Plettstone from Fri night

by Richard Crisp

I managed to make it out to Plettstone on Friday night. Guillermo, Nick &Mei-Fong, Rashad and Albert were already there when I arrived.

Since my astro-Jeep is in for repairs after the wheel falling off incident which happened on Tuesday night on the way home from the Peak, I had to cram the C14 and the imaging trimmings into my Astro Rocket, the '86 Porsche 928 (150K+ miles). At least it is a hatchback! I will have to admit that Pete S. gave me the inspiration for trying to use an old Porsche as an astro-car. His 911 held a lot more gear than I would have thought possible. Plus Rashad told me that Jay the Weasel used to carry Harvey, his C14, around in a Geo Metro, but I don't think Jay was hauling an AP1200GTO with a 48" pier and all the trimmings for imaging too, but please correct me if I am wrong on this.

Anyway, the very fine location at Plettstone gave me the chance to finish my emission line exposures of M8, picking up OIII and SII data. I also began the engagement of a new object, NGC281, a large emission nebula of low surface brightness suggested by my friend Ben Lutch.

NGC281 is really faint I found out so I had to substantially increase my photon gathering time. So I was only able to get Ha and OIII data on Friday night.

Here are both: the rehash of M8 in narrowband emission lines and the beginnings of NGC281 in Ha and OIII.

Once again thanks to Michelle Stone for inviting me to her lovely home in the Sierra Gold Country which made this possible.