Coe OR: still sky, dark, warm & wonderful

by William G. Schultz

With out going into too many details, we had a standout evening at Coe Park. All seven of us.

Fog blanketed the valleys, the air was at or near 70 till sunrise. The sky was dark and transparent. The sky was rock steady. After midnight, I wasn't able to see my hands, but could still read the lettering on my T-shirt. Mosquitos were no problem. It was *very* quiet.

Object of particular interest (to me anyway): SagDIG = ESO594-4, the Sag Dwarf Irregular Galaxy. Just a faint oval (3:2/E:W) smudge, but easy being just to the East of 44-Rho1 Sagittarii.

I continued logging/sketching Arp targets in Cetus and Fornax down to 15th mag.