Quick report on Coyote conditions

by Bob Jardine

I don't have time for a real OR this morning, but here's a quick report:

At least a dozen 'scopes. Nice group.

James kept asking when it was going to get dark. The answer always seemed to be "later".

Seeing was poor early on. Jupiter swimming in every 'scope. It got better, but I don't think it ever got great.

Transparency was mediocre, although I failed to do a LM check. But no clouds or fog -- the sky was clear everywhere.

It was quite cool, even getting towards cold. The humidity came up a little bit later -- charts and papers got slightly damp, but I don't think it was enough to bother any optics.

I left shortly after midnight. The mediocre sky just didn't seem to justify a long night in the cold.

At this point, I would welcome another heat wave at SSP!