High Moon

by Mark Wagner

David Kingsley wrote...

I wasn't planning on a particularly late observing session, but the views were so steady it I couldn't tear away from the eyepiece. After great views of the moon, and trapezium, and Saturn, it was 6 am before I finally crawled into bed, happy that I had bothered to set up the big scope, and dreaming about what Mars would look like if we could see it as high as last night's moon.

Wonderful report. I found that Friday night views of the moon until I turned in at 1:30 a.m. were also exceedingly crisp. I had my tracking platform going, and it made it easy to relax and really see the finer detail.

Three neighbor boys came by while Nick, Mei-Fong and I were out front. Showed them Mars, yawn. Doesn't mean much to three 14 year olds.

Moved to the moon, showed it at various magnifications, the boys were riveted to the scope. Complained about how bright the low power views were, laughed at "seeing the moon still" with their observing eye shut afterwards.


Kevin S gets the same charge out of short sessions at home too. I also enjoyed his report.

Now I'll "fess up" ... for quite a while I just did not bother to put the scope out back. It sat in the garage. I'd watch TV and fall asleep on the couch, bored. Since the scope was sitting in my front hallway after Friday night, I took it outside last night rather than to the garage.

I'd forgotten how easy it is, and how much fun even an hour looking through the eyepiece can be.

It can be so good, that time can get away from you.

I assume what stopped you was... dawn?