My personal SSP 2003 highlights

by Stacy Jo McDermott

Just thought I'd share some of my personal SSP 2003 no particular order

1) Da Milkyway

2) Pacifica to Redding Walmart: 3 hours, 24 minutes

3) Wednesday AM breakfast with Jim Bartolini

4) Da people

5) Evan Garber's beautiful guitar playing (you really need to record a CD Evan!)

6) Da swimmin' hole

7) Marg & Vera

8) Da water truck

9) Realizing that I really do pack too much

10) Da volunteers

11) Find 2 Hercshels

12) Forgetting what I do for a living

13) No calls from home

14) No cell phone signal (and no Palmnet signal as well!)

15) Relaxation being the only action item on my daily agenda

16) Hangin' with good people, making new friends and sharing with current friends

17) Bill Dean's continuous banter (except when he's asleep)

18) The only rule for SSP "Have fun"

19) Seeing Michelle Stone win a fantastic prize in the raffle drawing

20) And did I mention the Milkyway???