Was it a zoo?

by William G. Schultz

Zoo? Coe? Headlights, white flashlights, games of tag. Maybe twenty cars, possibly 50 people, lots of mostly very well behaved kids, most of which left well before midnight. It wasn't nearly as "zoo-like" as was the night of the Leonids, two years ago.

It was a warm wonderful night, though a tad humid. Seeing had its moments": sometimes it supported as much as 400X, mostly not.

My best Mars view was through Chuck Olsen's TAK Meylan w/bino.

I tried not to look at the red thing during the night. It left large green dead spots on my eyes that took an hour to go away.

Conditions were very good for DSOs. I was able to log/sketch some wonderful Arp objects in UMi/Pegasus/Pisces/Aquarius.

Posted on sf-bay-tac Aug 24, 2003 11:26:41 PT
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