Peak, 8/28. Magnificent

by James Turley

In a word. Magnificent!

Starchy Milky Way from dusk to dawn. Mars incredibly steady. RH dropping 80 at dusk, 95 peak, 24 early morning. Light wind, chilly...warming after midnight. Classic inversion layer forming Stupendous observing conditions.

Highlights: Natcher's AP10" binoview of Solus Lacus and the Bull's Eye on Mars. Viewing an inky Black Ink Blot B86 in Sag. Thanks Albert!

An enchanting Mars lecture under the stars beside the observatory.

Archer manning my XT10 adopting families and first time kids all night. Such delight to see the kids push a scope the first time, and bag their first M.

Two Russian guys on terrace offering XO Cognac at will to all smoking Cuban cigars in honor of Mars.

Richard "The Mage" Crisp C14 AP1200 mighty rig imaging the Swan creating in narrow bands of exotic wavelengths, until the scope hits the mountain. Pioneering imaging techniques before my eyes.

M31, 32, 110 through my scope Vx114ED all night.

200+ Public (customers as JVN would say) lining up at the 30". All polite. Almost no white light.

Meeting the DPR designer/engineer who designed the pads and lighting. This was her first time to see the pads in action.

Fantastic night. Thank you FPOA. Thank you DPR, and thank you Mars!

PS FPOA will be signing a new contract. Astronomy is alive and well at The Peak.