MB 11/1

by Lance Boehm

First light for my Celestron NexStar 11 GPS. Took my time setting up and socializing with James Turley, Dennis Steele, and Marek Cichanski.

It was obvious as the night went on the scope needs collimating, but the gotos were amazing. Center of a 7mm Nagler every time. Ah, technology!

Seeing was mushy until just before the moon set. M42 and Saturn were impressive in the almost moonless sky. Mars certainly looks puny these days in comparison with two months ago. Viewed Uranus thru Dennis' 11" SCT.

The dew shield+heaters got a workout. The unprotected eyepiece and filter cases dewed over by about midnight. Have to figure out some sort of solution for that.

Hot chocolate supply ran out around 1am, and that was the evening's epitaph. Frost had started to form on the arms of my wife's folding chair by the time we packed it.

Temp was 42F as we departed, with 1 lone observer left in the lot. Dropped to 38F during the drive down to the 280, and Daly City was 47F when we got home.