Coe Sacrifice Works!

by Bob Jardine

Big thanks to Mark, Richard, Rob, and all of the others who packed up and/or left Coe last night. Your sacrifice worked!

It cleared up nicely, and we had a couple of hours of good skies, which lasted until well after moonrise. I'm not pulling your leg! Jamie and Rashad can back me up.

I spent most of my time on OCs in Cas with TOBY and the bino viewer. Especially nice view of TR1, suggested by Jamie. I had seen it before, but I don't think I knew previously what I was looking at. A very interesting cluster; Jamie sez it's in the Perseus arm, unlike most of the others in that area.

I also checked in on the motion of 2 Pallas (just SE of Tau Ceti), then wrapped up with some eye candy in Auriga. And a peek at Saturn, of course. The seeing wasn't bad, but by then the wind had picked up a bit and the scope was jiggling just a little too much for really great views.

I packed up and left around 2:00.