Coyote - Sunday night

by Phil Chambers

Well, we got clouded out again. I blame it on Bob J for picking up his new CPT from Mark there.

However, it was middlin OK till about 10:30 when the sucker holes became microscopic.

I was checking out the primary remount of my 8inch SN and recollimation. It split the double double at 90x which I couldnt do at SSP. Turns out that the primary had been mucked with by the original owner and it was pretty far off center. I followed Paul Lefevres instructions (kinda). And this is with the "mucky" seeing (per Bob J's report).

I was again playing with the Mintron EX vidcam. Got some acceptable tape of M5 M10 M12 and maybe M51. I taped M51 when it was a little early and could make out the arms but not the bridge. Stacking the frames may help that but all this stuff is languishing for lack of a way to digitize without so much manual input.