by David Kingsley

I'm thinking seriously about Coe tonight. Will stay past moonset. Anyone else interested?

Andrew Pierce

I can comment briefly on conditions last night. I arrived about 9:45 pm to find a completely empty parking lot. Temps were about 60 degrees with humidity in the 30s. Skies were clear above, with some low haze in the valleys to mildly subdue but not eliminate lights. The big problem of the night was a steady persistent breeze from the west. It never really gusted, just blew steadily and incessantly along at probably 10 to 20 miles per hour and never let up. This made it tough to view at powers much higher than 200 X or so. I would have liked to use higher magnification on Mars but had to be content with mostly lower power sweeping of summer objects and gobs, and momentary glimpses of detail on Mars when the planet would momentarily quit skipping around in a high power eyepiece. I stayed till about 2:30 am , and then got completely fed up with the wind and called it a night.

I will be interested to hear a comparison of conditions at Coyote or the Peak Saturday night.