Blow Out at BC

by Jim Ster

Whoosh. 66 degrees + 20 mph winds with 30 mph gust = 48 degree wind chill factor. VHSF. Whoosh.

Brian and I had draw quite a bit of interest in the big scopes, he with the 30" and myself with the 22", but vibration from the high wind kept both the scopes in weather vane mode till midnight when we finally gave in and called it quits. The fine sandy dust was actually quite bad as we finished packing around midnight thirty and my eyes were totally miserable on the drive home.

Met and spoke to lot of nice old and new friends. Keith, ya gotta do something about that Mocha-fru-fru coffee though. :) Next time I come up, I'll bring up a coffee grinder with some decent fresh whole beans (Columbian or possibly a French Roast), and maybe a little half & half. If the weather is good, we might try BC again tomorrow. I had a request from one of the guys who we met up there this evening to come up a little early (if we do) so he could take some pictures of my 22" Starmaster in the daylight to get some ideas for drives on his 25" ATM project.