Sidewalk Astronomy in San Rafael

by Jane Houston Jones

Bud: , l loved that jump for joy on national TV!

Thanks Bud - It was really fun, but tonight was even better. We had AP180EDT, Orion StarBlast, 14.5 inch Litebox, and 6-inch Pierre Schwaar reflector last night, and tonight just the AP180 and 12.5-inch Strider.

We just got in from Sidewalk Astronomy in San Rafael for the second night at the same location in downtown San Rafael. Our local paper had on the front page that we'd be downtown tonight and tomorrow night until about midnight. 600 people or more saw Solis Lacus and we were there long after midnight. People were driving up at 2:00 a.m.! Nice long views of Mars for many people. Some of the high schools announced on the PA system about our viewing tonight.