Minor OR 8/3/2003, Luna, M13, Mars

by Jeff Crilly

Clear skies, Luna, and warm weather got me into the backyard last night. (Also, the bisque bros sent me a debug ccdsoftv5 to debug a guiding problem I've been experiencing.)

I generally dont post image reports here, but this M13 from last night in the backyard is a keeper....


(Its about 46 x 1.5 second images with the ST7E and a C102F on the G11.)

Oddly enough, we were lucky to get no fog (and little dew) in palo alto last night.

Around 2am (after all those images), I spent a bit of time on mars (visually) with the C102F at about 250x, and it was looking pretty good. Much better detail than the view from coyote at midnight saturday.

I'm hoping to get some webcam time on mars soon... I might have to set the alarm for 3am, but then fog is a risk at that time.