by Marsha Robinson

Sorry I didn't get to IHOP this time. I am smack dab in the middle of moving to Auburn and it was crazy enough for me to go out observing, so I chose to stay clos--BC. Conditions were...cold. Furthermore, it was cold. The wind didn't help either. I've never had a breeze swing my scope around so much. I'd have a certain field of view, but needed to take my hands off my scope to verify through maps. I'd take my hands off for a second, and the field of view would move right 10 deg! Made the hunt a tad frustrating, but the warmup room and hot coffee gave me a nice respite.

Logged 18 objects in For & Eri. Seeing was bad, of course, but the sky was clear and beautiful. Can't have it all. Enjoyable night!

p.s. Thanks, Keith! Everyone was friendly and welcomed me being there.

p.p.s. It sounds like IHOP was colder than BC. I lasted until 1am. I could have gone longer, but sleep beckoned me, the cold was getting to be bothersome, and I was at a good stopping point. Most had left before me, but maybe it was because I wear 4 layers on my legs (longjohns, genes, fuzzies, then thin parka-like pants that keep out wind and cold). Had 5 layers on top (longjohns, shirt, fuzzy vest, fuzzy overshirt, and down jacket). I have two hats on my head and 3 layers of socks (one too many) and then my snow boots. I was doing fine except my face was cold. Kept putting my gloves over my cheeks and wished that I had brought a fuzzy scarf to wrap around my face (like I usually do). However, this was an extraordinary cold night so I don't know how many more layers one could put on to resist the chill. Need to speak to an Eskimo.