the evening. Good views all around, especially after Ms. Moon left the party. Left at 0030 with Dave and Peter N. Hopefully Dave will post his Saturn-shadow question to get some more feedback!