SSP Thanks

by Jeff Gortatowsky

There is little left to say that has not been said. But I am never at a loss for words. :)

Kudos to Jim Ster and his wife(?) for creating what may well become, and certainly ranks as already, one of the premier events on the west coast. To do so in just 2 years is really incredible.

Kudos to Mark Wagner because frankly he's the heart and soul of this group (TAC) and always will be. I fear if Mark left, the glue would lose its bond.

Kudos to the people Shingletown and the surrounding area. Please realize the precious resource you have and work to preserve it.

Kudos to Stacy who as far as I could tell did all she could to contribute to running SSP 2003.

Kudos to all of you for making the 22 hours of driving more than worth it. As I mentioned to someone in an email today, TAC is not a geographically entity or about bay area observers or OI's. TAC is about like minded people (mostly on the west coast I admit) using astronomy to connect with one another. I wonder if that is what "The Astronomy Connection" is meant to convey? It is a human entity, not a 'thing' that can be analyzed.

I will put in for SSP 2004 vacation tomorrow.

Sleep well Pookie, I'll see you in the future,