by Phil Chambers

Well, the Shingletown star party this year had a huge problem.

It will be extremely hard to top !!!!!!!!

I appreciate all the work put into this event by many volunteers. I know Jim Ster and Mark Wagner put a lot of time in but there were lots of others that I dont know.

It was all appreciated.

It was good to see all the folks from the southland again as well as others that I dont run across on a daily basis. The temp could have been 10 deg cooler during the day but after last year it was heaven.

The public star party was fun. The folks seemed genuinely interested in what they were looking at and through. Lots of folks attended, some from Redding.

I chose to drive back after the public star party, starting out about 12:30. I actually got to use the cruise control!!! Well, most of the time. Arrived at 4:30 am. Got my picture taken on radar 4 times. However, choosing to set the speed at 72 kept me out of trouble.

For those that didnt go, too bad. Skys were very transparent although I never took a starcount. The light pollution was the Milky Way. You could almost read a newspaper with it.