A Little Figaro in the Po Valley, Oregon

by James Edwards

I was so thrilled to have you all come to my Counsin's in the Po valley it certainly made my weekend...My Sister Felicia her Husband Bart, my 2 cousins Anna and Carol Ann, my 2 dear friends Lannie Malfar and Bill Clark were over joyed at socializing with such good people and the fact they were able to view your magnificent Dobs...Once my Meade 14" fried and the lap top to auto-guide went kaputs, you have no idea what it meant to me to have you all there so everyone could experience looking through such wonderful instruments...When we finally packed the gear and were set to depart My cousin Anna wanted me to tell everyone that you are all welcome back anytime as she enjoyed the company and meeting the people who share this incredable interest with me...I am hoping to make the Cal Star event later in the month but if chance doesn't favor me, I hope you all stay in touch as I treasure new friends and hope we can get together soon...Clear Skies, James


We really appreciated you folks letting us look through your scopes and sharing the fun time.By the way it was figaros aria from barber of seville..not marriage of figaro but who cares? Hope we can do it all again soon...Sincerely, Lanny.