Asteroid Occultation

by Robert Shelton

WOW, most cool!

Traveled to Sonora yesterday in hopes of observing the occultation of SAO 100819, a sixth mag star near Arcturus by 1263 Varsavia. And my quest was rewarded with a timed (to WWV) event 1.75 seconds in length at just after 06h04m UT. Comparison to the maximum predicted duration of 2.7 seconds my results indicate that I was not real far from the center of the path, though the 49 km object is probably not spherical. As asteroid occultations go, this one was made easier by the relative brightness of the target star. Tension builds anyway as you only get one shot. Lots of fun, must do this some more!

Used 13" Dob, WWV receiver, tape recorder, GPS.