FP 7/21

by Jeff Crilly

There were ~some~ clouds. Transparancy was ho hum.

I did get a few things accomplished.


I was looking at it w/ the 8" at 332x. The seeing could just barely tolerate this power (or it might be issues with the 8").

WOW! That Polar Cap is HUGE!

I could also make out some detail on the surface... some kind of ... superhighways?

Seriously though, the seeing was just giving a hint of the surface detail.

I'm not a big Mars fan, but I'll be looking at it alot in the upcoming weeks.


P.s. it was HOT up there. As if someone left a heater on somewhere... classic temp inversion thing going on. Short shirt sleeve weather all night long. Even jeans were a bit warm.

P.p.s... Imo, the clearsky clock was a bit off.