Mars at opposition at Montebello

by Mike Ruddy

Wow! Montebello is my new favorite place. :-) It was beautiful last night, clear and dark with the Milky Way tearing across the sky and enough stars to challenge me orienting myself to the sky.

Last night was my first time there. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself to you Peter, but I did some peeking over some shoulders at your web cam views. Very enjoyable. I think listening to the eager and curious crowd was equally enjoyable. They sure had you busy with questions.

I spent most of the time with Dan who was generous in handing out Mars views. He even let me sit and enjoy his cannon IS 15 X 50's, a spectacular way to explore the sky. (thanks, Dan!) I'm sold. I love binoculars and those IS binos are magical. Sweeping the Milky Way rich in open clusters and globs was literally astounding. I couldn't be bothered to name each gem and jewel, the tour was just too engrossing. I felt like a kid being led through a fine arts gallery for the first time... too wrapped up in the color and texture and framing to notice who painted what. Magnificent!