Montebello - 8/27-28/2003

by Jeffrey Crilly

Lovely night.. warm.. no wind.. nice company...

Some clouds, but only about 5 minutes worth.

For the most part the clouds were in unimportant areas of the sky.

Excellent seeing (imo). With the 4" flourite the dark features were showing up easily.

The orange 21 filter helped alot.

I spent most of the night at 225x (12mm plossl + 3x barlow in the 102mm f9). Solid view.

I took some digicam pics which looked great in the camera -- we'll see just how fuzzy they really are when I get them on the PC. (I was too lazy to setup the webcam+laptop.)

The lot was "full" w/ cars. About 40% (or less) were there prior to the observing - hikers and bikers, that stayed into the evening. Los trancos had some overflow parking going on and the road outside MB was lined with cars. We had maybe 50 or so visitors. Not alot, no trouble (though marek manned the gate!) Some folks said they found out about MB from doing a google search for mars star party....

(check out the #1 link.)