CalStar OR - Refractor yoga

by Stacy Jo McDermott

CalStar 2003 - Many thanks to all who made this a memorable event! It was truely wonderful and very relaxing.

The majority of my observing was to chase down M objects that I had missed previously before the summer constellations went away for a season. I had originally slated 22 objects for observing, but upon doing some research, I found that 11 of them would not be in good placement for seeing. Also, I re-observed some items that I had found previously, but did not realize it until I had returned home and found yet another set of notes from previously observing sessions! However, I do not consider it a waste of time because I was able to further hone my observing skills.

The below represent those items that I had not previously logged:

Telescope10mm refractor with 25mm Parks 5 element eyepiece

I now have 32 more objects to observe toward my Messier Certificate of 110 M's.

Other items that I viewed (though this is not everything & not all in my telescope) - M42, M52, The Helix nebula, Mars, Uranus, M57, M13, M31, TR1 in Cass & the Moon.

After arriving home, I sat down to the task of condensing my notes into one central notebook and am now transfering onto one spreadsheet.

General highlights: Tranquillity Base (camp site), campsite neighbors - Jim and Steve, relaxing with the biggest task item of being "chair in shade" placement, seeing everyone, meeting new people and missing those who were not able to make it, Steve's Glen More (sp) scotch, a sip!, sleeping well, catching up on reading and being able to linger over Instyle Magazine's shoe special.

CalStar ended too fast...looking forward to next year.