Good night at Lick

by Jeffrey Crilly

The count I heard was 250 visitors. Later in the night some of us sorted the used scope tickets... There were a bunch of numbers in the low 200s. And I personally encountered folks with 210 or so ranged numbers. I think 250 is high, but I could see 200 or so.

The night also started earlier (by about 0.5 hour.. ) Still, the last folks were going through about 12:30am.

I was really impressed with the view of mars early in the night in the 40". And it just got better. I also had alot of fun doing the 'eyepiece pointer' in the 40" and telling folks what to look for -- everyone could easily see the detail and the polar cap.

The binoviewer on the 36" was impressive. That scope was performing well.. I heard that it was stopped down to 20".

Still though.. everyone (even the random guest) commented that the view in the 7" was best.

I'm still recovering.. I dunno how folks are able to do two nights up there.. I must be getting old.