Fremont Peak Returns

by Rashad Al-Mansour

I'm sorry that I missed the opportunity to see Mars through Peter's 10" AP. It must have been an amazing view!

I had spectacular views through my TV Genesis SDF. Using my Lumicon Binoviewer and a pair of TV Zoom eyepieces I could dial in just the right magnification for the seeing conditions, which changed throughout the night. The detail I was able to see rivaled the views through larger scopes. I too was able to see the thin edge of the Northern Polar Cap and the large indentation in the Southern Polar Cap was amazing! The colors through "Old School" were also very pleasing and the contrast was excellent. The dark areas stood out well from the burnt orange color of the Martian disk. The view through my 16" was so bright that a lot of the detail was washed out at high power. I need the make an aperture mask for the "Big Dog"

Being back at the peak brought back lots of good memories, especially when we would sit and talk, waiting for the clouds to pass through.

A fun night with great folks...