by Bob Jardine

Richard Crisp wrote:
It was really COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDD too. I saw a low of 26 degrees F on my Radio Shack digital thermometer.

Sorry we missed you last night. It may have been colder at your place than at Coe. I heard people citing temperature readings off and on all evening, and I never heard one below 32. The NWS was predicting "warmer in the hills", and that may have been the case.

Actually, I didn't think the comfort conditions were too bad. It was pretty dry, and you can bundle up against the cold. I've observed pretty comfortably in much colder conditions than last night, and I've spent much more miserable nights when it was warmer, fighting either dew or strong winds. There were a few strong gusts last night, but most of the time the wind was pretty calm. On the other hand, as others have mentioned, the viewing conditions were pretty bad. But you never know unless you try. On balance, I'm glad I went, even though it wasn't a night to remember, viewing-wise.