Fri at MB

by Phil Chambers

We had a very nice long night at MB. I left about 1:30 and was the second to last to leave.

There were more scopes than I figured, about 15 or so. A lot of folks were there for mars and not much happened until about 10:30. At first seeing was pretty bad but got better and then about 12 or 12:30 got crummy again.

It was relatively dry but with the moon and no fog anywhere inland it was like daylight.

A coyote was howling at us for about 15 min. He was in the bushes by the bathroom. Making lots of noise. Someone was howling back (kevin??) and quite a conversation was going on there for awhile. A nice, if loud, break.

A very relaxing easy evening with good folks, quiet converations, and good weather. Rashad drove down from SF and so did Stacy.

A sidenote was Pete S and I trying to move a 32k file from my laptop to his. He didnt have a floppy. We both had CD-writers but no blanks. I had an IR port but he didnt. We both had wireless 802.11b cards but couldnt make W98v2 and XP find each other. We worked on that for about an hour and gave up. My love for micro$loth just grows and grows.....

Im sure it will take 2 hours to get my laptop to see my home wireless again.

I did capture some video with the webcam. Only had to reboot about 50 times. Pete got some too but his drivers got corrupted and he had to reload and then found that during the reload, his capture app disappeared. So he was using a much slower app to capture. He had a new Dell with XP on it.