Active Sun

by Rich Neuschaefer

This afternoon (@ 2:15 pm to 2:50 pm) I was looking at the Sun with my Day Star T Scanner (H-Alpha) about 0.6 a.

There were several large prominences. In my field of view the image is reversed left to right. On the lower right edge, about 4 o'clock, there was a large, thick loop and what looked like a prominence near but not yet at the limb. It was a long grayish area that looked to be above the H-alpha surface. I was wondering if this was a prominence seen from above rather than in profile?

There were dark markings on the surface. The surface looked very bumpy. The sunspots could be seen along with very bright areas near the large sunspot groups. There were also some bright areas away from the sunspot groups. One of these light areas was like a ">". A little to the right of the large sunspot group in the lower middle of the Suns disc there was a long thin black line. I made a sketch but need to clean it up a little. My hand drawn circle wasn't very round.

To be more clear, some of the bright areas were well away from the sunspots. One large bright area was shifted a little to the right of the two dark spots making up the large lower sunspot group. I was surprised how much brighter these light areas were from the rest of the solar disc.

The Sun was also very interesting in white light.

TelescopeTakahashi FC100 (100 mm f/8) fluorite doublet refractor
FilterDaystar 0.6 a T Scanner, 4" prefilter, 35 mm eyepiece, barlow, telecentric lens, Maxbright diagonal, etc. I believe the image was at about 50x.