Steady steady seeing

by Kevin Schuerman

I was conducting an experiment to determine eyepiece focus requirements for the 10" Mak-Newt I'm building. I was using the Moon as a target and ran through everything from a 35mm Panoptic to a 2.8mm Tak Ortho. The Moon was lookin' pretty steady. By the time I got to Mars (at about 2am) it was sharper than last night, but not by much. I then went back to the Moon -- WOW!!! I have never seen anything so sharp and steady in my life. The finest little details were very visible from limb to terminator. Although I enjoy the solitude of observing by myself, I was hoping that someone, anyone would be walking by at 3am so that I could show them the Moon. I finally had to stop looking as I was running out of superlatives.

A near-religious experience.