Coe Last Night

by Phil Chambers

Well, as everyone mentioned the seeing started out soft, however, it got almost great about an hour after sundown, then it deteriorated in a steady slide from then on. The transparancy also looked real good after sundown but followed the seeing in a decline although not quite as steep as the seeing.

My Thermometer registered 34 deg. Not too bad if you were prepared.

However, after M42 was up a ways, I was looking at the three stars (3) in the trapezium with the C11, noting the airy disks were touching each other and decided it wasnt going to be a great night. :-)

I sat up on the west side being antisocial because I was thinking of doing some videocamming and dont like the red screen on the computer for that.

The wind had been dead calm all evening and then about 9 or 9:30 it started violent gusting (at least on my side of the lot) going in several directions. After having the back door of the suburban slammed shut knocking my computer off the table (I was there and semi-caught it), I was contemplating an early return. Then occasionally a gust would move something heavy which made the decision easy.

At that point, I decided there was benefit to sleep and packed up. Took me almost 3 hours this morning to straighten out the Sub.

I hope there was no damage to the plethora of big dobs on the east side of the lot.