Calstar 2003: Many Thanks and brief Sunday night report

by Bob Jardine

I'd like to add my thanks to Mike Koop and Mark Wagner for organizing Calstar 2003. I had a blast.

To whoever arranged the weather: great job!

Sunday night: well, y'all didn't miss the best night, but it wasn't chopped liver either; temps were about the same as the previous three -- not quite shirtsleeves, but definitely nice. The skies were similar also; the transparency was pretty good; the seeing started out excellent and then softened as the night wore on. I failed to do a limiting mag check.

The bad news about Sunday night was that there were so few of us. It was quiet! I missed having you all around, even the snoring from across the field; especially the occasional bursts of loud laughter from different directions. On the other hand, there wasn't one single white-light mistake all night.

Number of people observing: 2
Number of 'scopes: 3

Two very bright meteors, about 1/2 hour apart, on about the same line -- going nearly straight west from directly overhead at about 2:00 AM or so.

David: I did observe NGC 246 (Pac Man, according to some) and the Blue Snowball back-to-back. Good suggestion.

Mark: TOBY's new alt bearings are the Cat's Meow. Improvements in both form and function. Thanks.